The many swords of Legendary Swords Quest

Many of you may have began to play this all new Legendary Swords Adventure now. And many of you may have been familiar with many of its features, such as obtaining two types of swords: Rusty Relic and the Bolt.

If it hasn’t hit and of you yet, the PCB reminded us we can easily access these weapons by going to the weapon tab and switching between blades. Each blade is different and has its own rather unique advantage.

Of course, there are many more swords to be obtained as well. These swords can be obtained by purchasing the costume that comes with it from the Poptropica Store or by using your active membership.

The below swords in the picture the creators gave us is just another example of many of these extra swords. They are the Darkย Knightย Swordย and Laser Sword. My personal favorite is Dark Knight since it sounds so uberย and cool ;).

Visit Poptropica now to play Legendary Swords!

Need more help? Check out the PHB’s Legendary Swords Guide or Video Walkthrough.

5 thoughts on “The many swords of Legendary Swords Quest”

  1. I had some trouble swinging my sword. We’re supposed to press “spacebar”, right?

    I hope I’ve got that wrong, because when I swing my sword, nothing happens. Could this have anything to do with having special effects turned on, or having items before collecting the sword? Or, perhaps, is it related to the “+”/members have special privileges thing?

    I don’t know, it’s just very disappointing to me. I’ve been looking forward to this so much!

    Hijuyo: Yes, you should be pressing spacebar to swing the sword. Try wearing as few items as you can, because some items (especially from the Poptropica Store) have special effects when you press the spacebar which may be taking priority over your sword.

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