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🏆 Poppies 2022: Let the Nominations Begin

It’s that glamorous time of year… the Poppies are here! 🥳🏆😍

The Poppies are our annual Poptropica fan awards, hosted here on the Poptropica Help Blog for all to enjoy. It’s our eighth year celebrating, and we’re once again welcoming you to tell us where to shine the spotlight.

The festivities will lead up to a community-wide vote, culminating into a grand party where the award winners will be announced and the PHB celebrates its 14th birthday later this month. 🎉 More on that soon!

To kick things off, the nomination round is open for one week from now until Wednesday, July 13. In the comments of this post, name up to three choices per category listed below! ✅

Poptropica Awards

🏔️ Best Side Quest: Side quests are becoming a prominent new method of storytelling in Poptropica. While some serve to continue preexisting islands (Rumpel’s Challenge, Blitz on the Fritz), others (the Baron’s Crusade, Hoptropica, etc) stand on their own. Which ones do it best?

🏝️ Best Dream Island Winner: Last Poppies, we nominated our favorites from the countless fan island submissions; this year, we’ll review those lucky three that were brought to life in-game! Dream Island contest winners include: Fairytale, Goofball, and Jade Scarab. (Due to the limited options, all three are automatically nominated.)

😀 Best Returning AS3 Island: While many beloved classic islands are still missing from the map, plenty of AS3 islands that originally went down with Flash have been ported over to Haxe and/or Steam. Which AS3 island’s reappearance delighted you the most?

😢 Most Missed AS2 Island: While it’s great to see good old AS3 islands brought back to life—alongside entirely new islands—we still mourn the loss of the ancient AS2 Flash islands, who unfortunately haven’t yet been resurrected. Which lost island do you grieve for the most?

🧝 Most Captivating Current Character: From Cinder and Rumpel to Scheherazade and the Baron, Poptropica’s packed with cool, classy, captivating characters. Out of those currently existing in-game, which characters strike your fancy?

🤴 Most Legendary Lost Character: On the flip side, many iconic Poptropican characters are now lost to the sands of time, including classics like Mordred, the Elf Queen, and El Mustachio Grande. Which ones are gone from the game, but not forgotten?

🙄 Most Ironic Name: When it comes to generating a Poptropican name, some are beautiful, some not so much… and some are so well-matched, it’s hilarious. Can you find a combo so strangely perfect it makes you snort at your screen? See our name guide for inspiration!

🪄 Most Magical Name: On the other hand, some Poptropican names are simply breathtaking. Can you come up with a gorgeous pairing fit for a king? Again, check out our name guide for some ideas.

😎 Coolest Wallpaper: Poptropica’s given us many lovely wallpapers with which to adorn our phones, tablets, and computers. Which splendid art pieces would you love to see on your screen? See them here and in the extras sections of our various Island Guides!

☹️ Most Pointless Update: This past year saw plenty of changes to Pop, some welcome and some, well, not. Out of all the twists and turns our beloved game has taken lately, which updates were most disappointing?

💬 Best Comic: Over the years, Poptropica’s penned a wide variety of awesome comics, from the graphic novel series starting with Mystery of the Map to island prequels like Pandemic Panic or Zomberry: Day Zero. Which strip entertained you the most? Browse the comics here »

👗 Best Costume Contest Winner: You might be familiar with Poptropica’s monthly costume contests, and the fabulous fan-made ‘fits they’ve brought to the game. From “Spa Day” to “Love Potion Demon,” which ones caught your eye at the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities?


Can you recognize the PHB team’s blue carpet glamour in MaryannTheConqueror’s illustration above? More in our Look Book!

Community Awards

🤳 Funniest TikTok: Fans post Poptropica content on various social media platforms, but TikTok is especially known for its short and sweet video clips. Whether it’s cosplay, a skit, or a wacky new dance, which Pop-related shorts got your attention? Browse Pop TikTok here »

😂 Funniest Tweet: Ah, Twitter. While it may not be everyone’s favorite platform, it’s given us a great deal of funny Poptropica quotes, comments, and memes. Which Pop-related tweets did you enjoy?

🎨 Best Community Creations Theme: Community Creations is a monthly series here at the PHB showcasing the Poptropica fandom’s artistic talent. In your opinion, which theme this past year was the coolest? Any theme after July 2021 is eligible.

🤩 Most Fun Contest: Both the PHB and the official Pop Creators’ Blog host a variety of interactive contests and challenges, involving players both on and off the game. Which did you enjoy? Check some of them out here and here. Any challenge starting after July 22, 2021 qualifies.

Most Aesthetic Pinterest Board: Pinterest is an excellent place to create mood boards, and Poptropica’s not been left out of the fun. Fans have created some aesthetic image galleries that perfectly capture the essence of Poptropica’s islands. Here are a few — which do you like?

👉 Best Pop-over Special: When fans mix Poptropica with other pieces of media, we call that crossover a Pop-over! Whether inspired by books, TV shows, or movies, we’ve featured many. Which do you wish were real?

