The Mysterious Map, Bye Pearson, and … (of course) Butt Kites

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here! Lots of news is out and I am here to give it to you.

Mystery of the Map Island official announcement and tour page


First of all, the highlight of the post (unless you’re into Butt Kites): Mystery of the Map Island has been officially announced on the Creators’ Blog! It is to be released for members on Thursday, May 21.

There’s also a non-members clothing item released for the island, so head down to the Poptropica Store and get yourself a Viking Shield. Also, if you’re a member, you can pick up the “Island Wildlife – Pig” and “Island Wildlife – Dodo” costumes. (Note: There’s currently a glitch that prevents them from showing in the inventory!) (Update: They should be accessible now!)

Along with the Creators’ post, the Mystery of the Map Island tour page is up as well! There’s a new trailer for the island:

The official Tour page offers the following synopsis:

A lost Viking settlement… an island unstuck in time… a magical map with power beyond understanding… and a devious plot that could unravel the very fabric of Poptropica! Join Mya, Oliver, and Jorge for a thrilling new adventure that lifts the veil from the greatest secret of all: the origin of Poptropica!

Along with that, there are plenty of scenery sneak peeks, as well as the wallpaper:

A whole lot of new MOTM Island stuff! I’m quite interested to hear how the island will be and how it will differentiate from the comics. Hopefully it’ll be a great island and I’m looking forward to how it goes! Check out the PHB’s Mystery of the Map Island page for trivia and discussion. 🙂

Poptropica is no longer owned by Pearson

Next in today’s news comes from the Poptropica official Twitter, on which it was revealed that Poptropica isn’t owned by Pearson Education anymore.

Under further questioning from our very own HPuterpop, the following was said:

Slippery Raptor also asked concerning the reasoning behind said action:

It’s somewhat said to see Pearson is no longer involved considering they were likely Poptropica’s main funding. But, I’m glad that Poptropica now has the freedom to take liberties for whatever they’d like. Hopefully, this change will be for the good, bringing forth many new islands! 😀

Popstorm #26

There’s a new Popstorm released as well!


Remarkable Realms: Cool Boa’s panic room

This new Remarkable Realms was released on the Creators’ Blog recently! This one is a cabin-like house with a secret panic room.

New Poptropica Realms button in the SUI menu

Just wanted to throw in this post that there is a new button in the SUI menu.


As you can see the left button is one for Poptropica Realms. Like the Blimp button, which brings you to the map, the new Realms button, brings you to Poptropica Realms.


It simply takes this prompt and brings you directly to Realms. A fairly helpful tool for us to use!

Butt Kites and Alligators

Now to finish this post off on an extremely weird note (or a high note, if you’re into this kind of thing). New ad items have shown up on Poptropican for a book called The Worst Class Trip Ever by Dave Barry. Items include the Butt Kite and Alligator Tag-Along. You can see them below:

Really kind of strange to me that these are on Poptropica, but I digress.

What do you think of all of this? Feel free to comment your thoughts below!


30 thoughts on “The Mysterious Map, Bye Pearson, and … (of course) Butt Kites

  1. Prickly Monster says:

    I was actually able to get the butt kite a few days before it was released. It’s an option in the balloons item from the store, and when I first saw it (this was before it was released, I came across it by accident), I pretty much said “Uhhh…”. Then I put it on and probably confused everyone at the Soda Pop Shop for the next 3 days. 😛

  2. Neat bee says:

    Oh well, the island is after my birthday.. Good show poptropica. May 21.. 😦 I wish that I will get a membership again.. *shrugs*

  3. adsuke says:

    Butt Kites aren’t exactly the best IDEA for advertising. If they want us to know what’s going on – they should try SHOWING us what goes on. Maybe have a mini-trip there? Frankly; butt kites are gross and inconvenient.
    – Rasuke (Trying to be a critic)

  4. Diana says:

    Help!!!!! I recently got a butt kite and alligator and i loved it, they follwed me around, but then the next day they were gone!!!!!!! I checked my items but they are not there! How do I get them back?

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