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Fanfic: The Princess and the Raven, part 2 👸🏻🐦

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Shy Scorpion. Enjoy!

Hi again! I’m Shy Scorpion and earlier this month I wrote a fan-fiction called The Princess and the Raven based on a picture by a fellow Poptropican named Barefoot Knuckle. I said that I was going to continue it, so now I think it’s time. Hope you enjoy it, here we go… 

“The Princess and the Raven”

An examination room in Dr. Snow White’s veterinary clinic. Dr. Snow White is holding a clipboard and a pen. While Ringmaster Raven sits in a chair and looks around with curiosity and judgement. 

So let’s start this off. How are you today, Mr. Ringmaster Raven? 

I prefer Mr. Raven, but I am completely fine. 

Good to know! But Mr. Raven, if you are completely fine, then why are you here today? 

As you know, I had quite the episode and was branded a criminal. Even though I am not in prison anymore, I am still watched closely everywhere I go by the Poptropica justice system. I have been told that I need a physical and mental check, and that you can CLUCK provide that. 

(smiles) Yes, I can. Now let’s start that physical exam? 

DR. WHITE takes a stethoscope to measure RAVEN’S heart rate. Next she looks in his ears, eyes, and mouth. She takes many notes on her clipboard, all while she and Raven ask back and forth questions. 

CLUCK Why did you decide to open a veterinarian office? 

I’ve always loved animals, and opening a doctor’s office where I could help them was a dream come true. 

(mutters to himself) CLUCK Must be nice for a dream to come true.

(looks sadly at him for a moment, then brightens) Well, Mr. Raven, you are in excellent shape and are very healthy and strong. Good job! Now we’re going to do the mental exam. Please answer honestly, it makes my job a whole lot easier. 

(loses self-confidence) Do we CLUCK have to? I CLUCK really don’t feel CLUCK like it today. 

(thinks for a second) Look, Mr. Raven, I get that your life has been pretty rough and that you have done some pretty bad things. But I once read a fortune cookie that said “A bad start doesn’t dictate a bad ending.” So just try! I know you can do this. 

(looks stunned for a second) Okay, let’s do this.

Well, that’s it for now! Check out the original post by Barefoot Knuckle and the first part of The Princess and the Raven here. I hope you enjoyed this! Be on the lookout for the next part! 

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Shy Scorpion. If you did, you might also enjoy Barefoot Knuckle’s post which inspired this one!

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