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Mega-After-Map Costumes!

Hi Gs,

Lots of stuff to go over, let’s get right to it;

First of all, to celebrate the newly released Galactic Hot Dogs book, the Creators put in a new promo code for a crazy looking Mega Dog Costume, along with a Jupiter Jolt sauce gun! The code is GHDBOOK, so run fast liek sanic over to the store to redeem the card.

megaDog2 copy

Next, there are a handful of new cards that you can obtain by logging in for the Whatever After book series. While I shudder at the thought of the books, I must admit that the cards are pretty cool – one is a Prince (boys) or Beauty (girls) to Beast costume, and the other is a Magic Mirror.

The prince/beast (or beauty/beast) costume is pretty simple – when you put it on, you turn into a prince (or princess) – but when you press space bar, you turn into a beast! Cool costumes, me like. 🙂


The magic mirror is a bit simpler – equip it and press spacebar to say some quotes from… somewhere. Honestly, this item is pretty peculiar.

Next, the first installment of the Mystery of the Map graphic novel is going to be over tomorrow, and I have a feeling that’s when they’re going to be announcing the upcoming island. If you didn’t know already, you can go ahead and read tomorrow’s page today with our Comics archive. 😀

Lastly, there are a few new items in the store, pertaining to Mystery of the Map. They’re technically not able to be bought yet, as they won’t appear in your inventory, but they’re still pretty cool. (Psst! There’s a glitch going on right now where nonmembers can buy a ton of Member’s Only cards! Run fast liek sanic!!)

So, are you going to be reading the new GHD book? And are you excited for MotM Island? Tell me in the comments.



10 thoughts on “Mega-After-Map Costumes!”

  1. 1- i missed the glitch. -_-
    2-Theres a new icon that has the Saldaphari whosit whatsit whatchamacallit hufferbuffer thor hammer thingy apears in the menu and says (are you sure you want to exit this island and go to realms?)

  2. So many new costumes, so much new stuff, how on earth are you going to keep up with it all?
    P.S- Cool glicth

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