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The Dr. Hare Glitch

😦 Update: This glitch does not work anymore. 😦

The secrets to Dr. Hare will be revealed. The secrets will be revealed...
The secret has been revealed.

The PHB Dr. Hare Glitch

[Credits to Codien for finding it.]

 Are you sitting around Poptropica, waiting for ages till that new island comes out? Have you got nothing else to do?
Then why don’t you try “The PHB Dr. Hare Glitch” on for size. You will be hairy in no time.


  • This glitch will only work if you haven’t completed the 24 Carrot quest. Make a new user to try it out though.
  • This glitch will change your whole costume into Dr. Hare. Remember that anything you were wearing will be lost.
  • The glitch will make you turn into to a boy even if your a girl because Dr. Hare is a boy. If you want to become a girl again press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [R] until you change to a girl. Remember this randomises everything and you will loose the Dr. Hare costume and you wont be able to get it back.

Follow these directions to complete The PHB Dr. Hare Glitch:

  1. Head over to 24 Carrot Island via the blimp.
  2. Complete most of the quest until you get to the end when you are about to enter the codes onto the computer.
    [For more information and help on completing 24 Carrot Quest click here.]
  3. Enter the codes to become control of Dr. Hares ship.
  4. Now the aim here is to crash into the asteroids to destroy his ship. When you crash into the asteroids his face will pop up shouting at you.
  5. When his face pops up click and hold [Ctrl] + [Shift] and rapidly press [S] at the same time. This should change his skin color/colour.
  6. When his face pops up again press the same buttons to change his skin again. (This is just to make sure you did it the first time.)
    [MAC Users] Press [Command] + [Shift] + [S]
  7. Crash his ship completely and you should be out of the game. BUT WAIT! I’m still myself!
  8. Head down to the bottom and walk out the door on the left. You should now feel and look different. 😛
  9. Go into items and use the telaporter to go back to the top.
  10. CONGRATULATIONS! You are now Dr. Hare!


Here’s a video tutorial if you need more help. Provided by Blooberry



-The PHB Team-

Scary Tomato Smockers Codien

177 thoughts on “The Dr. Hare Glitch”

      1. 💡 I have an idea!! 😀

        Search around poptropica, and try anything!! You guys should get credit!! You deserve to get credit!!! 😆

    1. In the sites timezone, it’s April 15. Over where you live and where I live it’s the 14th. It will probably happen tomorrow in yours and my timezone. Correct?

  1. Hong Kong’s time zone is 7 hours before PCT (Pacific Coast Time) I think. Where I am it is still April 14. I think you can Dr. Hare’s costume by creating a new account and customize from him before he talks to you.

    1. It’s true! wen i 1st did the island i tried 2 custmise him but i couldn’t. That’s wat makes this cheat so cool!

      1. Oh, really? Maybe so. I’ve been waiting cause I’m in America, and so is Smockers! Probably that time we were impatient… :mrgreen:

        Wait, my time zone is PCT, and is smockers Central Time ZOne, or is it Eastern Time Zone? Gee. 😳

      1. Actually, None of the Ctrl cheats work on a Macbook. You have to do Command instead of control. And whenever Cmand and S are pressed at the same time, it pulls up a window to bookmark the page.

    1. Yes, I agree with what Purple Sword said. For almost every cheat, you press Command or Apple instead of Ctrl if you have a Macintosh, not only Macbooks.

  2. Awww! I really wanted to do this, but i finished all the islands on all my accounts. I could make a new account, but I can’t stand not having all the islands completed. I might just make one for the bunny costume, so I can be a pink bunny. Thank you for the glitch notice. It IS the best Poptropica glitch ever!

    1. What?

      You can easily make a new user and try this out.

      But yes if you have completed the 24 Carrot quest you will be unable to complete this

  3. Thanks Skary Tomato, Smockers And Last But Not Least Codien
    I Love This Site I Love Poptropica I Am Lucky To Go To This Site And Everybody Too I Love Poptropica

    Scary Tomato: I have fixed your comment. Please do not type in all-capital-letters in the future, because we consider it spam here. Thanks! 😉

  4. AWESOME! I gotta go to bed now (it’s almost 10:30pm in New York City right now!), but I’ll do it tomorrow! 😛

      1. oops, i meant to say cat because some one came in a multiplayer with the cat ears and whiskers and i turned grey

  5. Wouldn’t it b cool if there was a cheat that allowed u to play as a cat(like whiskers(24 carrot)) on Poptropica! Meaow!

    1. TOTALLY!!!!!
      I wish there was a store item that could turn you into some of the different animals in poptropica and back again.
      Cuz that would be cool

    BTW, just so u know the cheat will change ur gender if it’s used on a girl. I discovereed that a moment ago wen my sister(who had tried the cheat) went 2 superpower island and wen she went 2 the sewers 2 defeat ratman, she(she started as a girl caricter) went in the boys instead of the girls!It was then that we noticed that she was no longer a girl. So if u r a girl and wish 2 try out the cheat make sure u consider this fact 1st!

    P.S Sorry Codien, but I felt i had 2 tell other poptropicans about this!

    1. It’s OK. I’ll make a new Poptropican for this anyways. Though this time, I’ll be sure to make it a boy! Thanks, Magic Storm!

      1. Yeah, my new Poptropican got changed into a boy. It doesn’t matter to me, because I am a fluffy pink bunny! Everyone started to crowd around me when they saw me! 😛 It made me wonder if they really thought it was Dr.Hare off the Creators Blog!

