Frosted Smallfoot, LEGO mammoth (three ads)

Hey Poptropicans! Brace yourselves for a chill, because right now Poptropica is hosting three pretty frosty ads! (Unless you’re also counting that ever-obtrusive ad for Poptropica on Poptropica, which really needs to just go. Anyway…)

You can find all of these ads with their own icons on the map. (There are also a couple other ads we covered earlier: Next Gen and Froot Loops.) Let’s take a look!

Smallfoot is an animated movie in theaters September 28, and for the ad, you can win a Snow Ball handheld item (with space bar to throw) by first watching the video, then playing a game. To beat the game, simply move your cursor to help Smallfoot avoid crashing into anything as he makes a long descent!

Frosted Flakes is a cereal by Kellogg’s, and its ad takes you to an area where, once inside, you’ll be wearing a bike helmet (not a separate item, though). The gist of the game is to click-and-hold to jump over various obstacles strewn along a suburban street as you cycle through as Tony the Tiger.


At the end, you’ll be awarded a Tony Follower and Cereal Toss (power and handheld). If the cereal box hits a Poptropican when thrown, it’ll bounce off of them.

LEGO City is a line of LEGO products that includes a helicopter mammoth missionโ€”the focus of this ad, earlier rumored to be made into its own island. To play the game, head inside the building and hop into the chopper. The rules are simple: avoid the obstacles, but pick up the green batteries for an energy boost.


Once you reach the legendary mammoth, you’ll win two prizes: an Explorer Suit (which can send down snow with the press of the space bar) and Helicopter Follower.

These aren’t the only games around on Poptropica! As mentioned in the post below, Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab is also back for a limited time, from now until Monday, September 17. You can find it on the map, or access it through its item card if you grabbed it before it left the store several months ago with the store update. There’s a new Rabbot costume to be hadโ€”though it’s not an item card, just something you can Costumize. ๐Ÿค–

Browse below for all the latest happenings on Poptropica! Keep popping on, ‘tropicans.


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