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Giant Hawk’s Adventures: The Final Update

Greetings Hawk-tropicans! This is Giant Hawk speaking, and personally, I’d say that there is no better way to start off this post than with a metaphor. I think it’ll explain everything I’ll be saying its own way. Here it is:

Life is, in a way, like a book. You start it having no idea where it will carry you. Like any good book should, it’ll lead through good times and bad, and by the end, you hopefully won’t want to put it down. But once in a while, that book will start a new chapter. Said chapter will run its course, and when it’s done, the following chapter will never be the same. And regardless of how much you may want to go back, you cannot relive that previous chapter the same way again. You can remain in the past, halting your storyline’s progression, or you can continue reading, page by page, awaiting something, whenever it comes, that is just as new and exciting.

Does that make sense? Hopefully, it will in time. For now, I won’t beat around the bush anymore. Let’s get straight into my announcements.


Thanks to Master Pinpey for this sketch.

First off, the Giant Hawk Adventures will not be continuing. I know that a lot of you are hyped for it, and I do feel sorry for having to break the news, but I just can’t write the stories properly anymore.

Why, you may ask? The main reason is time. Yes, I understand in my mind what a lot of the events in the GHA would have been. But it takes a lot of time to go through making multiple drafts of these stories, and honestly, they are long. That’s why I originally decided to split them into around six to twelve chapters per book. But even then, these chapters would be very lengthy on their own.


Thanks to Crafty Poptropiqueen for this sketch.

Simply put, I wouldn’t be able to sit down for long periods of time and write them. Between high school, friends and family, my role in local theater, and my personal writing career, I can no longer find the time.

So, for that, I apologize deeply to all of you. I made the decision to create a full-pledged series without fully comprehending what the effects, time-wise, would be in my life.


Thanks to air-raptor for this drawing.

There is a consolation to all of this, though. If you don’t remember, the GHA was going to be linked continuity-wise to the up and coming role playing game Orb Legend, a project headed by the PHB’s own Andrew Wiles aka HPuterpop.

Because of this, the stories of the two have become intertwined in ways that Andrew and I are still surprised by. That is why I will not be leaving my role as story developerfor the production of Orb Legend, and in fact, I will be carrying many important GHA plotlines to the foreground of the game.


Thanks to Crafty Poptropiqueen for this drawing.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but you will actually be able to play the story of what the GHA’s finale would have been in the game itself! Best yet, you’ll do so not as Meridian Sinker, HPuterpop’s character, but as Gryffin Hawke himself! If you haven’t yet, check out Gryff’s sprite for the game, as shown below.


Thanks to HPuterpop for this sprite.

Now, there is one more piece of news I have to share with you all before I end this post. This may seem sudden, but I have been contemplating this for quite a while. And after making my decision and discussing it with the rest of the PHB staff, I have chosen that it is time that I formally retire my position as author on the Poptropica Help Blog.

As I mentioned previously, I have become increasing busy in terms of my offline life this year. School, family matters, friends, and a hopefully budding career. Simply put, I no longer have the proper time to dedicate to this amazing blog and the community around it.


Thanks to Slanted Fish for this drawing.

Now, I must clarify something quickly. I have discussed my decision to leave personally with my brother Paul, aka Ultimate iPad Expert, and he has confirmed that he will not be leaving the blog. He will continue to stay with you all, hopefully for years to come; a choice I am completely fine with. He has made a connection with this community that I cannot properly make anymore, so I wish him the best of luck in the future.

Of course, the hardest part of this decision is regarding the people here I have grown to respect, care for, and admire. I most certainly have met a great number of amazing people during my stay here. People with great imagination and a lot of talent. People like the entirety of the authors on the Poptropica Help Blog, CraftyPoptropiqueen, DJ-Rosietta, Cyber-Girl920, Popular Wolf, Dangerous Eye, Tall Cactus, Anne14tco, TechnoBunny16, MasterPinpey, Air-Raptor… The list is truly endless. I wish you all great luck in the days ahead.


Thanks to DJ-Rosietta for including me in this drawing.

So as I go, I want to wish you all a very sincere thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for this blog. Without you, none of this would be possible, and I am nothing but proud of how this community has grown. And if you have anything you wish to say to me, or if you have a question, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you all for your time, your friendship, and your loyalty.


Thanks to Crafty Poptropiqueen for this sketch.

