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Items gone? Is it a myth?

Hey everyone! Remember my post about the two new Mythology Island costumes (Icarus and Cyclops) in the Store and updated Tour page? Well, now they only have the Cyclops (for girls and boys) listed on the Tour page!


The Creators even changed the text underneath to “Members get an additional Mythology Cyclops Costume”, whereas before it said “Members get two additional Mythology Costumes”… which leads me to believe that perhaps the Icarus costume is for Episode 2!

The Icarus costume for Mythology Island is still in the Store though! I have a hunch it will go away very soon after this post – so members, go get it quick before it disappears for a while!



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The new and improved Mythology Island is coming soon & Mission Atlantis medallion is up!

Hey everyone! BT’s post months ago about the Creators announcing the Mythology SUI, plus the items that I found in the Store yesterday, does hint at something: the new and improved Mythology Island SUI (guide here) must be almost ready! They’ve even updated the official island tour page:


I noticed something strange on the map… the new Mythology Island will have episodes like the newer islands! Are all the islands now going to be made into episodes? xD They haven’t done that for 24 Carrot and Time Tangled, though, and those were the first two classic-islands-turned-SUIs.


Plus, the Mythology Island Tour page now includes a new desktop wallpaper and printable poster!

mythology extras

In other news, the medallion for Mission Atlantis: Episode 1 is now up and viewable from the Friends tab! The island will be coming out tomorrow for members, so stay tuned to the PHB for the guide. 🙂



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New Mythology members-only costumes in the Store!

Hey everyone! Something unexpected happened today – when I went to the Store, I saw two new members-only costumes for Mythology Island! They are the Cyclops and Icarus:

Mythology2 Mythology1

This is really interesting – Mythology Island has never had a members’ gear pack in the Store! We know there were plans for Mythology to be the next SUI (sound-updated island), although it’s been about 3 months since the Creators announced that. This might be the beginning of it!

Also, look forward to Mission Atlantis Island on Thursday – I’ll be contributing to the guide! 😛

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Why Mythology Island was a Big Hit (WBH ep. 1) and more

(¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.-> Hi Gs, <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯)

I’ve decided to start a new series to post on every once in a while; I’m calling it “Why it was a Big Hit”, or WBH for short. 😛 And yeah, I know, two posts in one day, I over drafted. 😛

WAH logo

For the first episode, I’m going to be reviewing Mythology Island, and (obviously) find out why it is one of the most popular islands to this day. It will be updated into SUI soon, and that’s part of the reason why I’m doing this — BTW my prediction about Mythology Island SUI coming out February 7th was totally wrong. 😛

To start out with — this island covers a lot. It roughly covers most of the mythology kids read in concise editions of a compilation of the Greek tales. That in and of itself is impressive. I personally love the way Poptropica illustrates all of the classic scenes, and there’s one thing that draws kids to this island other than the cartoony style of drawing — in this island, you get to interact with the gods, and the legendary characters you read about in Greek mythology! These characters are even more far fetched than most fairy tale characters, and that makes them all the more memorable. So to be a part of the legend? Something incredible.

The story is a fresh new spin on classic mythology — Zeus will give you immortality, but for the price of the 5 sacred items. When you finally obtain all the these items and give them to Zeus, he takes them and uses them to take over Poptropica; or at least try. There are many memorable sub characters, and a couple funny moments.

While being one of the most popular islands, I feel like it may also be an island that gives Poptropica an unworthy and bad name. Some parents tear down the game for being too hard, and making their (obviously too young) children mad that they can’t get past the challenges — such as the red eyed snake, the labyrinth, the final battle, and so on. It certainly is a hard island, but still reigns supreme. That’s because the kids with the real adventurous personality will persevere through the challenges, and this makes the island all the more real — mythology characters face deadly and horribly hard challenges in the stories.

To a degree, this tale is gruesome. Hercules gets turned into stone, and you kill a six headed Hydra. You meet the ruler of the Underworld, get attacked by crocodiles — but that’s what makes it all the more fun.

In conclusion, let’s review the points that make Mythology Island a success: In this island, you get to be a part of the legend. You get to meet an expanse of amazing characters. The story is a fresh spin on the classics, and the challenges pull you into the tough and challenging environment of ancient Greece. To top it all off, the island is gruesome as the original tales; which may seem like a bad thing, but kids love gruesome stuff. That is a fact! 😛 So all these factors make the island an all time favorite.

Tell me in the comments what I should analyze next! 😀 What do you like about Mythology Island the most? Vote in the poll below!

In other news, you may have noticed that I changed my Gravatar to a more… fitting attire in these monstrous times 😉  — take a look:


Jeff Heim Music mentioned me on his Facebook page as well! This is the first time an affiliated Creator has mentioned me! 😀

Jeff Heim Music - Facebook

Jeff Heim does not know how much this made my day! 😛


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It’s no Myth to us…

…that Mythology Island is the next SUI (sound-updated island)!


Excuse me while I go nostalgic.

Now that my flashback has subsided, my thoughts. First of all, I’m kinda excited. Excited as those too minions above this piece of text. Holy cow holy cow…

Okay, deep breaths, BT. In and out, BT. *breathes in and out, then finally calms down* You’re posting this on the internet, BT. Be professional. Professional…

…wow… Mythology Island really is the next SUI after Time Tangled. Holy cow… well… this is gonna be interesting.

I’m kinda surprised that Mythology Island’s the next SUI… because I was expecting another simple island to be the next SUI… Oh my gosh, I’m excited to hear this island’s soundtrack. I think it’s gonna be EPIC! (Pun intended).

Well, anyways, Mythology Island was the first island I as a Poptropican ever witnessed open to members and then to the public… and now seeing it updated, it makes me both excited.. and a little sad, for I have to say goodbye to the soundless island that helped shape who I am today, but at the same time say hello to a new beginning. That’s pretty much how I feel about the SUIs… well… I guess I’ll play Mythology Island a few more times soundless before the update comes out.

BT out!