Daily Pop Sneak Peeks, Timmy Failure Island

Daily Pop Peeks: Here comes Timmy Failure!

Hey Poptropicans! News has been a bit sparse lately in the Poptropica world, so now seems a good a time as any for another peek into the Daily Pop sneak peeks. This month’s peeks (and a few from last month) thus far have all been pointing to the previously confimed Timmy Failure Island:

It looks like this sponsored island will be drawn in a more flat, cartoony style unlike the typical Poptropica graphics (think Big Nate Island or Galactic Hot Dogs Island).

Personally I much prefer Poptropica’s usual style – even sponsored islands like Red Dragon or Nabooti are often forgotten to not be completely Poptropica-original quests because their art style fits the rest of the islands, and they tend not to be remembered as “just another [mediocre] sponsored island quest.” Let me know in the comments what you think: is the idea of Timmy Failure Island a failure, especially for those not well-acquainted with the franchise?

Meanwhile, the underground cave island we were hoping for this year seems to have been placed on the back burner as TF Island takes its place, according to this tweet:

In the rest of the Poptropica illustration world, we get a peek at a loose concept art painting (calling Poptropica “the Spirit of Adventure”) stated to be “new and not for any specific purpose”. Popstorm #27 has also been published, with the caption “Meet the frog family”.

Poptropica also casually mentioned this fun little protip for the next time you’re playing around on Realms: pressing the F key causes an avalanche!

Interested in asking official Poptropica Twitter-er and CEO Jess Brallier some questions? Check out the PHB post below, where we’re collecting interview questions for a Q&A!

Stay popping, Poptropicans. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Daily Pop Peeks: Here comes Timmy Failure!”

  1. I am more excited for Mystery of the map island than Timmy Failure island. And honestly, I had like that underground cave island more than Timmy failure island.

    But still, can’t judge a book by it’s cover. So, Timmy Failure island might be good. Yet again, it’s a commercial island so it might be a failure. Not sure!

  2. I’ve read Timmy Failiure. Pretty good book. But… I don’t know if it will pass as a island that well. In Timmy Failiure, Timmy solves different mysteries, so that might be what the island is about. I still am not that anxious for this island to come out, even though I liked the book. I read it awhile back though, about two years I guess. It might be better than I remember, and even might be an even better island!! XD

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