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Lookin’ for An AVATAR?

Well, Gazek Speaking Here, And I’ve Got news, BIG TIME news! I know that you’re already loaded up from ST Hijuyo’s name change, but read on!

Poptropica has released a new thing called the Poptropica Avatar Studio, And It is COOL! For all of you people who are bashing their keyboards on the floor ’cause your not able to take screenshots of your poptropican, (Quote Taken From Crazy Flyer) The Avatar Studio is for You! Thanks To BuizelON, a member of the PHF for this update. The Avatar Studio is amazing, all you need to do is type in your username, and poptropica will show your poptropican.  Then you start cropping, and you can either type in the dimensions, or draw the selector around the place you want to crop.  Then you have an option of zooming in. At the bottom there’s an embed code used for putting this on your website or blog, and then a direct link, and then a button that allows you to save it on your computer. You can also use this for your wordpress gravatar. But this also means that motionman95’s Image generator has competition! As for me, I think that the Image generator is better, poptropica could have added a few more a features, ;). Check out the snapshot below, It shows you most of the Details.


And Speaking Of Avatars and Gravatars, I had a Pretty bad experience with my wordpress gravatar. I was changing my gravatar to a new one, And something TERRIBLE happened. My wordpress gravatar changed all right, but into some wierd gravatar!!! Check out the widget in the sidebar, and see my gravatar. Horrible, eh? Well, hopefully I’ll be able to do something about this and this problem will soon be over.

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A Wizard’s Adventure

WOWPTM Advertisement Guide

A new adventure is brought out in Poptropica that takes you into an uncharted area filled with jungles, falling rocks and magical wands. It is an advertisement for “The Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Movie“.
We made a guide and even made a video tutorial to help you out.

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Poptropica Store, reality TV island, Website Updates

Future Islands roamed by Webosaurs?

Webasaurs and new Islands?

The PHB tracks down the latest news on Reality TV Island. Will it stay or will it go?
We share with you some amazing future islands that may or may not be coming out.
Codien catches up with some of his fans.
And we uncover a game called ‘Webosaurs’ that has been extinct for millions of years but is now starting to roam the Internet.

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Website Updates


Hi Guys! I’m Gazek, And I’m a new author on the PHB! I’m going to be posting updates on Poptropica on this Blog, so bear with me, Please! I’ve beat all the Islands, And I’m quite a challenge in Paint War! My Poptropican Name is Speedy Ice, And I like drawing, and graphics designing. So.. Once Again, I’m Gazek (A.K.A Speedy Ice), and you can call me as Gazek, Speedy Ice, SI, Speedy, Or Ice. And thanks for reading my post!

Scary Tomato: Everyone, please give Gazek a nice welcome (and maybe a cookie)! Also, check out the new How to draw a Poptropican page that has just been added in the Cool Stuff section. 🙂