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Well, Here I Am…

…unable to think of a title for this post.  Story of my life.  *sigh*  Oh, well.  Might as well begin the post without an awesome title.

Well, you may or may not have guessed that I’m the new author on here.  So, yeah, if you guessed that then you’re right.  Guess I’d better tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m Icy Comet.  I’m a 13 year old girl who lives in the US.  I work on my own blog, Icy Comet’s Blog.  I also work on Super Thunder’s Blog.  I’m still trying to figure out how my blog came first but her’s gets way more views than my blog…  Just doesn’t figure does it?  I also work on a couple other blogs, but those are the main ones.

I have a tendency to make stupid mistakes, like that time I thought that cavemen were monsters from Monster Carnival Island (long story).  Or like that time I was so excited about Poptropica Friends that, when I was doing a post about two of the Creators’ posts, I put one of the posts in the wrong spot, and I forgot to put the other post on at all.  I don’t know, these mistakes seem to happen most on ST2’s blog.  It’s probably cursed or something.  Wouldn’t be surprised if that was true.  Anyway, just expect to see a lot of edits in my posts.

I’ve been playing Poptropica for a super long time.  I forgot when I first started playing, but I know that there were only three islands around the time that I first started.  My username is IcyComet69 (I know, that’s real creative, isn’t it).  Here’s a picture of my beautiful Poptropican:

I’m the biggest klutz in the world.  The kind of klutz who can trip on a flat surface and constantly does.  Oh, well, can’t be perfect at everything.

I LOVE contemporary christian music (CCM! 😀 ).  Especially when it’s rock music.  My top favorite artists are Third Day, Tenth Avenue North, Switchfoot, and BarlowGirl.  My dream is to have a t-shirt from BarlowGirl’s website.  The official most awesomest song on the planet is By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North, but I have about a gazillion, million, billion other favorites.  Yeah, I’m a little too obsessed with CCM, but at least it’s a good thing to be obsessed with.

I love making headers for my blog, though sometimes they don’t turn out too good.  Like the one that I have up right now.  I thought that the colors would go better together than that.  I don’t know, it didn’t look that bad when I was making it.  Oh, well, maybe they are awful, I’m still proud of them.

To me, The Lord of the Rings is one of the most amazing things ever invented.  I’m just waiting for the movie of The Hobbit to come out.  My life will be complete when that happens.

I love making my little Animoto video/slidshow guide things.  (You would only know about that if you have read my blog before.)  I don’t know if they’ve ever helped anybody, but I still like making them.

I think that’s about it.  Oh, Super Thunder wanted me to tell the world that she was stupid.  Don’t ask me why, cause I have no idea.  I wouldn’t do this for anyone else (and I don’t actually think she’s stupid), but, world, Super Thunder is stupid.  I better get lots of cookies for saying that.

Thanks SO much to Hijuyo for adding me as an author! 😀 I hope that you guys like me as an author!

Well, until next time: “Keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart.” -Even if it Breaks Your Heart by Eli Young Band

14 thoughts on “Well, Here I Am…”

    1. Just kidding, ST2. Your blog isn’t cursed. And we’re either the Three Musketeers or the Three Poptropicans. 😉 Oh, and about the half a cookie thing. I think I deserve more than half a cookie. A hundred cookies would work. 😀

  1. wait, icy comet as in the one that works on gm56.blogspot.com?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!? because if you do I can’t believe that i’m an author on the same blog as a PHB author.

  2. Yay, welcome Icy Comet! 😀

    By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North is a nice song. You might enjoy Hillsong and Jesus Culture (CCM artists) as well. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Hijuyo!
      I think I’ve heard a few of Hillsong’s songs, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard Jesus Culture before. I’ll definitely check them out, though.

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