The Year 2013 in Poptropica: Part 4

Happy New Year! With 2014 only hours away, let’s take a look back at the final part of our year in review. If you have missed anything, make sure to check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


September 1st: Some new Island soundtracks are found.

September 2nd: Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is announced for iOS devices!

September 5th: Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is released on iOS devices.

September 6th: The Scifi Doctor Costume is released on Virus Hunter Island main street.

September 10th: The Poptropica Shop is released, your one stop shop for all Poptropica Goods.

September 11th: We get our first look at the Virus Hunter Bonus Quest.

September 12th: The Virus Hunter “X-Ray Visor” is released!

September 17th: Poptropica’s 6th Bitrhday Prizes are released.

September 19th: The Ship Follower is released on Virus Hunter Island.

September 26th: Virus Hunter Island is released to everyone!

September 27th: It is announced that the Poptropolis Games will rise again in 2013.


October 4th: We get a good look at a sneak preview for a very fun upcoming game!

October 7th: The Poptropolis Games 2013 Island extras are released.

October 16th: Virus Hunter and Back Lot Island guides are released on the Poptropica Tips and Tricks app!

October 22nd: The Creators need our help to raise the games!

October 24th: The Poptropica: Forgotten Islands app has received a Halloween update.

October 25th: The Creators have a live stream on Poptropica.


November 6th: We get a look at the new and improved Poptropolis Games!

November 13th: The Poptropolis Games rise again for members!

November 14th: The Wresting Gear item returns to the Poptropica Store!

November 20th: We get a preview of the Time Tangled SUI.

November 21st: Mocktropica Island is officially announced!

November 27th: THe Poptropica: Forgotten Islands app goes on sale!


December 5th: The Poptropolis Games SUI is released to everyone!

December 6th: The Mocktropica Glitch power is released to Members.

December 10th: The Time Tangled SUI is released.

December 12th: The Mocktropica “Unfinished Costume” is released.

December 19th: Mocktropica is released to members!

Thanks for staying with me for the whole year in review and enjoy your new year!


Poptropican’s 911 (PHB magazine): Revived!


UPDATE: The release date for the 13th issue of the magazine will be Jan. 11, 2014, and the deadline for submissions is Jan. 9! See the post below for some types of entries we’d like to see more of. Thank you all for your entries thus far!

Hello everyone! HPuterpup and I are reviving the PHB’s Poptropican’s 911 magazine series! It will be posted every 2 months on the 2nd week of the month, and we would love to include your artwork, stories, etc.! Here’s what the 911s may contain (note the bolded parts for reader submissions!):

  • Ask PHB: readers can ask questions about Poptropica via e-mail to the 911 staff, and we’ll select about 3 of them to publish per month
  • Competitions & Multiverse parties (occasional)
  • Stories: readers can submit their own Poptropica fanfiction/short stories
  • Island Ideas: readers submit their own ideas for islands they would like to see in the game
  • Easter Eggs: Poptropica tricks & secrets that maybe you didn’t know about, including new sneak peeks from HP
  • Fashion: What costumes and clothing styles are trending on Poptropica? Send in your costume or some Multiverse/common room pics of the latest trends!
  • Fan Art: reader submissions of Poptropica-themed poems, comics, drawings, puzzles, computer graphics, songs, or other creative work

Please send all submissions via email to [email protected], and we will do our best to accommodate your entry or entries into our magazine issues! To browse through the Poptropican’s 911s of the past, check out our Magazines page! As this is a community-based project, your participation counts in making this the best it can be.

We look forward to seeing your creativity and publishing it for other Poptropica fans to enjoy! It’s our way of starting off the new year for everyone at the PHB. 🙂

Stay cool! I know I will! TI out!


PHB Specials

PHB Sunday Special: Why You Should Like SUIs

Hi Gs,

Before you think I’m going crazy, let me explain:

I’m going to initialize the official name of the updated/sound improved islands.  I’m sick and tired of not knowing what to call them whenever I need to… so without further ado, the name shall be “S-U-I”, for sound updated islands.  I’m counting on you viewers to pass it on. 😉

Time Tangled1

So, onto the main subject of this post: why you should like SUIs.  I know most of you don’t.  I certainly didn’t at first either.  Virus Hunter really did it for most people.  It was such a bomb that you guys are scarred for life.  But I hope I can explain to you why I am now rooting for these new islands.  And it’s NOT just because they have soundtracks. 😛

We all know that SUIs are different from the old islands.  Most of you don’t really like any change, and I’m with you.  It takes some time to get used to.  But you really have to open your eyes and try something new to get anywhere.  Poptropica is  an experiment, and one that is working.  And, I acknowledge that the experiment is very popular, and that in most cases the creators don’t really listen to us (the player).

