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Pop App Tablet/Phone promo code, Wings of Fire ad, & more!

Hey Poptropicans! Here’s the latest on what’s up in the Poptropica community –

First, there’s a new promo code for a not-so-new item: enter POPANYWHERE in the Store online to get a free Poptropica App Tablet/Phone!


Meanwhile, PoptropiCon Ep. 3 has been released to the Android app.

If you log into Poptropica, you’ll automatically receive two new ad prizes for Wings of Fire: a set of light blue Dragon Wings (press spacebar to fly), and Fire and Ice Breath (press spacebar to breathe fire)!

wings of fire ad

Poptropica also tweeted a couple of remarkable Realms you can visit with the Realms sharing feature: Fast Catfish’s Arabian palace (code: 9wqm9) and Serious Bird’s rendition of New York City, ‘New Pop City’ (code: 47z7x). Check out our Poptropica Realms Guide for tips on playing with Realms!

The final episode of Arabian Nights Island (Ep. 3: Careful What You Wish For) released to members last week, and it’s expected to release to everyone mid-July. Our written walkthrough is up on our Arabian Nights Island Guide, so if you need help, check that out! 🙂

arab3 members

Poptropica has also posted another Popstorm: #32, titled “Land of Mullets”.


The PHB’s unofficial Poptropica Creators Database was recently updated to re-organize the information we had, making it more readable and adding new relevant information. While there is some speculation in there, Poptropica has commented that telling us what’s right and what’s not would take the fun out of it, and that we should “embrace the mystery”! 😛 Check out the updated database!


Finally, if you haven’t already, go check out the latest issue of The POPCORN, our pop-pop-Poptropica fan magazine made by fans, for fans! For the first time ever, it’s available in PDF format, which means a better viewing experience. We would love to have your entries for the magazine (stories! fan art! and more!). If you’re interested, you’ll find instructions on how to send things in on our Magazines page – where you can also enjoy past issues of The POPCORN.

popcornLogoSmallStay popping, Poptropicans. 😉

17 thoughts on “Pop App Tablet/Phone promo code, Wings of Fire ad, & more!”

  1. Fishy, I mistakenly deleted one of my ”Mythology island” photo and even after replaying the island a few times, it just won’t come back! 😦

  2. Oh goodness…Creators, why so much ads?
    I saw ANOTHER ad… for Funbrain-also made by Jeff Kinney.
    it has a few books stacked up with a turkey head lol. it says “click here for cool stories” on it.

  3. I cant belive the Creators! More like 7 reasons to HATE membership! Good thing I already have those medals. But what about my friends? They’ll never pass them now. They’re staying non-members.

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