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Summer Poptropica Worlds House Tour: Invisible Ring 🌞

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Invisible Ring. Enjoy!

Oh hi! Great to see you again! Do you like my new book lounge? I was just trying it out! Now that I have toured the halls of my Poptropica Worlds clubhouse, it’s high time I explore my two extra rooms. Let’s see, which one do I pick first, door #1 or door #2?

I’m going with door #2. It just feels easier to start with the colorful one before I go into the dark and daring zone.

Hey, wait, when did this red painting and striped sofa show up? — oh yeah, I set it up the same time I set up my book lounge! Heh heh, I’m so forgetful… well, enough chit-chat. Let’s do this!

Yeeee-Haw! Good mornin’, buckaroo! Whaddaya plan to go ropin’ for today? — oh wait, I got another idea! Just have to get it outta my dresser drawer and… there!

Say… you look fabulous! You’ll be the star of the Saturday night dance party! …Oh wait, it’s not nighttime yet. What else have I got?

I got an adventure outfit and a shiny outfit. What other outfits do I have? Oh wait, how about this one? It’s both shiny AND adventurous! Wow, I think my sister was right. I DO look like an Amazon warrior! …Ooh! Warrior! Got another idea here! This is gonna be great!

Here we go! ARRRGH, look alive, ya scurvy scallywags! Thar may be intruders on board this vessel and I want the whole lot of ya to… YIKE! Have you been watching me the whole time?!

(Come on, Invisible Ring, pick it back up!) *ahem* …Welcome aboard, me hearties! I didn’t hear you come in there! Well, perfect timing, buccaneers, ‘cause I just finished suiting up. Let the cabin tour commence!

In me cabin, I have a very important treasure. Aye, it’s golden indeed, and… what’s that? Where is it? Ye may find some of it amongst the thicket here…..What’s that? Ya want to know what me treasure IS?…. Aye, you asked for it, sea pups!

Ohhh… Do what ya can with what ya got, have any of you have heard that a lot?
If yer bored and the day is new, and you are just wonderin’ what to do, 
Then come on along! Come on with me, and maybe you’ll see things the way I see!
Take a glass and slam it down! Stomp yer feet and strum up a sound!
Be ready for anything, take a stance! The music will start, and you gotta dance!
Put a smile upon yer face! Walk around like you own the place!
All you need is a sense of fun! Before ya know it the magic’s begun!
Put yer mind to it then you’ll see, adventure’s the best treasure that can be! 
Like all yer booty it’s hard to find, but never give up and take yer time!
But if ya think I’m being absurd, yer on yer own, ye scallywag! WORD!

That was fun. Now ya know where and what me treasure is. Now onward! We have another floor to explore, mateys!

Welcome to the hangout! The perfect place to hang out, hang around, run around, bounce around, monkey around — anything you want! You can even ride a giant butterfly like I’m doing right now! CHARGE, Monarch! Let’s overthrow the governor agent of Captain Crawfish!

In this part of my cabin lies the best spot to relax after you’re through with the wild ways of a pirate… or even if you’re done talking like a pirate, because I think I’m done with both! I think I should grab a book from over there and relax for a while. 

Hey, this bed is bouncy! Haha! This is even more fun to dance on than the upstairs jungle!

Bounce around with all your might, grab your sword, and put up a fight!
Chuck the balls and drop the books, rip the jackets right off the hooks!
Swing around and clang the bell! Off the top with a GREAT BIG YELL!

Ha-ha-haaarrgh, heh heh… This is great! …huhh…hooo… Now I’m all worn out. Well, at least I can take a breather on this bookshelf and look out the window for a moment.

Wow! I never thought I would say this, but I think I need a nap now. This hammock is the best place to do it, so I think I’ll make myself comfy and…

Hey! There’s something really sparkly coming from out the window! Oh, wait, it’s just the beach. But it looks a lot shinier than usual… Forget the hammock, I gotta get outside and check it out!

I thought so! It’s the perfect day for a beach day!

Man the cannons! Fire one! CANNONBALL!

*GASP* Blithery Blathery Icicles, that was colder than I — wait a minute, where did my hat go? And I think I got some seashells stuck in my hair, too.

No matter. I can go back up there and dive down again and find my hat and — Whoa! What the-? Did I just… change into… a mermaid? 

Random Guy: Bravo, mermaid pirate! Perfect 10! How did you do all that?

Me: Um… Thanks… and… I have no idea. I think I… gotta go back inside now.

Well, that was interesting. I wonder how that happened and how I can become a pirate again. Maybe it will come to me later on. Now, where was I? …I feel like I’m forgetting something on this tour.

Oh, I know what it is! Ice cream! No beach day or vacation tour is complete without ice cream! Yay!

Well, tourists, I hope you liked the summer-style tour. Now that I’ve had my ice cream and my indoor and outdoor fun, It’s time for a nap on the hammock now. Have a great summer, and if you want any ice cream on the way out, there’s enough upstairs for all of you. See ya next time!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Invisible Ring. If you did, you might also enjoy her many other Poptropica clubhouse tours, including her main Worlds house, which contains the room you just saw!

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9 thoughts on “Summer Poptropica Worlds House Tour: Invisible Ring 🌞”

  1. Wow, this is already my favorite part of your tour in Poptropica Worlds, Invisible Ring. Also nice pirate lingo, I would definitely recommend you for a nearby pirate movie! 🙂

    1. Wow, thanks so much! And that would be awesome! Wow, i’m getting so many compliments on my pirate accent… I guess my practice really HAS paid off… But what can i say, it’s just so much fun!

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