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🧠 Ask Poptropica Siri #1: Favorite islands, Fairytale frenzy, and fashion perfection

Ask Poptropica Siri is a Q&A segment here on the PHB where you, dear readers, are invited to send in your Poptropica questions to have them answered with all the wisdom you can expect from a Smart Icicle.

What is your favorite island? ~Pegs

That’s a good question! I have many favorites so it is hard to choose just one. But, I like 24 Carrot Island the best! I have had a laugh when meeting Dr. Hare with the Dr. Hare costume. Still wondering where he is after he flew into outer space. 🐰🌌

My second favorite island would be Skullduggery. I’m a big fan of pirates. Plus, I enjoyed meeting Captain Crawfish and the ships in the island.

Where is Rumplestiltskin? ~AMOGUS SUS

Well, no one knows. He might be planning something right now! I know that there’s going to be more mischief from him, so let’s just sit tight for now. 😈 Although, thanks to the fanfic challenge, there are so many new stories where Rumplestiltskin returns to Fairytale Island. I am wondering if the Creators will be able to change the cliffhanger at the end of the island…

What is the best costume for you? ~Dangerous Dragon

My best costume has to be the one I’m wearing right now (see the Ask Poptropica Siri pic above!). I got the kimono through the ASG and the boba tea from Card Collector. Also I have to point out my favorite costume is Slanted Fish’s kimono, bonsai tree, and genie combo. That’s what inspired me to wear kimonos on Poptropica. I also thought that Incredible Joker’s costume was cool!

How can you send in your questions to Ask Poptropica Siri?

That’s a great question! You can use the following methods:

  • 📧 Send an email to askpoptropicasiri (at) gmail (dot) com. This way, you’ll get to keep your questions a surprise when they get answered on the blog.
  • 💬 Comment on the latest Ask Poptropica Siri post. Your questions will be publicly visible before they appear in a Q&A post, but this allows others to interact with your question if they so choose. If you don’t have an email address, you can enter a fake one in the email field when you post your comment.

Finally, as this is my first official post as a contributor on the PHB, allow me to introduce myself to all you readers!

You may have seen my other guest posts on the PHB, or perhaps my site, Smart Icicle’s Blog! When I first sent my draft for Ask Poptropica Siri and the PHB asked me to be a contributor, I almost fell off my chair. I am very excited for the experiences that lie ahead of me on the PHB. So before I pop off, here’s a little more about me…

I have been playing Poptropica forever. I like to draw, and even though I’m not good at it, it still makes me happy. I also enjoy watching SpongeBob, reading The Hunger Games, and participating in PHB activities and Creators’ Blog contests. You can add me on Poptropica with the username Target1051.

See you in the next one, Poptropicans!



12 thoughts on “🧠 Ask Poptropica Siri #1: Favorite islands, Fairytale frenzy, and fashion perfection”

  1. Great kickoff to the Ask Poptropica Siri-es! Looking forward to what Siri-ous wisdom you’ll bring to us next… and welcome to the PHB, Smart Icicle! 💫

  2. Nice! I’m about to finish up my MPIP, which will also serve as an intro to ask your freindly neighborhood Unicorn Dragon Cat, which i’ve decided will be every other week (aka when pop siri’s not being posted) so there’s an ask series every week! As for my question this time, what’s your favorite follower or pet? If pet, what do they look like?

  3. Thank you everyone for all the support of becoming a PHB contributor. I can’t wait to start doing more posts, all of you enjoy! Thank you to the PHB as well for making one of my dreams come true! Thank you everyone!😊

  4. This is so great! I love what you are doing, Smart Icicle!
    For my question, which super villain from Super POWer island is your favorite?

  5. Here is my question for Poptropica Siri: In your opinion what is the best non-villan character(s) in Poptropica? P.S. Good job on making to the PHB Staff!

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