Community Creations

Community Creations: January 2023


Hello once again everyone! Spotted Dragon here bringing you the January recap for Community Creations. January’s theme was Puzzling, so be sure to check out all the featured artists!

No clue what’s going on? Go see our intro post.

Top 5 Picks

A Different Approach by Dizzy Feather

Good to know I’m not the only one who struggles with these sorts of puzzles! They may seem simple, but there’s something about them that makes them trickier than they appear. In Poptropica, the classic conundrum can be completed in Crisis Caverns. How long did it take you to solve on your first try? Find the artist in the comments and on the PHC Discord.

Espionage (Poptober Day 12: Sneak) by Lucky Joker

Spy Island is certainly an island known for its puzzles, and it has earned its spot as one of my personal favorites. From cracking codes to sneaking past B.A.D. guys, the puzzles seem nonstop. But hey, I’m not complaining! I loved using all the cool spy gadgets too (and I’ll admit, the guard dogs scared the heck out of me when I was younger). Great composition and story presented in this submission! Find his Instagram here.

Knife Monopoly by distorted-graffiti

A little unique, here we have some Poptropicans solving a different type of puzzle altogether! This meme-worthy parody of a board game seems, oddly enough, the perfect game for Myron to play. You know… other than hunting someone for sport. The simple drawing has a ton of humor in it, especially in all the little details. I appreciate the different style knives, the lil’ rat, and of course the wine glass. Find their Tumblr here.

The Stone Wheel by Blue Moon

The harsh mid-winter wind wrapped itself around the branches, covering them in frost,
dead, bare, and leafless. What once was sunny paradise of nature and animals was now nothing more than a dim, gloomy bog.

But it was not the winter that had done it.
I can be seen, from the anxious villagers’ binoculars, a lone silhouette of a Poptropican
venturing in the moor. Her name is Sophia. Indeed, she had been warned many times not to go in
there. But she did not listen.

In legends, it was said that the swamp was a place to burn witches in the medieval times.
The spirits of the witches, seeking revenge, forced the kingdom to sacrifice five children each year,
or else the whole island will be burned down. The kingdom chose the children randomly, and this
year, Sophia’s friend had been chosen. Being the helpful Poptropican she always is, Sophia knew
that she had to save her friend.

As she ventured further into the bog, she found a small cave, almost completely covered in
moss and shrubbery. According to legend, it was the witches’ gathering place.

The entrance was blocked by a huge stone wheel, ornately carved symbols and alphabets
embedded everywhere. At the center of the wheel there was a moose’s head, with the antlers and
everything, in pristine condition. The witches have kept their entrance well.

The stone wheel, needless to say, was a place to input the password, in which Sophia had
no idea of.

Suddenly, as though an invisible hand was writing, a string of letters appeared.

Luckily, Sophia was well-educated. She typed the name of author (can you guess who
wrote this poem?), cranking the levers and rolling the wheel. It turned.

She entered, though she did not know what to expect at the end of the cave. But whoever
she is, Sophia is not a coward. She will always remain loyal to her friends, and she knew at that
moment, that she had to save her friend’s life, even if it meant that she had to face a coven of
rebellious witches. She already made up her mind that she was doing this not only for the sake of
herself and her friend, but for everyone in the village, the Kingdom, for Poptropica…

Despite its short length, this story really captivates the reader right off the bat. I love the establishment of mystery in the eerie environment and subtle introduction of characters. Does anyone else recognize the poem that Sophia read? Would you be able to solve it without a wifi connection? I’ll leave that mystery up to you. Excellent writing! Find the artist in the comments.

Where’s Your Boss by tillymeowjings-arsb

With the lore of Fairy Tale Island and the Baron growing deeper by the day, sometimes it feels like the more information we get, the more puzzling the story gets! I love this hilarious interaction with Ack, but it does make me realize how dense our Poptropicans can be sometimes… Honestly, if Ack submitted those drawings into Community Creations, I would definitely feature them. 🥺 Awesome comic design! Find their Tumblr here.

Honorable Mentions

No honorable mentions to feature this month, unfortunately. How puzzling… 🤔 But don’t fret! Keep those awesome creations coming next month!

February: How Do I Participate?

Community Creations is a cool series for anyone in the Poptropica community to join in on. To sum up what it’s about, it’s basically a chance to show off your artwork, creepy fan-fics, Pop clubhouses, costumes, and anything else that pops into your mind.

If we really like the piece you submit, we will feature it here on the PHB! As long as it relates to that month’s theme. So what is February’s theme? February’s theme is…

🚓💰 Thievery! 💰🚓

As February begins and occasions like Valentine’s Day sneak up on us, I want you to steal my heart with your creations this month. Yes, thievery is perhaps morally questionable, but let’s admit: some thieves are just super cool.

From Poptropica’s most infamous art thief (Black Widow), to the 40 thieves of Arabian Nights Island, and from the super-villainous criminals of Super Power Island to the cat burglar costume of Night Watch Island, Poptropica certainly has its fair share of robbers and pickpockets. So in honor of all these suave stealers, let’s make ’em some art! Just don’t steal anything. 😉

  • Submit: Comment below with a link to whatever you’ve created, email it to the PHB team on our Contact page, OR share it with me (SydVC aka Spotted Dragon) on DeviantArtTwitterTumblrDiscord, OR the PHB’s Instagram.
  • Results: Next month, I will feature 5 submissions that stood out to me the most as well as some honorable mentions.
  • Limitations: Just make sure you relate to both the theme and Poptropica (and nothing NSFW or otherwise inappropriate).
  • Due Date: I will take any entries before the end of this month. Submit as many things as you’d like!

I will be sure to let you know I have seen your creation. While quality counts, I’m mainly looking for something to simply catch my eye, so don’t be afraid to join in!

So what are you waiting for? Go make something awesome!



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