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Light a candle for Poptropica’s 11th birthday 🕯 — and many more

Hey Poptropicans! We’re burning with some bright news over here. Read on!

September has arrived, which means… the winning design from our header contest is up on the blog? More member gifts? Another round of Community Creations? All of these wonderful things, yes, but one more: it’s Poptropica’s birthday month!


You like that rainbow afro? That and more are in this month’s member gift pack. Not a member? Lots of cool stuff (many for everyone) recently arrived at the store—with rhinos, robots, and more—and one more, as you’ll see below.

Anyway. Happy birthday, Poptropica! We’re pretty thrilled to see Poptropica make it to its 11th year alive, and we hope for great things to come. In fact, that could very well be the case with some recent developments! But more on that in a bit.

To celebrate the occasion, you can now get a Birthday Candle costume for free in the store! But hurry—this candle will burn out of the store when the month is over.

store candle

A couple of noteworthy insights from the Creators were also revealed in the comments of the Instagram post announcing this update.

One Instagram user, supertalkcam, asked if the Creators were abandoning Poptropica Worlds in favor of Pop Original. The Creators replied, “It’s a myth!”

Another user, chillzaj, asked, “Will Poptropica end up shutting down in 2020 due to Flash ending? So we have one more bday party left…?”

The Creators responded, “Poptropica isn’t shutting down – we’re working on new technology that will keep Poptropica around for a long time! #poptropicaforever

This sounds like some of the behind-the-scenes work that has been keeping Poptropica quietly busy over the past few months at least. The Creators’ Facebook post from December 2017 explaining Poptropica’s relationship to the downfall of Flash, which we posted on the PHB in March, has even been gone for some time now.

Could it be that Poptropica Original will stick around even after 2020, as it gets moved to a newer technology so that it can survive post-Flash? This seems to be the Creators’ plan now, though one they’re still “working on,” so no solid promises yet.

Once again, happy eleventh birthday to our beloved Poptropica. Share your thoughts and congratulations in the comments, and keep on popping on, Poptropicans. 🎈🎊🎂



10 thoughts on “Light a candle for Poptropica’s 11th birthday 🕯 — and many more”

      1. Well, if being a candle with a cake that turns people into pigs and have Tony the Tiger and Woodstock follow you on spy island doesn’t complete your life, I dunno what does.

        BTW, I found a glitch (don’t know if this applies with the other followers) where if you and Tony the Tiger are facing back to back, then click on him, you’ll both dance.

  1. Oh my gosh thank you for mentioning me, so from what the Poptropica Creators are saying. They have not abandoned Poptropica Worlds and they are still working on new content for Poptropica Worlds? Odd

    1. It’s not clear—it’s possible they’re intending to bring Worlds and Original together somehow. What they did say is that they’re not abandoning “Poptropica” itself.

      1. By the way the supertalkcam guy who said that was me. Yep the guy who typed the comment is right here and from what it looks like, Poptropica Worlds is getting an update right?

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