Until we meet again…

— Giant Hawk

Giant Hawk Adventures

GHA Update: A New Artist

Greetings Hawk-tropicans! This is Giant Hawk speaking, and today, I have an exciting update for you all regarding my series, the Giant Hawk Adventures (coming this spring!).

So, if you remember my post on which I announced the GHA, I mentioned that the series would be illustrated by my PHB associate HPuterpop. However, his heading of the production of Orb Legend has rendered him too busy to do so.

Hence, I have hired a new artist to illustrate the series – the super sweet and very talented CraftyPoptropiqueen! If you wish to see some of her style, check out this beautiful picture she made of me, HPuterpop, Ultimate iPad Expert, and my hawk Meriwether:


And best yet, she has already drawn the art needed to complete my GHA prequel short, An Afternoon at Queequeg’s! If you haven’t read it yet, go check it out – and if you have already seen it, go see Crafty’s amazing illustration! Trust me, you won’t regret it. 😀

Until next time…

— Giant Hawk

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POPCORN #29 (plus changes!) & GHA short

Hey Poptropicans, the butter is back! 😀

Issue #29 of our Poptropica fan magazine, known as The POPCORN, has just been released, with all sorts of Poptropica fan creations, including a few prison stories inspired by Escape From Pelican Rock, artwork by Popular Wolf, and more! As usual, this is available as a PDF.

Check out the January 2016 issue now! (Or download it to read offline!)

popcorn, cover29

With the new year, we’re also considering some changes to The POPCORN. In the past, we have generally been accepting of most every entry that gets sent in, but this means that the length of each issue tends to fluctuate, along with quality varying from entry to entry. In order to keep up, we may no longer guarantee inclusion of everything in the magazines, but instead encourage you to share in other places on the web for people to check out.

In particular, we’d like to emphasize using our Poptropica Help subreddit, our mini-forum for posting all sorts of Poptropica tidbits. No matter where on the web you like to post your stories, fan art, comics, costumes, island ideas, and whatever else you can think of – whether it’s on our We-Love-Poptropica deviantArt group or even a text post on the subreddit itself – you can link to it on Reddit! You can even link to other Poptropicans’ creations to share them with everyone!


As part of our desire to cultivate more consistent and quality magazines, we will also be posting them seasonally – about 4 issues a year. To see (and make!) more stories and art, get plugged into our subreddit year-round! It’s very simple to use and is a great hotbed for creativity.

Anyway, you can enjoy this issue and all the past issues over on our Magazines page. Leave your comments on subreddit postings to let people know you appreciate their work, and be sure to share some of your favorites from around the web so we can check them out!

Speaking of stories, the prequel short to Giant Hawk Adventures (that’s the Poptropica fanfic series by Giant Hawk here on the PHB), An Afternoon at Queequeg’s, was just released! Read it now!


You may have noticed the new “GHA” tab on the top navigational bar of the PHB. That’s where new installments of the Giant Hawk Adventures will be posted, so keep an eye out for more of those! 🙂

Stay popping, Poptropicans. 😉

Hope you enjoy our pop-pop-Poptropica Help Network fan magazine and the GHA short! :mrgreen:

Giant Hawk Adventures

GHA Updates!

Greetings Hawk-tropicans! This is Giant Hawk speaking, and today, I have a very important update to give you all.

So… January 5 is closely approaching us. As such, the GHA should be on the brink of its release! However, it is not anymore.


Now, before anyone panics, I need to clarify. Over the past week or so, HP and I have been working on the stories of my written series, the GHA, and his game series, Orb Legend. Unfortunately, we ran across some major continuity errors. We both agree that they cannot go unchecked. In order to fix these mistakes, some major rewrites will be made to the GHA.

This will make it impossible for me to make my January 5th deadline, as I had hoped. It really breaks my heart to postpone the series like this, but it must be done if I want to improve the coherency of my series.

Now, considering that school will be starting back up for me again this week, I’m not sure how long the rewriting process will take. At most, I’m hoping for release sometime this summer.

But honestly, I can’t just leave this here. Those of you who have been waiting for this series cannot leave disappointed! Hence, I am planning on releasing a GHA short which will be entitled ‘An Afternoon at Queequegs’.


It will not reveal much, continuity-wise, but it will focus on Giant Hawk and his closest friend, Nice Seal, as they hang out at a local coffee shop the day before the starting point of the series and it will released later this week!

