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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 5, Part 2

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CUT TO CRAWFISH, sitting in the medical ward. He’s taking a close look at pretty much every item in sight as the doctors try to corral him to the table.


What’s this? Why do you have so many hollow ropes?


They’re just tubes, ignore those they’re not–


Why are all of you wearing white? Don’t’cha think a darker color would be better with all the mess?


It helps us notice any stains, now–


Yea, that’s my point. You can simply hide it!

The DOCTORS all grimace.

They finally manage to get CRAWFISH onto the table. He begins to remove his jacket.


Do you–


Nope, don’t bother.

(He flips through a couple pages on his clipboard)

We’re here to note down your dreams and your ambitions.

CRAWFISH stares at them, confused.


The things you see at night, or your hopes for the future?


I know what dreams are!


It just wasn’t…quite my expectation for this.

(He scratches behind his ear)

Why exactly are you asking?


Psychology work.


Isn’t that what your other two fellas are for?


This is…different.

CRAWFISH rests an arm on his remaining knee, taking a moment to think.


Besides the odd ones where I have the head of a fish or my entire crew has been turned into seagulls…


I like dreams about lots o’ rest. Ha! Dreaming about rest.


…no big swashbuckling fights?


Eh? Those are boring, the treasure and rewards are where it’s at!


Why would I have done all this and risked all this trouble for the fun of burning some houses?


…I think a lot of people here would think differently.


I enjoy a good dream about relaxing at the beach, surrounded by servants I’ve hired with the treasure I saved for my retirement…


On a town by the sea–never an island, I’ve spent too long stuck on one.


(taking notes)

No intense battles in dreams…well that might make this safer.

(He points to the door)

Please go with the guards to see Dr. Jupiter.

CRAWFISH heads out with another guard to the room where JUPITER is. He finds HARE seated outside, fast asleep.


…what happened with you there?

CUT BACK TO inside the lab. WIDOW is cornered by a wall, dodging any advances from the technicians and guards to settle her down.


No, no! I didn’t know a thing about this, stay away!

As the struggle continues, MOREAU and DIRECTOR D enter from the elevator. They take a peek at the lab room through the window looking into it from the hall.


…do you want to do something about this? Might make us look better if we can make them calm down.


Not her. She won’t listen to a thing I say.

(She unfolds her fan)

I wonder why!

DIRECTOR D sighs and pushes open the door, which is currently unguarded due to all being caught up in the chaos.


I’ll see what I can do.

DIRECTOR D enters the lab, straightening his coat and trying to make himself look as calm and professional as possible. Like he’s actually the professional he’s pretending to be.


Now, we all just need a moment to breathe–

A guard flies past him and crashes into a shelf. WIDOW stands among broken glass, with three other security surrounding her and trying to figure out how to apprehend her.


Now, I’m sure there’s a more peaceful way to resolve this–

WIDOW smashes another glass jar to the ground.


(raising hands)

You know what? Nevermind.

One of the guards grabs his taser to bring the conflict to a forced end, when another crash is heard–but from outside the lab, this time. DIRECTOR D rushes back outside the door, where MOREAU is watching as DR. HARE runs around in aimless circles in the hall.


Where’s Jupiter? Where’s Jupiter??

One of the guards that were trying to calm down WIDOW rushes past DIRECTOR D. to him. 


What’s all this?

HARE stops running.


Where am I? Where’d Jupiter go?


You’re at Erewhon Prison still. Jupiter’s working with another prisoner.

HARE places both hands atop his head, squishing the rabbit ears of his suit. The guards and other prisoners back in the lab room are peeking out from the door and windows as well at the chaos.


I think we all need a break as well.

(She looks to the side)

Especially you there!

BLACK WIDOW has already snuck halfway to the elevators. She freezes when MOREAU calls her out.


Couldn’t think your way out, so you’re just forcing your way now?

(Two guards rush past her, handcuffing the defeated WIDOW)

I’d suggest giving her space from the others for now…with a bit more security.

WIDOW is led away, but to the cells in the same floor rather than back to her original place in the lower levels. GUARD #1 is left in charge of leaving the still distressed DR. HARE back to his cell.


Give him some carrot juice, on the rocks. He looks like he needs some.

HARE goes past D. and MOREAU, and both share a confused, and even somewhat concerned look. 

CUT TO WIDOW. She’s been led into the cell, and when she tries to force her way back out she’s met with a closed, bolted door. With a frustrated growl, she throws a futile punch at the metal slab.

She sits on the small, unused and very old bed in the corner, tired from the ordeal and curling up on the edge.

A voice comes from the wall…




I’m still alive!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles


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