Ask a Poptropica Creator!

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert with some really awesome news!

I’ve been talking withย Jess Brallier, aka Zeus, who heads the Poptropica Twitter.ย I brought up the question of maybe doing a Q and A with him and he said yes!

Q&A with the CEO

I felt it best that it not only be us authors to ask questions, but also the community! Do you have a question that you want to ask a Poptropica creator? Put them in the comments of this post. The other PHB authors and I will pick the best ones and send them to Jess for him to answer. ๐Ÿ˜€

Looking forward to seeing all of your questions!

โ€ข Ultimate iPad Expert โ€ข


92 thoughts on “Ask a Poptropica Creator!”


      2. LOL. The answer to that question is that I haven’t sent the questions in. I wanted to give you guys some time to come up with something. Such as you who just posted a comment. ๐Ÿ˜›

      3. Will any of the old bad guys from Super Villain island come back? I mean, I know we took their totems which make them evil, but even good people steal things sometimes. Ahem, I mean borrow….
        And would it be possible to make the shorter islands a longer? Because everyone needs a challenge once and a while.

      4. Will you finish megafightingbots.com? Because when I go there I just see the website and a black screen.

  1. When can we share our Poptropica Realms with other Poptropicans? (I pressed the “share” button and there’s a pop-up that said in the future we can share our realms with other Poptropicans)

  2. On the poptropica wiki it said something about fairytale twist island and it said that it is actually gonna come out is that true?

  3. Hmmm… oh! Might there be a demo for non-members for Mystery of the Map island when it’s released for members?

  4. Will the return of crawfish be real? I know it’s a joke but the name and logo are to cool to pass up, If your not planning on it that’s fine i’ll just be exited for new islands general.

  5. Q: Is it possible to see a new Poptropica island relating to this plot:
    A village with no age. A person with no sun. A forest with no rest. A King with no Queen (any more). A psychopath with no path. What will you do to find these items and bring them back successfully so they may have peace?

      1. A: I’m not obliged to answer your questions. B: Where’s B? You only asked ‘A’. Where’d B go; did it fly away? C: How much of a baka can you be?

      2. ‘Q’ was the acronym for ‘QUESTION’! So unless you have an answer – don’t put ‘A’ in the beginning of your comment!
        P.S. Check the most previous comment on ‘Nanobots’.

  6. The question I have is :- Will they ever decrease the price of the items in the store or increase the credits after completing the island?

  7. Can you help?
    I can’t delete items in my inventory.
    Olivia M. from the Pearson Education network told me a bunch of stuff like um…you can ask her?
    And she seems to be just copying and pasting the same thing or there is some kind of robot D:<

  8. Where did Poptropica come from and how did it start out? Are there certain things that you think that Poptropica should achieve?


      What Poptropica Island took the most time to create? Which island is your favourite? Who thought of the concept of Poptropica?

      Thanks (again)!

  9. Are you ever going to make a Five Nights At Freddy’s island? Or anything related to the genre of it?

  10. What does the dissassociation from Pearson mean for Poptropica’s future?
    WIll you ever give non-members a way to save their costumes, even if its more limited than the members’ own?
    Why are credits no longer gained from islands?
    Will you ever rerelease the old mini games that used to release with islands? Will you make more mini games?
    How long do you think it will take to fully convert Poptropica to Poptropica HD (Sound Update)?
    How similar are the Poptropica app and online website?
    Do you think Realms will ever be ported to the App?
    Would you ever consider a desktop version of Poptropica?
    Are you not allowed to let players keep items they get from ads, because of copyright or contracts?
    Are you open to more bonus events after completing islands in the future?
    What do you like most about being CEO of Poptropica Worldwide?
    Would you consider porting Poptropica mobile to Windows as a universal app?
    Do you like gumdrops?

    I have a thousand more questions, but I think i should stop somewhere. XD

  11. Will Poptropica eventually make all of the classic islands SUI’s?
    Will Poptropica ever make a classic island again or will all new islands be SUI’s?
    Is Arabian Nights the end for episodic islands or will we see more in the future?
    Will any islands come out soon that are not based on something that has already been done? (eg. Galactic Hotdogs Big Nate etc.)
    Will players eventually be able to merge their online account with their mobile one?
    Will Poptropica eventually have more than one board on Pinterest seperating Poptropica themes?
    Does the seperation from Pearson change anything about Poptropica in a negative way?
    Will credits ever return to the game or will we see a new type of currency?
    Will you ever finish ‘Legendary Swords’?
    Will there be any new Poptropica Books or Merch coming our way?

  12. I’ve got another question for Jess

    How did you feel working on Poptropica’s Twitter?

  13. I have a question. When are you people going to continue with making the create you dream islands. Only the arabian nights island has been out and its not even finished yet. I have been a fan of the island presented by runner up #6, she had a dinosaur island in mind who come to the present! Now that just sounds amazing!

  14. Slanted Fish, do you remember those underground cave sneak peaks? Are those for a new island? Or did they just drop the idea of making it? Or is it for Arabian knights 3 ?

    1. I remember I read somewhere (I guess the creators said it) that it takes 3 months to make an island.

  15. They were doing one with me, but said they had just been really busy so I haven’t gotten to ask them anything yet.

    1. Yeah,they did confirm it is going to come out! Check out Slanted Fish’s post ”Daily Pop Peeks: Here comes Timmy Failure!”

  16. My question
    Aren’t you gonna make a waterpark island where somebody is ruining the waterpark?
    PS: if you are gonna make one make it themed like a pop-up book that would be soooo awsome ๐Ÿ™‚
    pls reply

  17. QUESTION:This may seem really strange but when I first made poptropica I made it a girl user then one day went into the ‘find friends now’ room where there was this robot boy and all of a sudden I was in a robot costume I took it off and put something I bought from the store but ever since then in the store it has all the boy clothing and inventory also it will not let me customize into ANY girl hair or clothing AT ALL??? Did my user change from a girl to boy??? I do not know what’s going on? :/

  18. i know it is too late but ill say it anyway are you ever gonna quit making islands is there going to be like 100th island

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