The Year 2013 in Poptropica: Part 4

Happy New Year! With 2014 only hours away, let’s take a look back at the final part of our year in review. If you have missed anything, make sure to check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


September 1st: Some new Island soundtracks are found.

September 2nd: Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is announced for iOS devices!

September 5th: Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is released on iOS devices.

September 6th: The Scifi Doctor Costume is released on Virus Hunter Island main street.

September 10th: The Poptropica Shop is released, your one stop shop for all Poptropica Goods.

September 11th: We get our first look at the Virus Hunter Bonus Quest.

September 12th: The Virus Hunter “X-Ray Visor” is released!

September 17th: Poptropica’s 6th Bitrhday Prizes are released.

September 19th: The Ship Follower is released on Virus Hunter Island.

September 26th: Virus Hunter Island is released to everyone!

September 27th: It is announced that the Poptropolis Games will rise again in 2013.


October 4th: We get a good look at a sneak preview for a very fun upcoming game!

October 7th: The Poptropolis Games 2013 Island extras are released.

October 16th: Virus Hunter and Back Lot Island guides are released on the Poptropica Tips and Tricks app!

October 22nd: The Creators need our help to raise the games!

October 24th: The Poptropica: Forgotten Islands app has received a Halloween update.

October 25th: The Creators have a live stream on Poptropica.


November 6th: We get a look at the new and improved Poptropolis Games!

November 13th: The Poptropolis Games rise again for members!

November 14th: The Wresting Gear item returns to the Poptropica Store!

November 20th: We get a preview of the Time Tangled SUI.

November 21st: Mocktropica Island is officially announced!

November 27th: THe Poptropica: Forgotten Islands app goes on sale!


December 5th: The Poptropolis Games SUI is released to everyone!

December 6th: The Mocktropica Glitch power is released to Members.

December 10th: The Time Tangled SUI is released.

December 12th: The Mocktropica “Unfinished Costume” is released.

December 19th: Mocktropica is released to members!

Thanks for staying with me for the whole year in review and enjoy your new year!

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