Pirated from previous items: a store stock update

Hey Poptropicans! New things are in store… literally. As we near the end of the month, it’s time for the store stock to change! (In case you missed it, yes, that’s a thing now.)

As usual, it’s a case of old items resurfacing, and this time around, in honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, we’ve got quite a few pirate costumes going around. Among the assortment also are various knights, dragons, and more. ☠️⚔️🐉 Take a look!

Gold cards

About 40% of the current gold cards are for members only, including the formerly free Prepare for Impact! mini-game, which still has the (now inaccurate) “Free+” label. 👀

  • Rock Singer (boys only)
  • Skullduggery Pirate
  • Spy Agent
  • Captain Cobalt
  • The Bolt
  • Templar Knight
  • Multiverse (free; also seems to be the only permanent gold card)
  • Skull Pirate
  • Medusa
  • Cryptids Nessie Hat
  • Prank Can
  • Captain Crimson
  • Pearson Flashlight
  • Bully Bot Costume
  • Hazmat Suit
  • Birthday Candle (free, and goes out at the end of September!)
  • Renegade Robot (members only)
  • Followers (Dragons) (members only)
  • Prepare for Impact! (mini-game guide here) (members only)
  • Night Hare (members only)
  • Popzilla costume (members only)
  • Timmy Failure Greatness (members only)
  • Robin Hood (members only)
  • Meteor Shower (members only)
  • Bounce Ball (members only)
  • Lightning Knight (members only)
  • Plundered Armor (members only)


Four of the six available costumes (the names and colors of which may vary by gender) are for members only. The girls’ version of the members-only Pirate Captain is quite similar to the Captain Crimson gold card, available now and not just for members. ☠️

  • Bigfoot Fanatic
  • Heart Astro Knight (girls only)
  • Earth Astro Knight (boys only)
  • Dragon (comes in blue, green, and purple) (members only)
  • Steam Robot (members only)
  • Pirate Captain (members only)
  • Dark Astro Knight (purple for girls; black for boys) (members only)

In other news…

  • The Poptropica Creators celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day* with a party in the Broken Barrel common room on Skullduggery Island, at about 3 p.m. EST on Wednesday, September 19. (*Aye, but Krispy Kreme ain’t givin’ out a dozen free donuts no more, so really, what’s the point, mate? Ok, that’s all the pirate-talk for this post…)


  • Something new is coming… for members! (Yup, once again disappointing the majority of players…) At the end of the Creators’ latest post about the Smallfoot ad, they wrote, “Stay tuned to learn about the newest membership benefit coming to Poptropica!”
  • The deadline for Poptropica’s Halloween costume design contest has passed, so we can hope to hear back soon about the winning design!
  • For all levels of artists, the PHB’s Community Creations is always open for your creations! Our theme this month of September is music.

That’s all for now! Keep ‘tropping on, pop-cans.


5 thoughts on “Pirated from previous items: a store stock update”

  1. Guys, I just realized something isn’t right. They are selling the LS Bolt on the Pop store, of which sort of destroys its purpose as being a reward for beating half of the quest. Even if they made it members only, you gotta have membership to play the thing as well (unless you’re people like me who got the gold card) of which doesn’t really fix anything.

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