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*insert your favorite cookie here*


*spotlight goes on the top of the stairs*

Wait, what? No, I’m down here, you overshot a bit!

*spotlight moves down*

Much better. So, as you can obviously see, or maybe not see, because of the spotlight, I’m the newest author of the PHB! Sure, you’re probably thinking, “Who in Early Poptropica’s clothesline is that?” Well, to be honest, I’m not really sure who I am, either. It all changes, every day. Usually, I’m a thirteen year old (though not for much longer!) girl, with the mind of a five year old. I have tried to defy gravity, and ended up with that. *points at bruised ankle*

I have a terrible sense of what is dangerous and what is not; cliff diving sounds appealing to me, and it is my dream to go skydiving. So far, no luck. I’ve only ever gone bungee jumping. I also have unhealthy obsessions. My current obsessions include Phantom of the Opera, and its sequel, Love Never Dies. Okay, so a lot of people think “What’s so appealing about that?” That’s what I thought the first time I saw it, but after… Ahhh… *in love*

I go by many names, including Christine, xMegxGiryx, Nessa, ST2, Super Thunder, and Wicked Witch of the East. No one ever seems to call me by my real name. Which is fine with me, I don’t like it anyway.

My attention span is tiny. I have no patience for what x is equal to and I never will. I also don’t… Oooh, look, a butterfly!

*returns ten minutes later, with  a butterfly*

Isn’t it pretty? Now, what was I saying? I don’t know. I forgot. Now, for some random facts about me:

  • I wish I had curly hair
  • I can spend hours on Early Poptropica’s clothes line thingy. I mean, you go up-down-up-down…
  • (free cookie if this applies to you too) When they show red ruby slippers, I don’t think “Dorothy’s shoes!” I think “Nessa’s shoes!” Bonus cookie: I also know that Nessa’s shoes were the “Silver Shoes” before they were the “Ruby Slippers” 😀
  • My eyesight is really bad; I rely on seeing the world through color. Everything is a blur to me, so I detect what is what, by the color of it. It’s shocking, I can’t see the face of someone in front of me, but I can see a Wicked poster from about a mile away
  • My hand writing is “beautiful”. “Beautiful” means unreadable. It is partially because I write one paragraph with my left hand, which has curly, light writing, slanted to the right, and then, I write the next paragraph with my right hand, and my writing is darker, straight, and leaning to the left. I wish I sticked to one hand, but I never can. I also, for example, say “sticked” instead of “stuck”
  • Never mind about the snickerdoodles… they’re all mine!

Other work: I work on several other blogs. First, is my own Poptropica blog, Super Thunder’s Blog (thoughtful name, am I right? :p), one of my friend’s blogs, Icycomet’s Blog (I told her it should be “Icy Comet’s Blog”, but that girl never listens. Just kidding!), and a few other blogs, where I mostly just rant about things no one in their right mind cares about. 😀

On Poptropica: I’m Super Thunder. Kind of obvious, isn’t it? xD I’ve completed all the islands, except Poptropolis Games; I know, I’m bad. I do have membership, even though I’m against it. The reason I haven’t done it yet, is because I’ve gone on a mad fanfiction-reading frenzy. But, well, I really like to beat people at Hoops, and I really don’t like it when I get creamed at Star Link. Someday, though, I’ll be able to play Star Link without making an obvious mistake. My username, by the way, is 1234swees. I’ve been playing Poptropica for forever, I don’t even remember when I started.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to the lair of my Phantom.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Hijuyo, Brave Tomato, and Icy Comet for being epic and simply amazing!

25 thoughts on “*insert your favorite cookie here*”

      1. Weird. At leaet my mom calls me by my name, but everyone else spells it wrong. IT IS DISRESPECT. Hmm, should I call them nerds, idiots, or Stew Pid?

    1. That sounds……..creepy…..stalker-ish.And ST,you made me start listening to Phantom of the opera!


      Nan-tom of the op-er-a is theeeerreee insid MY mind.;)

  1. OMG SUPER THUNDER!!!!! i was on poptropica the other day and i saw this awesome poptropican that i wanted to friend! that poptropican was you! i saw you on early poptropica island and… well… i friended you because i liked your hair… but OMG this was like 2 months ago and i knew you!!!!!!! This is soooooo awesome! btw im Icy Snowball. my username is yogurt3033
    OMG I AM SO PUMPED RIGHT NOW! please reply.

      1. I KNOW its you because you posted your username on the PHB and i entered it to my friends list and it said you were already there!!!!!!!!!! OMG PUMPED ME!! RHYME TIME!!!

  2. Yay, ST, you’re on the PHB! 😀

    Oh, and just to clarify so that not everyone in the world thinks I’m stupid, the only reason that it’s called Icycomet’s Blog is because I messed up when I made the blog, and I haven’t figured out how to change it yet. So there. 😉

    1. You can change the title of a WordPress blog by going to your dashboard’s Settings -> General. Just type what you want for Site Title and save changes. 🙂

      1. That was pretty obvious. I can’t believe that I didn’t figure out how to do that myself. Now I feel really stupid… Thanks for telling me, Hijuyo!

  3. YAAAYYYZ!!!
    Welcome to the PHB team, EsTe2! I’m very excited right now! 😀
    Can’t wait to see what you do here! 😉

  4. Hey guess what! You have a new MEGA FAN! I’m slippery Tummy and u wanna hug you! you rock rock rock!! (sooo, duz all this flattery mean i can have a snickerdoodle?) JK! (no actually, I’m serious. GIMMIE COOKIE!) I really love cookies(my little sis used to ask me to pretend to be the cookie monster) also, noone ever calls me by my real name except for my parents. here are some names i go by: Slippery Tummy, Kai Lover, (I Like his hair ok! don’t judge me!) Bubble,Darleen8,mrs ploopypoopy,Percy Jackson’s sister, Sparky,Aquagirl,Jason,Edwardo(my 40 year old man version of me), and “that weird girl that always wants to kill something” (the last one’s only said when people don’t think i’m listening, but it dosent bother me) I also am a big fan of the Potter Puppet pals( I LUV U NEIL!!) and i cant wait to see you on poptropica. You may find me on wimpy wonderland because i like the snow, and snow bubblegum,and the cold, and my person (not a poptropican as proved in legendary swords) has pale skin. TOODLEOO!
    Slippery Tummy

  5. ps: I cried when i first took a tour of steamworks island. i felt so… alone. It made me sad. D: I do like to be alone alot, but like alone in a place where there are still people there. not all…. deserted. idk. I LUV LEGO NINJAGO!! JAY U R SUCH A FAIL! I LUV UR HAIR KAI! KIIYA QUIT CRUSHING ON A LEGO GUY NAMED COLE. ZANE UR MY FAVORITE NINDROID IN THE WORLD! STOP KISSING PALE VERSIONS OF JAY NYA! SENSEI WU, TRIM UR BEARD OLD MAN!! TRIMMMMM ITTTT!
    whew, it felt good to let that out. anyway… i found out that your player WONT get suspended if you tell the creators that you’ll kill them in their sleep with plant acid. YAAAAAAY!
    slippery tummy
    PPSS. yes i am really weird, arent i. mabey i should see a doctor about that. OR A FRUIT DOCTOR! sorry for the random cartoon network thing. anyway, i should call one, like now. tell me if u think i should! PLEASE I HAVE TO KNOWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwvvvvvvvvvvv…….
    SOO, toodeloo!

  6. Hi there. my cereal didnt talk to me this morning. boo hoo. mabey it was angry that i was eating it so it gave me the scilent treatment? whatdou think?
    Slippery Tummy

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