In other GHA related news, I wish to clarify how exactly the series will be posted. The original idea would be, supposedly, to put them in actual blog posts on the front page of the Poptropica Help Blog. However, that might clutter said front page and confuse newcomers to the PHB.

The plan instead is to give the GHA a section in the toolbar to the top of the Poptropica Help Blog. This will allow the series to publish similarly to how we post our island walkthroughs, also making the series easier to organize.

As it so happens, it is time to move on to a completely different topic!


Speaking of happening, the New Years may have already happened, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still highlight the new year!

Case in point, the Poptropica Creators released a super cool graphic in honor of the switch over to 2016. Check it out:


What a way to celebrate the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016! Happy New Year, and may all your acquaintance be forgot and never be brought to mind.

Until next time…

— Giant Hawk

Giant Hawk Adventures

Introducing the Giant Hawk Adventures!

Greetings Hawk-tropicans! This is Giant Hawk speaking, and I’ve got some absolutely astonishing announcement news for all of you.

Today, November 2, is my birthday. So how shall I spend it? By officially announcing something very special to me, of course! As any of you who saw my very first PHB post may remember, I dropped a not-so-subtle hint about a super huge written series I was making. Since then, I’ve also been dropping some hints on my DeviantArt page and on Twitter. So what is all of this cryptic hullabaloo about then? Let’s not dawdle, because this is something I am really excited for!

Introducing… The Giant Hawk Adventures!

Giant Hawk Adventures Large Logo (with Scroll)

But what is the Giant Hawk Adventures? Well, here is my official synopsis of the series:

In the world of Poptropica, the most beloved and admirable profession one can achieve is that of the professional adventurer – one who explores the world daily, saving the world whenever needed. Likewise, there is no adventuring organization more highly decorated than the Bureau of Heroic Poptropicans, otherwise known as the BHP. No Poptropican knows this better than the amateur adventurer Giant Hawk. That changes, however, when he applies for and finally gains his dream job of professional adventurer at the BHP, allowing him to meet and work with the world’s top eight most elite adventurers: Friendly Fish, Messy Sinker, Brave Tomato, Slippery Raptor, Spotted Dragon, Yellow Sword, Tough Icicle, and Lone Ring. And while he may now have the tools of the trades and friends in high places, Giant Hawk still must risk his life every day, as new unique challenges, treacherous villains, and unknown environments await him in his new career.

To elaborate, each episode in the series will be based on a real island in Poptropica, starting with Early Poptropica and moving onwards in release order. Do not fret, however, because I will be changing up each of the islands’ plots in order to keep the storylines fresh and interesting. I will not be adapting the sponsored islands, though (the only exception to this rule being Nabooti). Each episode will also be split into multiple chapters, as they would be WAY too long otherwise.

As those of you who read my introductory PHB post may have also recognized, I connected my reference to the GHA with a link to HPuterpop’s PHB post concerning his PoptropiComic series. Why is this, you may ask? Well, maybe this quote from said PoptropiComic post can help explain things:

Also, there’s more to this story than just a comic. Stay tuned for more on that… 😉

Just in case you didn’t understand that, the Giant Hawk Adventures will actually be linked continuity-wise to HP’s PoptropiComic. Actually, the GHA has already been referenced in one of the PoptropiComic’s pages – but like I said, that is just the beginning of our in-story connections.

Also, HPuterpop will be lending his amazing creative abilities to the artwork of the Giant Hawk Adventures. In fact, I just so happen to have some sketches of the GHA to share with you all:

I hope you are properly hyped for the series by now, because the most important news regarding the GHA is this – I will be publishing the Giant Hawk Adventures right here on the PHB!

The series is set to premiere with its first installment on January 5th (UPADTE: This is no longer the release date, for more details, click here), so set your calendars! Until then, take this plot synopsis of the first episode, Early Poptropica:

Giant Hawk, a keen young adventurer, has finally applied for a job at the BHP, the Bureau of Heroic Poptropicans. But in order to get the job, he will need to prove his skill as an adventurer by undergoing a test mission. At first, it doesn’t seem too hard – just retrieve a pig and a flag for the distressed pilgrims of an island. But with a ferocious giant spider on the loose, Giant Hawk’s test mission may not be as easy as it seems.

If you have any questions about the series at all, please do post them in the comment section below. Trust me, there is a lot more about the series that I am willing to talk about. 🙂

Until next time…

– – Giant Hawk