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Rockin’ Rock Stars and Rockets

We all know that the Creators have been working on some “super-special-and-secret” costumes lately… and a fresh new batch just came out today! Thank you Blue 6254! Rock stars may be coming to Poptropica…

Blog Post Title: More Outfits!
Description: Here are some more “super-special” outfits we are working on! Rock on!
Image URL:
Image Name: specials2.jpg

On the left we have a female rock star with a wild hairstyle, colored pink and black. She’s also wearing a pink shirt, white pants, a black jacket with buttons, and holding a pink electric guitar. On the right is a male rock star, and his hairstyle is similar to the one on the right, but it’s still a bit different and the colors are black and white (how skunk-like!). ๐Ÿ˜› He’s carrying a brown flying V guitar, and wearing a black jacket (without buttons), a green shirt with a yellow star, and black pants. Both the boy and the girl have cool sunglasses-like things over their eyes! ๐Ÿ˜€

Another new post on the Creators’ blog, and it looks like this one is for Astro-Knights! Thank you for the reminder, Neat Whale. Blog picture below:

Blog Post Title: Rocketing through space
Description: There’s a lot of space to explore out there! What new planets and lifeforms await?
Image URL:
Image Name: rocket.jpg

It’s that Astro-Knights Island rocket again! It looks like we’ll be flying through space. Awesome! :mrgreen:

There’s some blue stuff coming out of the rocket. Wonder what that is? Feel free to comment about your thoughts on this sneak peek here!

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