Poptropican Portraits

Poptropican Portraits Round 3

Hi Gs,

You’ve all been waiting for them, and without further ado, round three of Poptropican Portraits!

Also, I have typed up a sort of criteria for the requests, so if you do not follow them, I will not make them;

  • This is how the system works: you leave requests on the post that has the portraits requested last week. ย I will only take requests that are left on the latest portrait post.
  • Requests must be made by the owner of the account. ย I really would like if people would stop requesting portraits for their friends;ย if the friends really want them enough, they can come on here and request them.
  • I must have either a username or aย link to the avatar studioย included in the request. Otherwise, I will have to use a low quality photo from somewhere on the web, which makes the colors different from the actual character.
  • No requesting two times for the same character unless its a specialty. ย Sometimes, I will make another one, because I wasn’t pleased with it. ย Please tell me in the comments how you liked your portrait! ย If you are not pleased, I am very sorry.
  • And whenever you get the portrait, please do something with it? ย I really enjoy people enjoying my art, so distribute! ย Of course, please credit me, but tell everyone you know about these Poptropican Portraits!
  • Keep in mind that I need you to keep the outfit that you want to be drawn from the time that you request it to the time that it is published. ย Otherwise, I will draw something you may not have been expecting! ย So please keep that in mind.

If you follow these rules, your request should include a link or username to your character, ย perhaps what you are planning to do with it, and of course a please. ๐Ÿ˜‰



H.P.S. – I’ve been working on a signature, but haven’t perfected it yet. ๐Ÿ˜€ ย I’ll start using it soon though.

91 thoughts on “Poptropican Portraits Round 3”

      1. If you draw a Poptropica comic and post it on this blog that will be even cool. Anyways, nice drawings! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. um fishy i was thinking about you guys having a new years party to celabrate all the things you helped us in and the new things poptropica has ever achevied

      Slanted Fish: Organizing parties isn’t something I can always do, but you are always welcome to go on the PHC just to chat. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. my costume isn’t so cool so hp can i change it rel quick and please with cheese and butter sticks and a cherry on top can i be a portriat
        its one of the best costumes i ever made

  1. Wow!!Your drawings are just amazing!! If you drew mine I would use it for every account I have except Gmail. O.o My username is fabgirl160. My outfit isn’t much but it’s the one I wear when I’m doing a new island or somethin’, nothing flashy. I’m going to have trouble not changing it though, when I play Poptropica my outfit changes every five minutes! I will try not to though. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you sooooo much!!

    1. oh… just re-read your comment, and that wasn’t the answer to the question you were asking…

      Practice, practice, and practice! I’ve been drawing all my life. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I know you’ve drawn my Poptropican in TDoH a few times, but I was wondering, could you draw mine again? You’re friends with mine, and you know my username, I just don’t want to post it (And I can’t get on Avatar Studio right now ;P ) here.

    I’ll have the costume on soon, by noon (My time, not yours ;P ) tomorrow, but probably sooner… Please? I tried, but my art app is hard to use… Which do you use again?

    1. Actually, can you draw one of my other Poptropicans? It’s username is “dacloner15” without the quotes…

  3. oh wow thanks i look great! and so do my friends red tiger and super eagle! (sorry about requesting it for them i didnt know) thanks again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I need your help for my new gravatar,HP. Here’s what you need to do: (after this is over,this will be known as ‘Project SC’!)

    Phase 1:Draw my current account,Sticky Clown,as he is. (Accomplished)
    Phase 2:Draw Fashionisticky Clown (Accomplished)
    Phase 3:Draw Something Cute,or SC3. This is really like the drawing of Phase 1,but it is more
    of a darkened silhouette with a question mark on it. He also looks as if he’s being morphed into
    something cute,like a kitten. These are the requirements. I’ll understand if you don’t accept it.
    (Not done)
    Phase 4:Draw SC4,Shaggy Crown. My Poptropica:Forgotten Islands account. This is how he looks like: http://poptropicanawesomeness.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/chiefoftheislandshaggycrown.jpg
    Phase 5:Draw SC2,Strange Cat. This isn’t a Poptropican,but you draw him as a cat,having a paw
    on a mechanical mouse,smiling at the audience,as well as having a bowl of poisoned milk near him.Once again,I understand if you choose not to draw it.
    Phase 6:Draw all of us. Yes,all of us,except Phase 1 SC1. Call it the SCs. I need to figure out if I should use my own gravatar which I am making,or this.

    Thanks,if you choose to do this! This is a complex assignment!

    1. @Strange Cat: do you have an email? I’d rather do this privately…

      Slanted Fish: You can view emails if you go edit a comment.

  5. I got a new program for my tablet, and I just started this…. I’m switching brushes though, this one is just for rough sketching…

    My sister added the Words, I just did drawing. (And she put that slash over the peace too -__-)

  6. Can you do a picture of my Poptropican? Clean Shark, News Reporter, I’ll equip my signature microphone and make sure everything is in order.

      1. Dinoshark32

      2. No prob.

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