✍️ Best Official Guest Blog Post: Early last year, Poptropica started inviting players to post on their official blog — and those guest writers delivered! We’ve since been welcomed with a diversity of fan-written posts on the Creators’ Blog. Which guest post was the best read? Anything posted after July 22, 2021 is eligible.

📹 Best Fan Video: Whether it’s a walkthrough, tag, quiz, or even a Pop-themed baking tutorial, Pop content creators have given us a lot to enjoy. Tell us which amazing Pop vid deserves the top prize! Remember to include a link. Anything posted after July 22, 2021 is eligible.

🖼️ Best Fan Art: The Pop fandom is an incredibly creative place when it comes to art. Which beautiful masterpiece deserves the top prize? Check our Community Creations, DeviantArt group, and Pop’s Fan Art Features to select your faves! Anything posted after July 22, 2021 is eligible.

Remember, the nomination round begins NOW in the comments! 👇 Please limit your picks to a max of three per category. You don’t have to nominate for every category, although it is encouraged.

The voting round will begin Thursday, July 14, and the poll options will be made up of the most popular nominations. Check back then to cast your votes, but in the meantime…

✏️ Nominate in the comments below! ✏️

p.s. Keep popping in to participate in Poppies events throughout this month of July! We’re just getting started. 🎉


38 thoughts on “🏆 Poppies 2022: Let the Nominations Begin”

    1. Best side quest: Rumpl’s challenge
      Best returning island: Poptropicon
      Most missed island: Astroknights
      Most captivating current character: Dr. Hare
      Most legendary lost character: Binary Bard
      Most ironic name: Icy icicle
      Most magical name: Smart Icicle (I would love to nominate the name Dizzy Feather here but it doesn’t seem right to nominate myself)
      Best comic: Zomberry: Day Zero
      Best Costume contest winner: Spa Day
      Best official guest post: Invisible Rings ultimate Movie ( would love to nominate Superhero team introductions but again it doesn’t seem right to nominate myself)

  1. Yay! The Poppies are finally here! Here are my nominees:
    1. Hoptropica!
    2. Secret of the Jade Scarab
    3. PoptropiCon2 and Mission Atlantis 1
    4. Ghost Story, Nabooti, Astroknights
    5. Cinder, Elf Archer
    6. Governor Ridley, Director D
    7. Chilly Icicle, Striped Tiger, Fast Cheetah
    8. Golden Crown, Perfect Fox, Bronze Eagle
    9. The one for Mythology with the Pegasus and the Hydra
    10. The Inventory Update, The Mobile Update, The new NPC animation
    11. Zomberry: Day Zero
    12. Movie Geek, Rockette, Spa Day

    1. Community Awards:
      1. Goku-Ostrich’s Black Widow parody
      2. Poptropica Emoji Pain Scale
      3. Egypt, Carnival, Villains
      4. PHB’s Halloween Costume Contest
      5. Green Scheme mood board by Ice Cream
      6. Am I biased if I pick my Percy Jackson Popover? That and Smart Icicle’s “The Greatest Showman”
      7. Invisible Ring’s Musical Crusade
      8. Battle Morale, Perfect Sky’s “Thief of Pelican Rock” and Backspace!
      9. and Saint Patrick’s Day Smoothie by TillyMeowJings-ARSB

      1. I’d also like to add Mordred to my list of Most Legendary Characters for the sake of Maryann’s hat.

  2. Pink Crush and Dizzy Feather are two of my favorite guest post writers. Just wanted to say😁

    1. Wow! Thanks you so much, I’m happy to hear that I’m one of your favorite guest bloggers.

    2. Oh, I’m also happy to hear I’m one of your favorite guest bloggers, I’m so honored 😊🙂

  3. My Nomination Choices:
    Best Side Quest: Blitz on the Fritz, The Baron’s Crusade
    Best Returning AS3 Island: Survival, Mocktropica, Shrink Ray
    Most Missed AS2 Island: Mystery Train, Super Villain, Red Dragon
    Most Captivating Current Character: Horus (the falcon, not the god), Bland City Hall Lady, Les Moreland (can I nominate Sal with him/her?)
    Most Legendary Lost Character: Harold Mews, The Pilgrim on the tower, Basho
    Most Ironic Name: Icy Flame, Hamburger Hamburger
    Most Magical Name: Lucky Sinker
    Most Pointless Update: Taking off all those islands on the app
    Best Costume Contest Winner: Spa Day, De-Man, Rockette
    Best Community Creations Theme: Carnival, Zomberry, Ghosts and Ghouls
    Most Fun Contest: Make your own MAF Card, Baron’s Red October, Jade Scarab Artifact
    Best Pop-Over Special: The Good Place
    Best Official Guest Blog Post: Invisible Ring’s Ultimate Movie!

