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5 Unsolved Mysteries in Worlds from Detective Dave

Hiya, Silver Wolf here with information on another YouTube video by Poptropica!

The last video was about “6 Cool Side Characters” in Poptropica Worlds, and now we have another one about “5 UNSOLVED Mysteries.” The videos were uploaded only 4 days apart, so appears like these lists could become a regular series on the channel. Here’s the new video:

What are these ‘mysteries,’ you may ask? Well, they are…

  • The origin of coins from the Wheel of Loot
  • The Bum from 24 Carrot and his possible motives
  • Maynard and how long he has been staying in the barn on 24 Carrot, along with where he goes when he finally leaves
  • The kid complaining about “Old Reliable” and why he only complains about it and how long he’s been there
  • Stanley from Crisis Caverns and how he can still be giving cave tours

The narrator, who we recently learned is named Dave, theorizes the answers to these questions, which are mainly silly possibilities, like how Bum could be sinister and working for Dr. Hare and how the kid could have been waiting there next to Old Reliable for days.

It seems like the video has brought up some varying opinions. Napstachill, one of the commenters, believes the reaching makes the video like a joke and there isn’t enough content to make a serious one yet, unlike Poptropica Original. Additionally, Brave Tomato has suggested that the only real mystery so far is what happened to Dr. Crispin Vincent from Crisis Caverns.


On the other hand, people are already suggesting ideas in the comments, like your Poptropican’s origins/parents and real-life unsolved mysteries. Personally, I was hoping for plot-driven island mysteries similar to BT rather than random theories. What do you think? Leave your comment below!


PHB Specials

Poptropica Wallpapers for All Screens!


A popular Poptropica community member and artist named napstachill has recently made a gigantic collection of — you read the title right — over 60 Poptropica wallpapers, taken from various scenes and parts around Poptropica. They’re 1920 by 1080 pixels, which is really good quality and standard for most desktop computer backgrounds. You could also crop them a bit to fit the screens of your other devices, such as phones, tablets, or other computers.

The zip file includes amazing backgrounds of tribes, characters, and islands! If you want any of them yourself, you can download them from naps’s DeviantArt (there’s a part 1 and part 2) by clicking the download button on the right side of the DeviantArt page, and if it won’t let you download from there, you can also download them from Google Drive.

This first set of photos is of the backgrounds you see in tribe common rooms. In addition to being just really cool-looking, they are perfect if you want to show your support for your tribe. Even though I’m in Seraphim, I love the look and feel of the Nightcrawler background; it would be very soothing to look at when you turn on your laptop or PC, and the colors in it are very complementary.

Next are wallpapers of Myron Van Buren and Omegon. I love how these wallpapers, especially the Myron Van Buren ones, aren’t too crowded and are easy to look at. Even though they are villains, they deserve some appreciation, which you can give by using them as a wallpaper! 😉 Perhaps not exactly what they had planned, but better than nothing, right?

With these backgrounds from Mythology Island, not only can you express your love for Poptropica, but you can also express your love for mythology and lore. Perhaps you want to honor Zeus or Poseidon while showing your love for Poptropica, too, or maybe you just like the scenery and architecture. Either way, these backgrounds would be great!

Out of all of the wallpapers, the ones from Super Villain Island have my absolute favorite. Binary Bard’s dream is absolutely stunning (although, a bit bright for a wallpaper) and is simple enough that it won’t look crowded with all your desktop icons on it. The two photos of the statue of Zeus can easily be put together and cropped to become a great phone background, too!

Then there are these are very fantasy-like, natural backgrounds from Twisted Thicket Island that would look completely magical as a wallpaper. The throne room scene has nice framing where desktop icons could go too, and the scene of the tree with flowers has non-harsh, cool colors that would be easy on your eyes. Of course, they are also beautiful backgrounds in general. Maybe you can somehow even set the throne wallpaper for the daytime and the tree for nighttime.

The largest group by far, Monster Carnival Island also has some of the best wallpapers; mostly consisting of pastel colors, the photos would be perfect as they wouldn’t cause a headache when on the computer all day, which most of us probably do all too often. Ringmaster Raven’s tent would also be great if you’re a fan, but I feel like the reds could become a little grating to the eyes over time.

