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Fanfic: The Pink Knight, Part 2/4 ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿชถ

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dizzy FeatherEnjoy!

Hello everyone, Dizzy Feather here with the second part of my fanfiction! (Catch up on part 1 here.) Before we begin, consider checking out my Pop Creators’ Blog guest post Superhero Team Introductions, which includes the Pink Knight as part of the Poptropican Heroes! โš”๏ธ

I’m also glad to reveal the first lucky Poptropican who will be in my story: Gray Cloud. โ˜๏ธ If I didn’t pick you, don’t worry, there is still one more spot for the next part, and it could be you! Now back to the tale…

DIZZY FEATHER is still standing perfectly still. By her feet we see a cup spilling pink liquid onto the sidewalk. A flashback starts: It’s the end of the Legendary Swords action quest. The PINK KNIGHT defeats the robot, a flying golden disc opens, and we see the hologram of E. Vile.

The PINK KNIGHT enters her spaceship, and we hear DIZZY FEATHER’s voice start as the spaceship approaches Pewter Moon.

I was determined to find E. Vile and put a stop to his invasion, but I never found him. I only found his first target, Pewter Moon. I got there as soon as I could, but it was too late. 

The spaceship lands and the PINK KNIGHT steps out. The moon is almost destroyed. There are few alien buildings left standing, but badly damaged. Parts of E. Vile’s robots are littered throughout the scenery.

I couldn’t find an alien in sight. All I could assume was that they were able to push back  against E.vile’s army. After that, I decided if I couldn’t find one villain and stop him, I had no business being a hero.

A CONVENTION WORKER shakes DIZZY FEATHER, who is staring off into space. The CON WORKER stops shaking her, takes a half-full water bottle, and pours its entire contents on top of DIZZY FEATHER, who blinks and shakes her head.

You OK there? 

Huh? Oh Yeah, I’m good. 

DIZZY FEATHER walks over to the MAN standing beside the spaceship (the same one who was beside the catapult in the first episode of PoptropiCon Island).

W-Where did the Spa-spaceship co-come from?

I don’t know. It wasn’t even scheduled to be in the con.

DIZZY FEATHER takes off running into the Facili-tee clothing store. Inside, we see her gasping for air.

(panicked whispering) Not scheduled! It could be him! Deep breaths, Dizzy, deep breaths. If it is him, you need to stay calm. 

Suddenly there is a light blue flash and we hear screaming come from outside. DIZZY FEATHER runs outside, where people are running past her screaming. A man with bright red hair bumps into her.

What’s going on? 

There’s this giant robot!

He runs off. DIZZY FEATHER reaches behind her and pulls the straps of her backpack. Her backpack disappears as her outfit is replaced with her Pink Knight uniform. DIZZY FEATHER (now the PINK KNIGHT) removes her sword from under her cape and runs towards a gigantic GOLDEN ROBOT destroying the area outside of the con.

Hey! Over here! 

The GOLDEN ROBOT turns his head towards his much much smaller opponent and examines her with his three red eyes.

Yep, the tiny teenage girl dressed in a pink superhero costume with a sword. Hey, let’s settle this the easy way. You go back to where you came from without any issues, and I won’t hurt you. Sounds good?

The ROBOT growls and swings its large paw towards the PINK KNIGHT. The Pink Knight’s sword starts to glow. She swings it at the paw and the sword cuts it off. The ROBOT howls.

What? I gave you the chance to go peacefully. You didn’t.

The ROBOT swings another paw at the PINK KNIGHT. She tries to do the same with the sword again but the ROBOT pulls his paw away just in time.

That didn’t work. I’m going to fail this mission too! Well, of course I will fail with that attitude. I can do this! I believe in myself!

The ROBOT takes the opportunity and swings his paw again. The PINK KNIGHT is unable to dodge it and is slammed into the ticket booth on the outside of the con. She stumbles to her feet and picks up her sword.

I need to find another way.

The PINK KNIGHT climbs out and runs towards the costume closet. She leaps onto it and then climbs up to the con balcony. Her sword starts to give off a pink electrical charge. The ROBOT swings his paw, but this time she dodges it; however, the ROBOT is able to grab her cape, which pops off her uniform.

I’m so glad I bought one of those smart capes.

The PINK KNIGHT runs and jumps off the balcony towards the ROBOT, then throws her sword into one of the robot’s eyes. The ROBOT falls over as the PINK KNIGHT safely lands on the sidewalk. She climbs onto the robot, pulls her sword out, then runs where we can no longer see her. As the ROBOT explodes, there is another light blue flash.

Back in the Facili-tee, the PINK KNIGHT crashes into a tee-shirt stand. 

*Beep* *Boop* *Beep* *Boop*

Sorry, I’ll clean it up.

As she starts picking the tee-shirts up and placing them back on the stand, there is  another light blue flash. The Pink Knight’s cape floats down towards her feet. She reattaches it to the rest of her uniform. A FIGURE runs towards the door. The PINK KNIGHT pulls the figure back.

I should have known it was you and your little interactive hero simulation.

Yep! It was me, and it’s called a separate world, interactive illustration. 

The PINK KNIGHT places her sword under her cape and pulls a string out of her pocket. Her outfit turns her back into DIZZY FEATHER.

Oh yeah, right. You and your sending distressed heroes into a semi-fake battlefield to “help them” has gotta stop.

Hey, nothing works better at restoring a hero’s faith in themselves than to send them into a battlefield. Heroes do seem to find faith in themselves when they’re in danger.

You mean I could’ve actually been hurt in there?

If you were not careful, you could have been. But nobody has been seriously hurt in the simulations so far.

You really need to learn how to give a better pep talk.

GRAY CLOUD grins before leaving the building. DIZZY FEATHER stands still for bit.

Gray Cloud is right. I lost faith in myself, I can still defeat villains. If E.vile is in that spaceship I’ll be ready for him. 

DIZZY FEATHER finishes placing the tee-shirts back on the stand. She walks out of the store, heads to the con’s doors, shows her ticket to a nearby con worker, and heads inside.

The spaceship sits in the alley, looking as it always has, for a few seconds. Then something behind the yellow glass of the circle window moves. We’re unable to make out what moved…

Props to You: May your legend never fade.

That’s it for now! I hope you all enjoyed it. Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dizzy Feather. If you did, you might also enjoy The Villain Saga, a fanfic series from the PHBโ€™s MaryannTheConqueror.

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