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Lego Island: not yet completed

Hey Poptropicans! Leggo see what’s goin’ on with Pop…

Checking in on my friends, polishing my island medallions—wait, hold up. What’s this? A new medallion?? That I don’t have yet??? Are we getting a… Lego Island????


Thanks to Massive Monster for the tip-off about this!

Well, sort of. Our resident glitcher, idk (who also recently made a tool for the ASG), went poking behind-the-scenes into Poptropica’s files to see what was going on.

lego island

Here’s what he told curious Poptropicans on the PHC (our emphases added):

Poptropica will soon be advertising many different types of Lego products. So instead of creating disconnected ad rooms for each one, they’ve created a separate island to contain them all. And because every product line’s ads probably won’t be released simultaneously, it makes sense to create something which can be updated after its launch.

Lego Island just consists of a Main Street scene containing a door to an ad scene. It currently only contains an ad for Lego City, but there are a couple of unused item cards for Lego Star Wars. It doesn’t have a medallion so [I don’t know] why it showed up in the medallion list. The Main Street scene has an asset from [the canceled] Water Thrill Island though, so that’s neat.

Water Thrill Island
The asset from Water Thrill Island, for the unreleased Lego Island

So, that’s all we know so far about Lego Island: it won’t be a full-fledged official island like we know of them, but just a series of ads lumped together on one (probably temporary) island, to come in the near future. And there might be a water slide.

In other news, don’t forget you have until the end of this week to enter our PHB Header Design Contest and our Community Creations for August! Leggo!


3 thoughts on “Lego Island: not yet completed”

  1. That’s actually really cool; it’s like a fusion between a simple ad and an island! It’s odd that some people have a medallion for it, though. Maybe there will eventually be some sort of ad exclusive medallion? Anyway, nice post! I’m actually excited for this.

  2. *Spits out water* Huh?!?

    Anyway, prehaps it’s a miniquest or something like the Haunted House or Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab.

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