Introducing the Giant Hawk Adventures!

Greetings Hawk-tropicans! This is Giant Hawk speaking, and I’ve got some absolutely astonishing announcement news for all of you.

Today, November 2, is my birthday. So how shall I spend it? By officially announcing something very special to me, of course! As any of you who saw my very first PHB post may remember, I dropped a not-so-subtle hint about a super huge written series I was making. Since then, I’ve also been dropping some hints on my DeviantArt page and on Twitter. So what is all of this cryptic hullabaloo about then? Let’s not dawdle, because this is something I am really excited for!

Introducing… The Giant Hawk Adventures!

Giant Hawk Adventures Large Logo (with Scroll)

But what is the Giant Hawk Adventures? Well, here is my official synopsis of the series:

In the world of Poptropica, the most beloved and admirable profession one can achieve is that of the professional adventurer – one who explores the world daily, saving the world whenever needed. Likewise, there is no adventuring organization more highly decorated than the Bureau of Heroic Poptropicans, otherwise known as the BHP. No Poptropican knows this better than the amateur adventurer Giant Hawk. That changes, however, when he applies for and finally gains his dream job of professional adventurer at the BHP, allowing him to meet and work with the world’s top eight most elite adventurers: Friendly Fish, Messy Sinker, Brave Tomato, Slippery Raptor, Spotted Dragon, Yellow Sword, Tough Icicle, and Lone Ring. And while he may now have the tools of the trades and friends in high places, Giant Hawk still must risk his life every day, as new unique challenges, treacherous villains, and unknown environments await him in his new career.

To elaborate, each episode in the series will be based on a real island in Poptropica, starting with Early Poptropica and moving onwards in release order. Do not fret, however, because I will be changing up each of the islands’ plots in order to keep the storylines fresh and interesting. I will not be adapting the sponsored islands, though (the only exception to this rule being Nabooti). Each episode will also be split into multiple chapters, as they would be WAY too long otherwise.

As those of you who read my introductory PHB post may have also recognized, I connected my reference to the GHA with a link to HPuterpop’s PHB post concerning his PoptropiComic series. Why is this, you may ask? Well, maybe this quote from said PoptropiComic post can help explain things:

Also, there’s more to this story than just a comic. Stay tuned for more on that… 😉

Just in case you didn’t understand that, the Giant Hawk Adventures will actually be linked continuity-wise to HP’s PoptropiComic. Actually, the GHA has already been referenced in one of the PoptropiComic’s pages – but like I said, that is just the beginning of our in-story connections.

Also, HPuterpop will be lending his amazing creative abilities to the artwork of the Giant Hawk Adventures. In fact, I just so happen to have some sketches of the GHA to share with you all:

I hope you are properly hyped for the series by now, because the most important news regarding the GHA is this – I will be publishing the Giant Hawk Adventures right here on the PHB!

The series is set to premiere with its first installment on January 5th (UPADTE: This is no longer the release date, for more details, click here), so set your calendars! Until then, take this plot synopsis of the first episode, Early Poptropica:

Giant Hawk, a keen young adventurer, has finally applied for a job at the BHP, the Bureau of Heroic Poptropicans. But in order to get the job, he will need to prove his skill as an adventurer by undergoing a test mission. At first, it doesn’t seem too hard – just retrieve a pig and a flag for the distressed pilgrims of an island. But with a ferocious giant spider on the loose, Giant Hawk’s test mission may not be as easy as it seems.

If you have any questions about the series at all, please do post them in the comment section below. Trust me, there is a lot more about the series that I am willing to talk about. 🙂

Until next time…

– – Giant Hawk

125 thoughts on “Introducing the Giant Hawk Adventures!

  1. Dangerous Eye says:


    Also, BHP – PHB. I see what you did there xD

    Happy birthday, GH 🙂 And UiPE too 😛

  2. Dangerous Eye says:

    I was actually also wondering if you’ll be needing any other characters, which I doubt you will since you’ve already got the whole PHB team xD If you did, though, I thought it’d be really cool if you posted a character form of sorts (name, age, personality, picture and the like) for people to fill in and submit to you. It’d make the whole thing a much more interactive story! Just a suggestion which I thought would be really fun xD

  3. Golden Hamburger says:

    That is so cool! Please include my name… please…? (Like Dangerous Eye said) LOL!
    Happy birthday, Giant Hawk!
    I am looking forward to seeing your GHAs! Where and when are you going to post the GHA? Thanks!

    • Giant Hawk says:

      I actually mentioned this in the post, but the first chapter, which I am naming The Hero’s Audition, of the first episode, Early Poptropica, is going to release on January 5, right here on the PHB. However, I am planning on making a post a few days before that in order to better touch upon my release schedule.

  4. ScarySpeck says:

    Could I be a minor character somewhere in the story? That would be so cool, and your comic sounds AMAZING. Can’t wait to read it!

    • SlantedFish says:

      Not really – I mean it is true that we met Giant Hawk through his brother, but he has things to offer to the blog as well. He’s been helpful with posting (you can see some of his posts by clicking his name in the byline at the top of the post), and this spring, he’ll start posting his Poptropica written series, the Giant Hawk Adventures. 🙂

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