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My Place in Poptropica: Smart Icicle

This is a guest post from Smart Icicle sharing her My Place in Poptropica story, which is all about one’s Poptropica journey. Enjoy!

A very long time ago | Discovery of Poptropica

I found Poptropica when I somewhere around 9-11 years old. Me and my sister were looking at ads on our games, playing on one Windows 7 computer. We decided to play together on first ever account: 1420951818 aka Bronze Socks. A few years later, me and my sister parted ways on Poptropica.

Design Concept: We sense a theme emerging.

The rise of Smart Icicle

I decided to create a new account on Poptropica since we now had two computers. My new account became Target1051 aka Smart Icicle. I played lots of islands back then (when the common rooms, Multiverse, and all the islands were still there). I liked Poptropica so much, I created lots of accounts back then. Meanwhile, my sister would also make accounts every now and then. The only account I remember from all of the other accounts were Popular Flyer.

I remember finding the PHB by searching up island walkthroughs for Poptropica. Soon, I became a pro at one of the Poptropica islands: 24 Carrot Island. After mastering that, I went on to play Skullduggery, Astro-Knights, and Counterfeit… but sadly I could not pass them, since I kept dying to Mother Phoenix, couldn’t stop Black Widow, and it took a long time to beat Captain Crawfish. Soon, I found something else (or rather, someone) I enjoyed…

Say Cheese: A snapshot of skullduggery.

Video walkthroughs

So, who is this someone I mentioned? I started watching video walkthroughs for the islands where it was a little bit confusing. Can you guess whose? Thinknoodles!

My favorite video playlist is his “Road to Captain Thinknoodles,” where Thinknoodles plays the islands for the first time. I also began watching his other videos, where he plays Roblox, Minecraft, etc. Back then, I couldn’t access Roblox since I had a Chromebook. Videos from others, like Danton, also inspired me to play Roblox and watch more videos. As you can see, I’m getting away from Poptropica…

Taking a break

Ater playing through the islands, I found myself bored. So I decided to take a break from Poptropica. I decided that when something new came out on Poptropica, I would start playing it again. In the meantime, I did other things, like watch my favorite movies and TV shows.

One day I returned to the PHB and found something heartbreaking there…

Out There: Chaos reigns.

The end of Flash and return of Smart Icicle

The PHB had announced that Flash would be gone by the end of 2020, and when I saw that, I was downright upset. I had liked the islands, but realized ever since Haxe started in early 2020, I couldn’t play them.

Then I saw the announcement from the Creators’ Blog that there was going to be a Create Your Dream Island Contest. That got my attention, so I got out my notebook and pencil. I got to work thinking of ideas (which was hard because of the copyright rules!) and finally came up with one: Cherry Fall Island. I got the idea from my latest travels to China in June, plus I added a plot twist in it as well. The story is set in ancient China and I put in an empress, a monk (who helps out the player), and some shopkeepers. Although I didn’t win, I felt happy after seeing the winners of the contest and congratulated them in the comments.

Earlier this year, I saw the news about a new Home Island. Since this was a new update, I decided I’d officially return to Poptropica.

Home Island (2021)

Haxe and searching for a membership

Haxe (the post-Flash Poptropica platform of the current game) was new to me, and I found out it was very different from when I last played. My favorite part about it all was the new Home Island: I just gazed in awe after seeing it for the first time.

I learned that you couldn’t do much since most of the old islands were gone and a lot of extra stuff was for members only. So I started looking for ways to get a membership, and found out about the PHB’s monthly giveaways, which I immediately signed up for. I hope I get a membership one day, since I can’t buy one.

I also hope Poptropica changes more soon, like with Poptropica Worlds. In the meantime, I started my own site: Smart Icicle’s Blog. Check it out! I would like to thank the few readers who’ve already visited, and the PHB staff for helping me promote it.

Night Watch: It’s no small decision to take the black.

Well, that’s about it. What did you think of my story of Poptropica? Do you wish to see my upcoming clubhouse? Can’t wait to share more on the PHB. Anyway, see you soon!

~Smart Icicle 📚❄️

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18 thoughts on “My Place in Poptropica: Smart Icicle”

  1. Love your story!
    You should write a My Dream Island post, because your dream island sounds really cool!
    I really love Thinknoodles, too! But i only watch his video walkthroughs after I already won the island, because I’m not really a shortcuts person, but I loved the one about Ghost Story island!

    1. In the old days of Poptropica, Multiverse is like when you get to do stuff and interact with other real players in a universe for multiple people, hence the name multiverse.

      1. So can i ask one more? People who got it before, it doesn’t work now? Cause I’m super sure tribes are not in the new “haxe”.

        It’s okay they’re not because i have read comments and they’re bad.

      2. Tribes and Multiverse are different things, but each tribe had its own common room. The PHB’s Tribes pages have records of the rooms and more, and they were pretty cool, even if not often visited!

        Haxe also has common rooms, but not the tribal ones. But Haxe doesn’t have Multiverse, which were like private common rooms (though clubhouses are a version of this).

  2. Hey White Fox,can we meet in your clubhouse sometime?(cuz mine is a disaster right now.)
    We never got to cuz I asked once and you replied but I had school that day 😦 so can we do it today sometime or like tomorrow?Just reply what time on my messege.

    1. I would love too, but unfortunately I’m having the same problem you had, with not being able to access Poptropica. I’ll let you know when it works, though!

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