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GHA Updates!

Greetings Hawk-tropicans! This is Giant Hawk speaking, and today, I have a very important update to give you all.

So… January 5 is closely approaching us. As such, the GHA should be on the brink of its release! However, it is not anymore.


Now, before anyone panics, I need to clarify. Over the past week or so, HP and I have been working on the stories of my written series, the GHA, and his game series, Orb Legend. Unfortunately, we ran across some major continuity errors. We both agree that they cannot go unchecked. In order to fix these mistakes, some major rewrites will be made to the GHA.

This will make it impossible for me to make my January 5th deadline, as I had hoped. It really breaks my heart to postpone the series like this, but it must be done if I want to improve the coherency of my series.

Now, considering that school will be starting back up for me again this week, I’m not sure how long the rewriting process will take. At most, I’m hoping for release sometime this summer.

But honestly, I can’t just leave this here. Those of you who have been waiting for this series cannot leave disappointed! Hence, I am planning on releasing a GHA short which will be entitled ‘An Afternoon at Queequegs’.


It will not reveal much, continuity-wise, but it will focus on Giant Hawk and his closest friend, Nice Seal, as they hang out at a local coffee shop the day before the starting point of the series and it will released later this week!

In other GHA related news, I wish to clarify how exactly the series will be posted. The original idea would be, supposedly, to put them in actual blog posts on the front page of the Poptropica Help Blog. However, that might clutter said front page and confuse newcomers to the PHB.

The plan instead is to give the GHA a section in the toolbar to the top of the Poptropica Help Blog. This will allow the series to publish similarly to how we post our island walkthroughs, also making the series easier to organize.

As it so happens, it is time to move on to a completely different topic!


Speaking of happening, the New Years may have already happened, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still highlight the new year!

Case in point, the Poptropica Creators released a super cool graphic in honor of the switch over to 2016. Check it out:


What a way to celebrate the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016! Happy New Year, and may all your acquaintance be forgot and never be brought to mind.

Until next time…

— Giant Hawk

21 thoughts on “GHA Updates!”

      1. When is the short? It’s been a week and there hasn’t been any sign of it besides this post.

      2. I think it might come out sometime later today or tomorrow, Super Comet. I really don’t know, though.

      3. I’m glad you two asked. I’ve been caught a bit off guard by schoolwork and with my assisting of the development of Orb Legend (which is going great, by the way πŸ˜€ ) but I plan on releasing the short just as soon as I can. Hopefully, that will be today!

  1. Hey, don’t stress on the new release date. I once wrote a huge story, and noticed one small plot hole that just couldn’t be left unexplained, so I had to re-write a huge portion of it and really beat myself up over it. Wouldn’t want to see that happen to you! I’m very excited, and this’ll only guarantee the story will be even better than before! πŸ™‚

  2. No! I’m so upset! I was so excited for this!😩 It’s okay, though. Rewriting the plot will just make the story even better.

  3. I have a few suggestions of things you might want to add to the PHB.
    1. Poptropica Villain Fan Clubs- these are on a couple other Poptropica blogs, but are outdated. I’m kind of surprised that they aren’t on this blog yet.
    2. Island Showdowns- maybe for a few weeks there could be polls on the PHB to vote for what islands are your favorite, and then eventually have semi-finals and finals. May the best island win!
    3. Throwback Thursday’s- maybe every week you could showcase old posts and comments to relive the past and compare to today.

    You don’t have to do these, but just think about it, OK?

    1. Just came up with a few more!
      4. More Island Reviews- I really like the reviews you guys make when new islands come out, but maybe you can make them for older, classic islands, too.
      5. More Maps- on your map page, you have a few fan made maps for SUIs, so can you make more of these?

      I might even come up with more suggestions in the future!

      1. I’m not sure about all of your suggestions, but I would definitely love to do more island reviews. πŸ˜€

  4. Theory of the Day (Day 5)
    Poptropica and the Real World part 3 (final part)
    But what could be crazier than being in another dimension or timeline? Poptropica being in a game. Yup. There is only one island that proves it- Mocktropica. The island were people make a game inside of the game they’re making. So, basically some random Poptropicans program every island and maybe even themselves?!? This makes no sense, but it could also explain the whole creator thing. However, we won’t find out which of these possibilities is true until more of the graphic novel series comes out, and Mocktropica was kind of a joke. Well, that wraps up this three-part theory, and a brand new one will be out tomorrow!

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