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Celebrities, Decor, Bribes, and More!


Hey guys, Spotted Dragon here with another Twitter roundup, as well as a Capri Sun ad, among other things (hehe, my post title rhymes)! There have been lots of things posted on Twitter that are worth mentioning, so let’s get started!

First up, have you met all these Poptropicans? The whole Shark Boy to Shark Guy cover-up was pretty smooth. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Also, you may notice that Master Mime is now female! Not sure when that happened… Anyway, tell us who your favorite Poptropican is in the comments below!

we all wanna be famous

Next up, we have a behind the scenes look at some more decor in Poptropica HQ! Obviously this related to Legendary Swords, even though that entire arc has been abandoned. However, Jessica does say “Well, you never know!” ๐Ÿ˜‰


Coming to an end with this Twitter roundup, a pro tip for Poptropicans everywhere: no need for bribes in any contest. Yep, apparently someone sent in a very tempting $5 when entering a recent Poptropica contest. No need to worry though, the money was sent back. XD


Oh! And one more thing! If you live in Rochester, you have a chance to meet Kory Merritt!ย Saturday March 26, 2016 2:00 PM at Barnes and Noble!

Well, that wraps up the Twitter roundup, but this is not the end of the post! Another ad has been *spotted* on Poptropica.

capri sun

Specifically this ad is for Capri Sun (thanks to Spencer for the pics btw). By clicking on the ad, you will earn Spring Shoes and can then press space bar to jump! Sooo, yep, have fun with that. It’s not often Poptropicans get to wear shoes. ๐Ÿ™‚

In other news, Monkey Wrench Island, previously just on Home Island, is now on the map!


If you get stuck, be sure to check out our guide. ๐Ÿ˜›

That’s all there is for now, but be sure to keep checking in for more updates!



The many swords of Legendary Swords Quest

Many of you may have began to play this all new Legendary Swords Adventure now. And many of you may have been familiar with many of its features, such as obtaining two types of swords: Rusty Relic and the Bolt.

If it hasn’t hit and of you yet, the PCB reminded us we can easily access these weapons by going to the weapon tab and switching between blades. Each blade is different and has its own rather unique advantage.

Of course, there are many more swords to be obtained as well. These swords can be obtained by purchasing the costume that comes with it from the Poptropica Store or by using your active membership.

The below swords in the picture the creators gave us is just another example of many of these extra swords. They are the Darkย Knightย Swordย and Laser Sword. My personal favorite is Dark Knight since it sounds so uberย and cool ;).

Visit Poptropica now to play Legendary Swords!

Need more help? Check out the PHB’s Legendary Swords Guide or Video Walkthrough.


New adventures

Hey, guys, poptropicans, fans, gamers, or however you’d like to call yourself. It’s EP posting, and thanks to anyone that supported me in my last post detailing my current condition and status. Well, I’m feeling much better, and am glad to be back and to say that I can indeed continuing posting for the PHB. Though I will be posting a bit less often due to complications, I will try to at least post once in some time or be active on thephc.

The PCB announced a new book being released just recently. Remember that Choose Your Own Adventure Store on Nabooti Island? It’s a place where they advertise new books and such just like the Magic Treehouse Store on Red Dragon Island. Well, a new book has come out, and it’s been added to the store.

The book is titled The Trail of Lost Time. They say there are many other new books added as well into the selection. To check them out, visit the store.

Well, looks like Captain Crawfish sure enjoys these new books.

Also, according to PCB, the Choose Your Own Adventure series is giving out 50,000 new books to people who really need it out there. You can help to donate by clicking hereย and to learn more.

Finally, the creators gave us a neat shiny poster advertising Legendary Swords Island, released on 11/11/11

Actually, it’s available in 3 now! Epic bannder/poster, huh?

A quick note: 11/11/11 is also Veterans Day. Please be sure to remember soldiers who died and who are still living that fought in past wars. In Europe they actually call it Armistice Day, and at 11/11 on 11:00 there the Big Ben actually rings 11 times to remember the day. 11/11 is actually the day they had a cease fire during World War 1 ending the wars. Just a quick reminder/history lesson.

EP out.