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Hare-y Poptropica Worlds House Tour: Invisible Ring 🥕

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Invisible RingEnjoy!

Hey guys. Just chillin’ against this wall here. This is it. Looks like I made it to the final zone of my Worlds clubhouse: the most mysterious, spookiest, and unpredictable zone that’s been giving me the chills since the beginning. I’ll try to keep it cool as best I can, but on the inside, I’m really freakin’ out. But I guess the only way to face this fear and kill the suspense is to open that door, so here goes nothing…

INVISIBLE RING: Oh no… It’s an invasion! There’s an army of robots in my room! …That’s it, I’m outta here! I shouldn’t have come! …wait a minute, how did all of these robots even get here?

ROBOTS: Scanning… Facial recognition confirmed. Welcome, Invisible Ring. We are at your command.

RING: O-kaay…. What’s going on here?

Robots: Scanners indicate that Invisible Ring does not recognize us. Elapsed time since Invisible Ring’s last visit in this room is three years. Humans are subject to all-but-core memory loss within this time span. Let us refresh your memory and show you around, Invisible Ring.

RING: Ok. Thanks, robots!

RING: Hey… Nice game room! Is this where you hung out all this time I was gone?

ROBOTS: Affirmative. Entertainment levels here are pleasantly high. We could stay in here forever if we wanted to… Do you want to play Space Complainers?

RING: If it’s all the same to you, I think I would rather continue the tour.

RING: Whoa! What is THIS called?

ROBOTS: The hotline center, where we make our most urgent calls. …Hello? Pizza to go?

RING: You’ve been ordering pizzas all this time while I was gone?! How in the world are you paying for them all?!

ROBOTS: We aren’t! The delivery rule is 30 minutes or it’s free. And they never get the pizzas here within 30 minutes!

RING: Ah, that makes sense.

RING: Looks like the kitchen is over here. Wow, that is a LOT of carrots. Is that all we have to eat? No wonder you bunny droids order pizzas all the time.

ROBOT: Quick! Take cover!

RING: What’s going on? …and what are you doing? 

ROBOT: Preparing for the battle over on the right. …Take that, Dr. Hare!

RING: A battle? That doesn’t look like a fight, that just looks like a couple of bunnies jumping on the bed over there! …Ooh! That gives me a great idea! Time to hit those drums!

ROBOT: Good thinking. Sound the alarm to attack the carrot fort!

Sound the alarm and attack the carrot fort? …Weird imagination. I guess three years of goofing off in a clubhouse will do that. 

It’s drummin’ time! A-one, two, three, four, 

Two bunny robots jumping on the bed! One’s about to land on the other’s head!

I am not the doctor, but here’s what I said: No more rab-bots jumping on the bed!

ROBOTS: “Get to the root of the sit-uation, and find Dr. Hare’s top-secret sta-tion…

You gotta find the card keys and all the carrots, to save the good ol’ island of 24 Carrot—”

RING: Ok, where is THAT music coming from?

ROBOTS: Scanning… Rabbit Robots located in the upper hallway.

RING: Oh, yeah… They must have found the musical section in there. I didn’t know the robots liked music! 

ROBOTS: The instruments were an exquisite touch. Your decorating skills have amazed us all. We all rate every one of your clubhouse tours as a 100% success!

RING: Wow! I’m glad you feel that way because I was just thinking the same thing! …Wait, how did you know about my other clubhouse tours? …Oh yeah, you guys have a computer in the arcade room!

ROBOTS:  I detect that a lightbulb has lit inside your tiny head. Could that mean you are now up to something? 

RING: You know it. 

ROBOTS: Does this mean you will add more stuff to the PHB?

RING: Maybe… or maybe I’ll get back to arts and crafts and movie-making. I think I’ll stay here and make a plan on what to do next.

ROBOTS: You picked an exceptional place. This is just the kind of workshop that Dr. Hare had!

RING: Interesting… I guess this makes me the next evil genius at work here, huh? WHO’S BAD! Ha-ha, just kidding! …Well, great talk, but I gotta end the tour and get to work on my—

ROBOTS: “Find a crazy rabbit like Dr. Hare, but we gotta warn you that ya better beware!

He’s the funniest villain we’ve ever had, but if you just ain’t careful, he’s GONNA BE MAD…”

RING: UGH… Will someone please make those musicians STOP? I can’t focus like this!

ROBOTS: With pleasure! They are beginning to annoy all of us! 

RING: On second thought, how about one last song? Y’know, to wrap things up?

ROBOTS: You heard her, rabbots! A-one, two, three-

“For the last song that we’re gonna sing,
Let’s give three cheers for Invisible Ring!
All 7 of her clubhouse tours complete,
They’re exciting and amazing to the edge of your seat!
Thanks for joining’ ‘em all, and we hope you had fun, 
But our scanners say that it’s just begun! 
If you have a comment, don’t forget to send!
Just let us know what you think! THE END!”

…Well done, Rabbots! Thank you everybody and good night!

Hope this ends my clubhouse saga on a good note. I think it does, both figuratively AND literally!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Invisible Ring. If you did, you might also enjoy the rest of her clubhouse tour collection: from Poptropica Original, her regular, CastleParty, and Dreamy rooms; and from Poptropica Worlds, her Adventurous and Summer rooms, which led to the Hare-y home you just saw. Consider sharing yours, too!

The Poptropica Help Blog welcomes interesting Poptropica insights from anyone in the Poptropica community with thoughts to share. Interested in writing for the PHB? We’d love to hear from you! 📰✨


8 thoughts on “Hare-y Poptropica Worlds House Tour: Invisible Ring 🥕”

  1. Love your clubhouse! Looking forward to more interesting stuff!

    Wow, this is literally my first time actually in the Poptropica fandom, which is weird since I’ve
    been playing the game for years.😜
    Really love this blog, by the way!

      1. That is a classified secret known to us “evil geniuses”… WHO’S BAD! Haha, just kidding…

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