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POPCORN #29 (plus changes!) & GHA short

Hey Poptropicans, the butter is back! 😀

Issue #29 of our Poptropica fan magazine, known as The POPCORN, has just been released, with all sorts of Poptropica fan creations, including a few prison stories inspired by Escape From Pelican Rock, artwork by Popular Wolf, and more! As usual, this is available as a PDF.

Check out the January 2016 issue now! (Or download it to read offline!)

popcorn, cover29

With the new year, we’re also considering some changes to The POPCORN. In the past, we have generally been accepting of most every entry that gets sent in, but this means that the length of each issue tends to fluctuate, along with quality varying from entry to entry. In order to keep up, we may no longer guarantee inclusion of everything in the magazines, but instead encourage you to share in other places on the web for people to check out.

In particular, we’d like to emphasize using our Poptropica Help subreddit, our mini-forum for posting all sorts of Poptropica tidbits. No matter where on the web you like to post your stories, fan art, comics, costumes, island ideas, and whatever else you can think of – whether it’s on our We-Love-Poptropica deviantArt group or even a text post on the subreddit itself – you can link to it on Reddit! You can even link to other Poptropicans’ creations to share them with everyone!


As part of our desire to cultivate more consistent and quality magazines, we will also be posting them seasonally – about 4 issues a year. To see (and make!) more stories and art, get plugged into our subreddit year-round! It’s very simple to use and is a great hotbed for creativity.

Anyway, you can enjoy this issue and all the past issues over on our Magazines page. Leave your comments on subreddit postings to let people know you appreciate their work, and be sure to share some of your favorites from around the web so we can check them out!

Speaking of stories, the prequel short to Giant Hawk Adventures (that’s the Poptropica fanfic series by Giant Hawk here on the PHB), An Afternoon at Queequeg’s, was just released! Read it now!


You may have noticed the new “GHA” tab on the top navigational bar of the PHB. That’s where new installments of the Giant Hawk Adventures will be posted, so keep an eye out for more of those! 🙂

Stay popping, Poptropicans. 😉

Hope you enjoy our pop-pop-Poptropica Help Network fan magazine and the GHA short! :mrgreen:

31 thoughts on “POPCORN #29 (plus changes!) & GHA short”

  1. I really loved Joshua’s GHA short, it was very… interesting. I’m also thinking about sending in a fanfiction for the next POPCORN magazine.

    1. Wait, you can still send the entries by email, right? I just looked at the “Calling all Poptropica creatives!” thing and it says “Submit your creative fan work to our Poptropica magazine, The POPCORN by posting on the Poptropica Help subreddit and your creation(s) could be featured in our next magazine!” I’m mostly curious, but I just sent one by email.

    2. We’ll probably phase out using the email, and in order to maintain better quality and length consistency with the magazines, we won’t necessarily publish every entry. However, we’re encouraging everyone to publish their work on our subreddit instead so the public can see, vote, and comment on them individually. We’ll collect entries from the subreddit. 🙂

  2. Cool! But I have a question- since there are only going to be 4 issues instead of 12 a year, will each new issue be longer? Also, will it start Series 5?

    1. They won’t necessarily be longer than they have been (so far, the length of each issue has varied), and we’d like to focus on selecting the cream of the crop (well-proofread, more polished entries will be a priority). It will start Series 5. 🙂

  3. I’m currently that little kid at the movies that butters his own popcorn too much… this has to be my favorite issue – always lovin’ Blazing Angel’s artwork! Super Comet’s story was quite the read as well!

      1. this cant be good… I will translate his bio to english, since i learned it on…. April first.

      2. “Hello, humans. I am Binary Bard. Please don’t notice me, as I will be going back into space soon. Please do not tell Popular Wolf, as she will surely rip out my wores again. Farewell.” popular wolf eh?

      1. I see another decoder of my language. I must say congratulations. Originally I wrote about me but I decided to put in a name shout out…
        As for being the “real” Binary Bard, I prefer the name Mordred.

      2. Oh, I learned it long ago, back in the days of… um, yore, I guess? anyways, what are you doing here?

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