Escape Plan: Escape From Pelican Rock officially announced!

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here with some super awesome news!

You may have noticed over the past few months in which the Creators have been teasing us about a new island. It seemed the time would never come when they’d announce the next island, even after putting it on the map last week. But the official details are finally here!

Just today, the Creators officially announced: Escape from Pelican Rock Island!

EscapeFromPelicanRockLogoThe Creators posted a trailer for the island and released the official Tour page! So, now we’re getting a fairly good idea of what this new island is about.

EFPRTheifCharacterSome of the PHB authors have been speculating on this new island for quite a while now, and it seems we may be correct about some stuff. For one, we’ve been speculating about getting framed by a doppelgänger. We’ll have to wait and see some more official details, but the Creators gave us a few little hints on the plot in an island synopsis. The official island synopsis reads:

Pelican Rock is the toughest prison ever built. And after you’re framed for a crime you didn’t commit, it’s your new home! Use your wits to devise an escape plan, and your nerve to pull it off. But getting out is just the beginning — because the real criminal is still out there!

That’s about all the Creators have given us story-wise, but there are a number of sneak peeks showing the island, with even more on our Daily Pop Sneak Peeks Archive!

We also get a look at Escape From Pelican Rock’s member exclusive costumeEscapee Dr. Hare. Somewhat of an odd choice considering I’d assume Dr. Hare won’t actually be on the island (or will he?), but it’s a pretty cool costume nonetheless.

And, last up from the new Tour page is this awesome printable poster:

Plus, check out the PHB’s new Escape From Pelican Rock Island discussion page!

So, that wraps up all the latest info on Escape From Pelican Rock! I’m super excited for the new island. It looks like it’ll have super fun gameplay (perhaps like Survival: Cabin Fever or Spy Island, both of which I really enjoyed), and has an interesting story to it.

What do you think about this upcoming island? Comment below.

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31 thoughts on “Escape Plan: Escape From Pelican Rock officially announced!

  1. Brave Tomato says:

    Heavily flawed prison systems are pretty much the norm in Poptropica… but besides that, I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Finally, some answers (and word-on-word dead-on-ness as well).

    • Ultimate iPad Expert says:

      Definitely true about Poptropican prisons, although I feel like for Pelican Rock it’s not going to be as bad. If the whole island is based on your escape it can be too easy, so there must be a much better system at Pelican Rock.

      But yeh, glad to have some answers and see a little more of the island, as well.

      • Brave Tomato says:

        What I meant by flawed is that most of the time, the prisons are working against us. Whether it’s a desperate staff member, being wrongly locked up, a villainous staff member, or…um… Just bad luck, prisons and stuff are not kind to Poptropicans.

  2. Young Singer -Nariko- says:

    Lol another news alert!
    Today I came home from school, got sum lemonade, chilled out, and then…

  3. Hyper Gamer says:

    Did anybody realize that the music for the trailer is the same as the Mystery of the Map island music? Wonder if that means anything?

  4. ☠Jacob_Da_Boss☠ says:

    The anticipation for this island is killing me!!! I hope it will be released relatively soon though… Preferably in less than a month. 😛 (Well, I’d prefer it to be out now, but I’ll be pleased when I get to play it. :))

  5. XxStooky says:

    Ha-ha they’re all the same.
    1.Have the Shrink Ray Island’s Shrink Shot
    2.Go to the store
    3.Click the backpack
    4.use it
    6.Then you’ll be in the map!

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