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Popsona: Pink Crush, Fashionista 💖💃

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Pink Crush. Enjoy!

Hi Poptropicans! Pink Crush here! You may have heard of my name from my fashion series on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog or other guest posts I’ve shared here on the PHB (linked below in the post).

Anyway, I wanted to do a post more about me, Pink Crush (not me like in real life, but my Popsona, or Poptropica persona). So, a good place to start is the beginning. My full name is Pinkertia Rosella-Moreau Crush, but I shortened it to Pink Crush for ease.

I was born and raised on Mythology Island, where I developed a deep love for Greek mythology (side note: in real life, I actually do love Greek mythology!). Even though I’m from Mythology Island, I do have French ancestry. In fact, I am closely related to Mademoiselle Moreau, whom you know from Mystery Train Island.

Living and growing up on Mythology Island was full of great experiences. As time passed, I developed an interest in traveling the world and visited many Poptropica islands.

Years later, I went to Paris, France to pursue a career in the fashion industry. I loved fashion because of this great idea of expressing yourself to the world in what you wear. Also, because dressing up is fun!

I went to the fine institutions of fashion in Paris. After that, I began to travel the world again, making designs and making a name for myself. Soon I realized that I needed a place to settle down.

I came upon an Island named “Home Island,” though I didn’t know yet that this would be my home. I got myself a house and went adventuring on many other islands. As I really made a home for myself, I got an idea to write a fashion blog, reconnecting with my passion.

Many loved my post, so I made another one, and even did a clubhouse tour. Basically, that leads us up to now, where I am officially in the Look Book on the PHB, and known as a fashion advisor to the Poptropica community. You could say I am starting to have a bit of fame.

Nowadays, I am at home, making more fashion designs, creating outfits and sharing them to all of Poptropica. I also love to meet new Poptropicans, or catch up with friends once in a while.

Let’s see, what else? I have eight pets, and I splurge on them often because I love my pets! 😊 I also have a lot of friends in my friends list — like, a lot. It takes about a minute or two to get through the whole list! I’ve even added some of the PHB staff. I love making friends, so if you want to be friends, my username is GoldenPuppy3.

I love desserts and sweets — basically anything with sugar. I try not to eat too much though, because eating too many sweets isn’t good for you, but can still have some once in a while. I visit the Poptropica Help Blog (PHB) and the Poptropica Creators’ Blog almost every day.

Every summer, I go on a worldwide trip to many of my favorite places, and to ones I haven’t been to yet. As a result, Pink Crush won’t really be around much, but shall be back in the autumn. I’ll often go to Paris to do fashion shows, and to just visit.

All Is Fair: Let’s skip all the exposition, shall we?

I do wish some Poptropica features will come back, but until then, I love to go adventuring on mountains and meeting creatures. I hope that maybe one day I can make a Poptropica magazine with fashion tips, interviews, and more.

*checks time* Oh dear! I have been talking for a long time. Well, that’s all for now folks! If you have anything you want to ask me, Pink Crush, please feel free to comment below. Bye for now, and keep crushing it! 💖

~Pink Crush 💘

Tiny Dancers: Some of the entertainment in the belly of the beast.

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5 thoughts on “Popsona: Pink Crush, Fashionista 💖💃”

  1. ( *speaks as Pink Crush*) I am so glad I was able to share some things about myself and more. I am soon going on my annual summer vacation this year to France, so you might see me a lot until the fall/autumn. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them😊.

    1. Your outfits looks very fashion forward. What I like to do to make my outfits really pop is to add accessories. Sometimes I like to create a personality within the outfit. For your outfit, you could do a black and white color scheme with black/white accessories, maybe even dark red or black lipstick/gloss.

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