But we also have to acknowledge that the whole game, to most of you guys, is free.  Of course, you can buy extra stuff, but most don’t spend money on this game.  For the most part, Poptropica is a free game.  There are 35 islands to explore and enjoy for free.  You get a whopping 75 credits when you sign up, and you don’t have a barrier if you don’t.  It’s popular because it’s genius, and you can’t deny that.

At first, I was sort of shocked about the new player.  It seemed as if they had made a better game 6 years ago than they did now.  They’re really getting the hang of it, though.  I mentioned in another post that the new islands are becoming stabilized.  It’s starting to feel like Poptropica again.



  • The new screen really helps.  The islands are supposed to be stories where you are the main character, and thus theatrical, and one way to do that is a bigger screen.  They fixed the “fuzziness” of it in 24 Carrot, and it really lets you appreciate the art more.
  • The gameplay is smooth, and getting more and more life-like.  One major switch with the format is that the islands are separated (the backgrounds and objects have separated layers and overlays now).  This is fun to look at, but it also gives a smoother feel.
  • The soundtrack is amazing.  A page will be up soon with the complete soundtracks of everything.  Stay tuned for that.  I don’t think I need to elaborate on this much, because I’ve expressed my enthusiasm in other posts– and many. 😉
  • The dialogue speed can be adjusted, which is a MAJOR pro.
  • Also, you can access the blimp at any time, which is very nice.



  • The inventory is not as fun as it used to be, and it’s also very glitchy.  I like the old one better!  Who’s with me?
  • The costumizer STILL isn’t working, and that’s super annoying.  Hopefully they’ll get it up and running soon.
  • Also, the skip dialogue cheat doesn’t work anymore, which really is annoying.
  • And, SLANTING PLATFORMS.  The feet don’t slant when the platform does!  It doesn’t really affect the gameplay, but it is so annoying!



Basically, I think we all need to chill.  I think we all need to sit down, read this post, and forgive those horrid creators for giving us something new. 😆  But in all seriousness, I want the community to settle down.  I DON’T want a war to be started, with two sides; one being for the new format, the other for the old. 😛



Behind the Scenes & Forgotten Islands winter update

You may remember a recent post on the PHB where some Poptropica files were dug up, giving a taste of the stuff this game world is made of. But wait, there’s more! HPuterpop and I have been working on a new page for the blog called Behind the Scenes of Poptropica, which is under the Cool Stuff tab.


We’ve put together a list of music, backgrounds, foregrounds, interactive overlays, and the like, so check it out! Due to sheer volume, we can’t possibly list every single file in Poptropica’s database, but we’ve included some of the more interesting ones, including many of Jeff Heim’s music tracks found on the updated islands, so you can listen to them without having to log in! 😀

For those of you who have an iOS device (or got one over the holidays, perhaps), the Poptropica: Forgotten Islands game has a new winter-themed costume pack available! If you don’t have the game yet, you can get it on the App Store for a one-time price of $4.99, and if you want to see what the game is like, check out our Forgotten Islands walkthrough, which has pictures!

The cold never bothered me anyway!

There’s also the Poptropica Tips & Tricks app which is free on both iOS and Android, but hey – why use that when you have access to walkthroughs for every island right here on the PHB without any downloads, right? 😉

Poptropican Portraits

Poptropican Portraits Round 3

Hi Gs,

You’ve all been waiting for them, and without further ado, round three of Poptropican Portraits!

Also, I have typed up a sort of criteria for the requests, so if you do not follow them, I will not make them;

  • This is how the system works: you leave requests on the post that has the portraits requested last week.  I will only take requests that are left on the latest portrait post.
  • Requests must be made by the owner of the account.  I really would like if people would stop requesting portraits for their friends; if the friends really want them enough, they can come on here and request them.
  • I must have either a username or a link to the avatar studio included in the request. Otherwise, I will have to use a low quality photo from somewhere on the web, which makes the colors different from the actual character.
  • No requesting two times for the same character unless its a specialty.  Sometimes, I will make another one, because I wasn’t pleased with it.  Please tell me in the comments how you liked your portrait!  If you are not pleased, I am very sorry.
  • And whenever you get the portrait, please do something with it?  I really enjoy people enjoying my art, so distribute!  Of course, please credit me, but tell everyone you know about these Poptropican Portraits!
  • Keep in mind that I need you to keep the outfit that you want to be drawn from the time that you request it to the time that it is published.  Otherwise, I will draw something you may not have been expecting!  So please keep that in mind.

If you follow these rules, your request should include a link or username to your character,  perhaps what you are planning to do with it, and of course a please. 😉



H.P.S. – I’ve been working on a signature, but haven’t perfected it yet. 😀  I’ll start using it soon though.