      2. That would’ve been cool, though, if it was a REAL creator. Hehehe. Those guys got FOOLED! Mwahahahaha! (I feel evil today!)

    2. Only one thing would make this cheat cooler…… if you could actrually wear the Doc Hare costrume and change your name to Dr. Hare to fool evryone into thinking your THE Dr. Hare!!

  7. I tried that but it didn’t say “Rawr, Rawr, Rawr! Don’t do that!” So I did it on the last one and now I’m all red.

    1. HAHAHA. I’m sorry but the Rawr, Rawr text was just to show you that when he was yelling at you press Ctrl Shift S.

      I will make this more clear now.

  8. scary tomato was that the big thing that involves us? cause if it is im not interested.

    Scary Tomato: No, there’s something even bigger. Remember, it happens every month starting in June. 🙂

    1. I don’t think so. This is pretty awesome, though. I think they’ll have more things found out in Poptropica, like more glitches, or they may do something I have no clue about. I bet, whatever they do, it’ll be EYEPOPPING! 😯 They will do something interesting! I can feel it in my gut! And I’m sure it’s not the burritos!

      1. Lol!! But when i tried the glitch it didn’t work 4 me. Boo hoo!! 😥 I wonder what i am doing wrong, (if i am doing something wrong)

      2. I don’t know what could have happened. Did you press Ctrl-Shift-S and let go, or, did you hold down Ctrl-Shift-S.

      3. Oh, you had to keep pressing Ctrl-Shift-S, not let go of it. Well, you can make a new account and try it again.

  9. i tell you now! i tried this glitch and it was weird, i turned into a rabbit. (lol, i turned back to myself when i enter my account again! YAY!!) 😀

  10. Wednesday, April 15, 2009
    Stuck in the Mud
    There’s plenty to worry about on Astro-Knights Island. Things are falling right out of the sky! I may have a hazmat suit, but there’s no way I was going to wade through that mud to investigate.

  11. Thanks PHP! I love the Dr. Hare glitch! The first time I tried I did It wrong but the second time it worked! Thanks!

    Magic Tummy and Magic Thunder

  12. Remember it’s not a race, and being on the blog is an honor, but no need to spam just to get on here. 😉

  13. NEW POST! if antyone aready said it im sorry cause my computer makes everything look wierd and i cant reead it

    Scary Tomato: The PHB can check the PCB for new posts. We appreciate your alerts, but they’re not really necessary when it is said more than once. 🙄

  14. I just made a new account, 4 this, to play on and to trick people into thinking that i am really Dr. Hare! :mrgreen:

  15. omg, i tried it and it worked!!!!!!!
    i wonder if the poptropica creators noticed it, or maybey they put it there on purpose. idk but its still awesome!

    1. Of course they put it there on purpose!!! If they didn’t, there wouldn’t even be the glitch!
      P.S. I agree with you, it is awesome! 😀

  16. cool maybe i will do it I don’t know. But then again…maybe I am happy that you posted it. and told us about it 🙂

  17. I don’t think I’m fooling anyone into thinking I’m a Creator. Oh well.

    Scary Tomato: …Pardon?

  18. Now I regret completing 24 Carrot Island. I could always make a new account but, I’d rather have the Bunny Suit on my “Serious Spider” one.

    Let’s all have a bunny parade!!! 😀

  19. I can’t do it.
    I pressed ctrl+shift+Rbut instead of changing skin color it made the page get lost and then it said retry.
    HELP ME!

    Scary Tomato: It should be Ctrl + Shift + S, not “r”. 😉

  20. i did it! except, im purple. Also, there is a faster, kind-of, way to do it. (this is for those people whos computers start to freeze when they mess with stuff like this!) after you do the conttrol+shift+S (both)just hit the back button! you’ll be doctor hare, but you might be a weird color.Which you can fix in early poptropica, as you know. thanks! 😀

  21. For iMac computers, it’s Command+Shift+S. The Ctrl didn’t work for me and I had to start all over again (sigh)

  22. Heh heh, One time I tried on one of my accounts. Cool.

    Greetings, I am dr hare, and now besides terminating 24 carrot, I will plan for terminating the entire Poptropica, even the future islands, and maybe the whole world of NPC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahah (sorry about exclamation marks :oops:) Muhahahahaha!!! LOL O_O /\_/\ But first where are my weapons -.- =/ 😳 haha :mrgreen:

    1. What does NPC stand for?

      Scary Tomato: Non-Player Character, such as Professor Hammerhead on Shark Tooth Island. 😉

  23. Well… now it stopped loading and I got out from the Rabbot Place, but I’m not Dr. Hare!

    Scary Tomato: Try exiting the factory itself first. 😉

  24. yo, i got a cool cat glitch. when ya go to the old house in 24 carrot, getcha cat outa the shower. then when ya chase it, click on it, and ya both start dancing(ya walk in left and right drections continuously!) hope ya liked it!

  25. i know why this doesn’t work –
    the credit coin code from the dr hare figure unlocks a customize card for dr hare.

    1. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!T_T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW I`LL NEVER GET DR.HARE CAUSE TOYS ARE ONLY IN U.S.A WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! I HATE DR.HARE,SHARK BOY.etc other poptropica toys

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  27. I love Dr.Hare because he is cute but is ok but it just he is just to love a bo. So ok and go on poptropica go to the store for promo coads put skullbook it will work by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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