If you love space and technology, these backgrounds from Lunar Colony Island would be a fitting choice. They’re not necessarily striking, but they make a statement, and the one with the world in the background adds a nice little detail to the picture. If you’re a fan of NASA (as I am!), the one with the “PASE” logo would be a small nod to the awesome agency, too.

Then there’s this collection of imagery from Arabian Nights Island – including one starring the mischievous genie Samhal!

If you’re in the mood for something more somber and contemplative, you might like this selection of scenes from Ghost Story Island. Spoooky.

Or, if you’d rather have something bright and beautiful, you might enjoy these nature scenes from Red Dragon Island, featuring traditional Japanese aesthetics.

These two don’t exactly go together, but they were the only ones for their island – Mystery of the Map and Vampire’s Curse respectively.

Last but not least, there’s the Part 1 batch (already included in the Google Drive folder), most of them with a strong focus on one Poptropican. If you liked these, you can find them on napstachill’s DeviantArt as well.

I hope you enjoyed! Leave your comments below! 🙂


Pop 5

Pop 5: Most Immersive Islands

pop5 immersive

Hiya, Silver Wolf here with a Pop 5 post!

Islands can be fun, easy, or hard, but there are some that just… stand out. The mood and scenery create the mesmerizing feeling of actually saving an island yourself and not just as your Poptropican in a game. These islands make it feel like you’re really part of the story, and I’m here to recognize them!

Before we start, though, here are examples of why some islands’ “immersiveness” was ruined: time pieces were missing (going from day to night), the island was difficult enough at parts that it made you keenly aware it was a game, it became repetitive, it was only immersive in certain areas, or the story was broken into pieces (such as episodic islands). There are some other reasons, but those eliminated a lot!

#5: Vampire’s Curse Island

Vampire's Curse

This island expels creepiness from the very beginning, even if they are clichés. The lightning and rain in the background and *gasp* sound of thunder in a non-updated island is enough to get someone interested, but it goes further when you get to the medieval castle, where there’s also a blood red sky.

Plus, the first time you enter the castle it’s nearly pitch black, furthering its mood until you finally end with the infamous kiss… Yes, the kiss we all cringed at and thought was disgusting even though they were just pixels on a screen (yay for immersion!). Ultimately, the scenery and sound make it feel like you’re in the island, sadly even to the kiss.

#4: Mystery Train Island

Mystery Train

From decor to language to outfits, Mystery Train practically yells that it’s in the 1890s, and it does it well, especially if you dress for the occasion! Not only that, but it really feels like you’re a clever detective that, by piecing together clues and talking to other Poptropicans, can find the culprit.

It truly makes you feel like the next Sherlock Holmes. After all, as seen on the Mystery Train Inspector card, “The game is afoot!” It is similar to Spy Island’s premise mystery-wise, but its scenery is really what ties it together and makes you feel like you’re truly living luxuriously in the 1890s.

#3: 24 Carrot Island

24 Carrot Island was immersive before its sound update, and it definitely became incredibly immersive after. The crying mayor, eerie music, background scenery, occasional crow call, and helplessness of the citizens just give it that feeling that something has gone terribly wrong — and you can help it.

Eventually, you get invested in the story; what happened, who did it, and how? Even inside the factory, seeing the mind-controlled people just adds to how immersive it is. You get lost in the story and feeling of it all until the very end when you earn your medal!

#2: Ghost Story Island


This was probably expected by many of you, as it’s popular for its unnerving tone, background, sounds, and plot. The whole ghost facade, the old and cobweb-ridden house, the sudden and creepy voice by Fiona, and the beautiful yet sad violin tune definitely all set the unsettling mood.

Well, all of that is true until (spoiler!) you find out it’s actually a love story, but even then, the plot only thickens and makes you want to know more until you forget you’re even playing a game. Yeah, this island is so immersive I’m not sure adding music and sound could even do much other than enhance its already stunning qualities.

#1: Steamworks Island


This will probably be my most unpopular decision, but let me explain first. This island really makes you feel like you’re supposed to. At least, that’s what it did for me. The majority of the island is desolate except for broken down machines and overgrown vines. You’re alone. No sound (I think that is actually good for this island). No dialogue with people until near the end.

I truly felt lonely when playing this island, and that’s the purpose; if you were all alone on an island with the only signs of life being monsters and a friendly robot, would you feel lonely? Yes, and that’s the point of immersion! You feel like you’re the person you’re playing. Sure, there are some other scary islands, but they don’t really ever make you get so absorbed that you feel scared long after, and that is the exact reason why I think Steamworks deserves the #1 spot. It does that, and its story is fascinating.

