The Year 2013 in Poptropica: Part 3

If you’re still with me, welcome to Part 3 of the Year 2013 in Poptropica. If you have missed Part 1 or Part 2, make sure to check them out!


July 1st: A way to try out Beta Carrotene without Membership is found.

July 2nd: The amazing Virtual Virus costume is released for Members.

July 4th: The Disney Non-Stop Summer Advertisement building gets an Avengers update.

July 9th: The Inside-Out Power is released for Members.

July 13th: The Nano-Combat Training Mini-Game is released on the Poptropica Store and then removed.

July 16th: The Virus Hunter Islandย  Sneezing Powder gold card is released. The Nano-Combat Training is officially released for Members Only.

July 17th: It is announced that the best Island createdย  using the Island Creator Kit will be turned into a real Poptropica Island!

July 24th: Two more Avengers costumes are added to the Disney Non-Stop Summer advertisement, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.

July 25th: The Rabbot paper craft is released on the PCB.

July 26th: A new Virus Hunter Info Page is released.

July 29th: The first part of the Virus Hunter tie-in comic is released.


August 2nd: Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic part 2 is released.

August 5th: Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic part 3 is released.

August 7th: We are introduced to an amazing new feature. The player map!

August 8th: Poptropica game cards are released in Australia and the beautiful New Zealand.

August 9th: Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic part 4 is released.

August 12th: Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic part 5 is release.

August 13th: The Creators tease the new prize for finally achieving 10,000 supporters for the LEGO CUUSOO page.

August 15th: The LEGO CUUSOO page reaches 10,000 supporters!

August 16th: The final part of the Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic comic is released.

August 27th: The new and improved 24 Carrot Island is released to all!

August 29th: Virus Hunter Island is released to Members.

August 30th: A Hazmat suit is available to all on Virus Hunter Island.

Check back New Years Eve for the final extra large part of the Year 2013 in Poptropica!

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