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Fanfic: The Princess and the Raven, part 5 👸🐦

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Shy Scorpion. Enjoy!

Hello Poptropicans, and welcome to the next part of my fanfiction! It’s Shy Scorpion and I know it’s been a while, but welcome to part 5. (Catch up on part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 if you missed any of them.)

Scene 4: Snow White is sitting in Red’s Pizza Basket with some very familiar faces: Red, Cinder, and Amelia. They are all eating pizza while Red bakes some more at the counter.


Wow! It was lucky to meet you here, Amelia. I’ve seen you once, after Rumpelstiltskin was defeated, but we never really got to talk.


Yeah, you’re a great storyteller too, I loved hearing about your race against the Baron!


Thanks, but I am so glad to meet all of you! You’ve all really caused a buzz among people on home island. Speaking of which, how’s it going with these boyfriends of yours? 


Great! The huntsman and I are actually really alike, and that helps a lot. We’ve had some great conversations over cups of coffee. 


Nice! I prefer tea myself, but never mind, how about your boyfriend, Snow White? 


(silent for a second) It’s good, actually, it’s great! I guess I always thought villains were all horrible people. But I’m seeing now that actually some of them had good inside of them, they just needed the right person to bring it out.   


(smiles) I’m starting to see that. Speaking of villains, have you guys heard the news about Rumpelstiltskin?




He recently sent my friend, the adventurer one, on a quest to find and free the king of Fairytale Island. 


Why would he do that? I thought he was obsessed with taking away everyone’s happy endings? Won’t this make the prince happy?  


I’m just as confused as you are! Once they found the king, he started crying about a… queen or something? But I’m not sure why this is a big deal. 


(going pale) If the king comes back, do you think everything on Fairytale Island will go back to normal?  


(happily) Of course! (sees her face) What’s wrong?   


I think I know why Rumpelstiltskin did what he did. To ruin my happy ending!


What? Why? 


If the king comes back, then my postponed wedding to the prince is back on again! 

A bell dings, and another familiar face walks in. 


(with a grin) Why, that’s precisely the point!

I hope you liked this next part of my fanfiction! I was basing a lot of this around the new Fairytale Island side-quest, so if you’re not a member (like me) and want to find out what happened, the PHB has a walkthrough for Rumpel’s Challenge.

Did you find any of my easter eggs? Tell me your thoughts on this next part and where it could go in the comments. Next time, Poptropicans! 

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Shy Scorpion. If you did, you might also enjoy The Villain Saga, which inspired this fanfic!

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4 thoughts on “Fanfic: The Princess and the Raven, part 5 👸🐦”

  1. Whoa! Awesome! I never pieced this together!
    What a twist! This is certainly exciting! I was also surprised when I read the part about Snow White already calling Raven her boyfriend. Seems a bit early, but they’d go great together! After all, she did say her only true loves are animals, and he’s technically half bird (no offense to Raven, of course)

    Can’t wait for part 6!!

    1. A detail I forgot to add was that this was based a couple weeks after their first date, thanks for reminding me!

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