  4. 1. Rumpel’s Challenge, Hoptropica, Barons Crusade.
    2. Poptropolis Games and Mocktropica
    3. Counterfeit, Skullduggery, and Astro Knights.
    4. Rumpel and Scheherazade
    5. Modred and Captain Crawfish
    6. Hamburger Hamburger
    7. Silver Shell and Perfect Crown
    8. Worldly Games by me and Bronze Socks (comic script)
    9.Pirates, Cosplay, and Comics
    10. Dream Island Contest and Halloween Costume Contest
    11. Greatest showman and Harry Potter pop overs
    12. Invisible Rings Ultimate Movie

  5. 1. Hoptropica
    2. Goofball island
    3. Survival 2
    4. Twisted Thicket, Back Lot, and Vampires Curse
    5. Elf Archer
    6. Elf Queen( from Twisted Thicket )
    7. Silver Raptor
    8. Silver Shell and Gold Crown
    9. The wallpaper for Halloween.
    10. The new animations
    11. Vires Hunter: Pandemic Panic
    12. Spa Day
    13. I don’t know any Tic Toc
    14. Jade Scarab Kitty by queen-Sophie
    15. Dream island contest
    16. I really liked the ones about 24 carrot island.
    17. Sliver Shell’s Percy Jackson popover.
    18. They are all fun and creative in there own way, so I can’t pick one.
    19. Perfect Sky’s Thief of Pelican Rock and Backspace
    20. Poptropica’s Universe by Silver Shell
    Thank You

  6. Best Side Quest: The Baron’s Crusade

    Best Fan Art: Cryptid Comic by Tilly Meow Jings ARSB, Saint Patrick’s Day Smoothie by TillyMeowJings-ARSB, Grieving by Lucky Joker

    Best Dream Island Winner: GoofBall

    Best Fan Video: ThinkNoodles
    Best Official Guest Blog Post: Poptropican Fashion by PinkCrush
    Most Magical Name: Pink Sky, Blue Moon, PinkCrush
    Most Missed AS2 Island: Vampires Curse island, Mystery Train , Zomberry

    Best Returning AS3 Island: Survival

    Most Captivating Current Character: Dr. Hare, Bes, Edgar
    Most Legendary Lost Character: Balloon Boy, Count Bram, Ned Noodlehead

    Most Ironic Name: Hamburger hamburger

    Most Pointless Update: Removing the Old Islands , Removing Customization, Updating the shop Best Costume

    Contest Winner: Love potion demon, Heart Witch, Ice Cream Cat

    Best Pop-over Special: Pokemon, Scooby doo, why so serious popover it’s the one with Batman and joker

    Best Fan Video: ThinkNoodles

    1. You have a hat?
      Fine, I can nominate him.
      Most Legendary Lost Character: Basho, Mordred, Harold Mews

  7. Best Side Quest: The Baron’s Crusade. Honestly, there were so many mysteries and small details and clues, which made it so much fun.
    Best Dream Island Winner: I know there are only three, but I was still pick Goofball Island over the others.
    Best Returning AS3 Island: Monster Carnival.
    Most Missed AS2 Island: Counterfeit Island.
    Most Captivating Current Character: The Baron or Dr. Hare
    Most Legendary Lost Character: Mordred
    Most Ironic Name: Icy Icicle
    Most Magical Name: Silver Shell, Gold Crown… I also kinda like my name, Blue Moon
    Most Pointless Update: Updating the mobile app so it matches desktop
    Best Comic: Zomberry Day Zero
    Best Costume Contest Winner: The Rockette, Love Potion Demon, Ice Cream Cat
    Most Fun Contest: Dream Island Contest (I really hope Poptropica does another)
    Best Fan Video: Invisible Ring’s Battle Morale –

  8. Best Dream Island Winner: Goofball
    Best Returning AS3 Island:poptropalis games
    Most Missed AS2 Island:Zombery
    Most Captivating Current Character:cinderella
    Most Magical Name: Golden Cloud
    Most Ironic Name:beefy crumb

  9. Poptropica Awards:

    1. Hoptropica
    2. Jade scarab
    3. Poptropicon 2
    4. Night watch, Wimpy Boardwalk, Cryptids
    5. Rumpelstiltskin
    6. Binary Bard
    7. Muddy Belly, Silver Ghost 🤓
    8. Brave Gamer
    9. That Astro Nights one were, the right side was ice land and the left side was lave land
    10. The inventory update, The home island update, The mobile update.
    11. Zomberry: Day Zero
    12. Vamp Rock, Star Kid, De- Man

  10. Best side quest: Hoptropica
    Best returning island: survival
    Most missed island: red dragon
    Most captivating current character: Dr. Hare
    Most legendary lost character: Mordred
    Most ironic name: Hamburger Hamburger
    Most magical name: Dizzy Feather
    Best comic: Mystery of the Map
    Best Costume contest winner: Movie geek
    Best official guest post: The Pink Knight and the Poptropican Heros continued by Dizzy Feather ( it came out after the nominations began so if it does not count I’ll do Superhero team introductions by Dizzy Feather )

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