The Official Poptropica Wiki?!

Hi Gs,

We got an idea a while back, here in Poptropica Help offices – if we could get the Poptropica Wiki an official title (the Official Poptropica Wiki, think the Official Terraria Wiki), it would boost the visitor count, and therefore we would have more helpers and better content. Things like character names and graphic assets would be easily attainable.

And, let’s be honest: I can’t write a wiki by myself. Out of the hundreds of characters, items, and scenes, we’re going to need help. While we have a pretty large community, it’s going to take a whole lot more in order for this to happen.

So, basically, we asked Poptropica on Twitter if this could be a possibility – we also sent a proposal letter that basically stated the benefits. They’ve responded, but still no definitive answer.

Now, we’re asking you, the PHN community, to help us out. Tweet at @Poptropica the #OfficializePoptropicaWiki hashtag! Let’s convince the official game that we are worth an official title! 😀

make pop wiki official

We’re also thinking about merging with Gamepedia, and if you want to voice your opinion about that, you can check out the forum post. 🙂




15 thoughts on “The Official Poptropica Wiki?!

      • Magic Snowball says:

        Even though the wiki is a great idea and really ties in the Poptropica community, what about all the other Poptropica Help websites? Including the PHB? I mean, I’m not against your Wiki idea but I’m just worried of what will happen to all these other blogs. Would there be a point to them?

        P.S I would like to help out for the wiki if you like, the comment there is just a pointer. Yeah..

      • Ultimate iPad Expert says:

        While that’s totally true, I personally don’t think it will affect other Poptropica sites, especially the PHB (being that we now have a connection). I feel like it could actually cause growth, not only for the Wiki and PHB, too. Making a fan site official helps younger players get involved in the fan community, that may not have before. Therefore growing the overall community.

        In fact, the main reason we think Poptropica Wiki is the best site to helm the official title is because of content. Think of it this way, Poptropica Wiki is basically an encyclopedia of Poptropica, if we get the actual Poptropica to help us out some, they can provide images, facts, character name, and much more. Then our site can be the best it possibly could be.

        So overall, officializing Poptropica Wiki not only helps grow Poptropica Wiki, but the entire online Poptropican fan base overall.

      • Ultimate iPad Expert says:

        Would definitely love for you to help out over on the wiki, too. Even reading some of the pages, or leaving an opinion on our forum helps out. Feel free to edit as well. Excited to see where the Poptropica community goes in the future, even if we don’t get officialized. 😀

      • slantedfish says:

        We can’t move comments around on posts – you most likely posted it here thinking you were posting it somewhere else, which may be why you don’t recall commenting here.

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