What do you think of this list? Which islands on Poptropica have immersed you into their world the best? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Poptropica Worlds

Poptropica Worlds: Mystery Items Revealed

Hiya, Silver Wolf here with some news about the Poptropica Worlds mystery items!

Remember the silhouettes of these items from Worlds that the Creators showed us throughout the past month to get us excited for Poptropica Worlds?

PW Mystery Silhouettes

Skinny Moon has now posted the answers to what those mystery items are, so let’s check them out and see how close we were!

The first item was released on May 3rd, and over on the Poptropica Creators’ Instagram, it looks like a lot of people thought it would be a belt. PHB author Lucky Joker theorized in his post that it would be a belt or headgear.

The second item was revealed on May 11th and guesses ranged from a time machine to a techno backpack, including Lucky Joker’s theories that it was either an egg or boulder.

The last item, posted on May 18th, was the most mysterious of all and got a lot of people thinking what it was. Was it a throne? Time machine? Tiki mask? Arcade machine? Along with these speculations, Lucky Joker thought that it would be an armoire, playable arcade cabinet, or pedestal.

And here are the answers: the first one is the magnetic belt used on Crisis Caverns, the second is a chthonian egg from Crisis Caverns, and the third and last one is an arcade machine for your house (sadly not playable). You could say LJ was pretty lucky in his guesses!

Silhouette Answers

I had no clue what most of these were before playing Poptropica Worlds, so props to everyone who got them right! The arcade machine stumped me in particular. Did you figure all of them out?

Thanks for reading, and that’s all for now!


Popspiracy Theories

Popspiracy: What’s Behind Those Closed Doors?

doors popspiracy

Hiya, Silver Wolf here with some theories on what’s behind our house’s doors in Poptropica Worlds! This idea was introduced by commenter Silver Bear, who asked what’s behind the doors and how to get into them.

The doors are most likely going to be expansions of the house, but the exciting part is what type of expansions they will be.

Common Rooms? Party at your house!

One of my first theories is that we could have our very own common room! We could choose from templates of common rooms and change them whenever we want. The templates could look like regular rooms of a house, common rooms from other islands, or anything! Like regular common rooms, there could be multiple servers of the common room so it wouldn’t get too crowded.


I especially think that tribe common rooms would be available since they were already separate and not tied to an island in Poptropica. Updated with the new graphics and art style, they could be really cool and could be expanded even further than before. Since they’re in our house, maybe we could even decorate them further just for us to view without affecting what others see.

A similar idea is that we could even design our own multiverse. We could decorate the room how we please and, when ready to invite over friends, click a button to create a random code so that they can join. The multiverse could end when the person who created it leaves, logs off, cancels the code, or becomes inactive for 10 minutes or so.

Trophy Rooms? Show off your stuff!

A simpler but more realistic theory is that the rooms could hold different types of items from islands. I think there will be a trophy room in particular because why else would Poptropica Worlds switch from coins and allow the trophies to go in our house? I mean, we’ll have a lot of trophies eventually.

Trophy awarded for completing Crisis Caverns (picture credit: @PoptropicaBlog on Twitter)

A room could also be a gallery that holds our photos taken when we play islands, and we could choose what photos to put up and switch them around the way we want.

As for ways of opening the doors, the simple solution would be to use coins or Membership, but there are plenty of other ways we could open them too. I think that for at least one we could finish a special quest to open the door; the quest could even be specifically just for opening it. The doors may be able to be opened by completing islands in a certain time frame depending on their length and difficulty as well. For example, Skullduggery would have a longer time frame than Early Poptropica.

My last theory is that the Creators will scatter items or secrets across islands that we have to collect to open one of the doors. Maybe to open the door we have to learn some of Poptropica’s long lost secrets and history to get an ancient key.

When will these expansions come? Well, it’s taken well over a year — that we know of — for them to release Poptropica Worlds. That makes me think that these won’t come anytime soon, especially customizable multiverses. Maybe in a month they will release a regular room expansion for coins, but I think that anything more complex would take a really long time; after all, there aren’t even any social features yet, and there’s only one island so far that we can complete.

That’s all for my theories on what’s behind the doors! Feel free to add your own theories in the comments!