Jump in on a new login, Blobby!

Hey, Poptropicans! It’s Lucky Joker here with an unofficial sneak peek and an ad prize.

There’s a new login screen in the works for Poptropica Original that has not yet been released. Thanks to our favorite Poptropica glitcher, idk, we have the link to a beta version that you can try for yourself!


If you “jump in,” you’ll be able to create a new character, which, like before, asks for your age and gender (with a cameo from Shark Boy!). On the next page, you’ll get to change your appearance, which, unlike before, allows you to see all the options at once! It gets even more fun on the page after that: you no longer have to randomize completely to change your name; instead, you can pick from a short list.

You’ll see that there are many objects (or even characters) that float by as you create an avatar. Thanks to scrooge200, here’s a list of what you may see:

Balloon Boy, Binary Bard and a hovercraft, Excalibur, Early Poptropica UFO, Ned Noodlehead in the race start blimp from Monkey Wrench, generic girl with balloons, PASE rocket, Astro-Knights rocket, generic super hero, a mime in Amelia’s plane, the Galactic Hot Dogs spaceship, the Game Show Island jet, an unpiloted pirate blimp, the Poptropica Blimp, the Black Widow in the Red Baroness’s plane, the Legendary Swords rocket, Nabooti plane with a different pilot, Mission Atlantis drone, various dragon followers, balloon animal, bee follower, generic bat, canary from either Wild West or Escape from Pelican Rock, the Dark Astro-Knight on a rocket, a dryad, a flying carpet, a Game Show Island robot, a parrot, a seagull, Sprocket, the Mythology bat, a vampire bat, a generic witch, an anvil, a safe, and a Roc Feather from Arabian Nights.

Like I said, pretty cool isn’t it? However, I do think it’s strange the creators are focusing a lot on Poptropica Original rather than their newer game, Poptropica Worlds—but I’m not complaining. What do you think?

In other news, there’s a new advertisement you can access from the island map, for the movie Hotel Transylvania 3, which is set to release on DVD and Blu-ray next month—just in time for Halloween.

No game this time—just a video trailer. Once you watch it, you’ll receive the character Blobby (pictured below), which is a handheld item that leaves gooey puddles when you press the space bar.


Well, that’s it for today! Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you in the next one.

– Lucky Joker 🍀

13 thoughts on “Jump in on a new login, Blobby!”

  1. Awww, what a shame. I really love the classic login screen. I wish they would add some more content rather than just pointlessly redesigning the already existing things.

  2. Hmm, I’m not too sure about the colors of the buttons on the new login screen (especially the cyan blue, which feels too bright). But this isn’t officially out to the public yet, so that could change. 😛 Thanks for covering this, LJ, and thanks to idk for the scoop!

  3. It is sort of a shame they won’t let you move around and hop into your own blimp, and am I the only one who thinks it would be more fun for the name to be randomized insead of the player manually pick two words that they want to be known as?

    1. Then again Monkey Wrench exists so… (I’m still not feelling giddy about having a turtorial for controls that come down towards the mouse and occasionally the spacebar.)

  4. Yes Glitchers! Back at it again with amazing stuff! In my opinion my favorite thing about this Poptropica community is the glitchers. they are just amazing people. I think I am the only one who realized this but the login screen has not ever been changed. Ever! And this is the first update the login screen has ever gotten!

    1. That depends on whether we’re counting the login screen changes from many former island releases, which would have characters and other tidbits from the island running across the screen. The base design is the same, but you could still consider those updates.

  5. to be honest, i think this is a good thing. (suprisingly conterversial opinion lol) if they want to keep original poptropica, they have to update it somehow. which includes giving the login screen a more ‘modern’ look. not to mention i feel like it brings some life into the game!

      1. I think so? the devs, if i recall, did state they’d find a way to keep pop original around after flash dies somewhere on their twitter

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