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Branding do’s and don’ts, explained through Poptropica icons 🤔👩‍🎤

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Mud Bub, who’ll be diving into some do’s and don’ts of personal branding from a Poptropica perspective. Enjoy!

Whether through local shops or worldwide figureheads, Poptropica is riddled with examples of personal and brand designs.

Brand design can be used in many ways. Businesses use them in order to stand out against competitors and to attract consumers—that’s corporate branding. Even other entities can use corporate branding to stand out, like schools and sports teams. And people can use personal branding if they want to stand out as an influencer or on a resumé.

But how do Poptropica icons use branding, and what can we learn from them? Let’s take a look…

Don’t: Set a bad example

Who could forget Sir Rebral’s clever moniker or Gretchen Grimlock’s pink spunk? Memorable names and imagery are key to gathering an audience. However, while lovable villains may get publicity, they can’t reap the benefits behind bars. Be humble, instead. Like Ned Noodlehead.

Do: Appeal to the masses

Talk about knowing your audience! These logos for the Tribes of Poptropica are all alluring in their own ways that is bound to attract players. Not only can players excitedly pick their own teams, but the designs certainly bring about a sense of identity with community.

Don’t: Be a cliché

We love Black Widow, especially that hair! But, really? She couldn’t have thought of a more unique gimmick? Been there, done that.

Do: Be consistent, memorable and applicable

These icons representing Poseidon (trident), Zeus (lightning bolt), and Hades (skull) from Mythology Island are so well applied! They’re found on the mirror, island logo, and even on the medallion and merchandise. On the other hand, while they ​aren’t​ the most original, they are still easily recognizable to all Poptropicans and make the trio of gods truly memorable.

Don’t: Be afraid to expand your horizons

Because of Elf Archer’s persona and multi-media presence, she is beloved by many Poptropican geeks and is recognized as one of the biggest faces of PoptropiCon Island. She prevails not just on paper, but on cardboard, plaques, and theaters.


Not to preach to the choir here, but Poptropica does this best. The very vessel of transportation for the player — the yellow Poptropica blimp — is a giant free ad of Poptropica in and of itself. We don’t just recognize Poptropica from its logo, but from its other iconography as well, from unique character designs to the tropical blue patterns and yes, the yellow blimp. These designs have truly stood the test of time.

Don’t: Communicate a bad message

Sheesh, who would write something like that? Anyway, healthy competition is fine and all, but it is never appropriate to put others down or get a big ego in the process.

Do: Advocate for yourself

CJ on Shrink Ray Island is known for more than just being a science genius. She thought quickly on her feet and helped you return to normal size, fighting against evil! CJ’s noble character makes her the literal face of the island, on par with Big Nate and Greg Heffley on their respective islands. While CJ is not an overt example of branding like the other two, being the face of an attraction is certainly comparable and commendable.

Additional tip: Be inspired

There’s so much to see on Poptropica — have a look around, and you’re bound to find some inspiration for how you want to portray yourself. Be inspired, but be uniquely you!

–Mud Bub

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Mud Bub. If you did, you might also like her other posts, Museum of masks, Poptropica-style and Pop 5: Islands From an Artist’s Perspective.

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  1. I don’t mean to be a stick in the mud (heh heh…) but I’m almost 90% sure that Gretchen Grimlock wasn’t from SuperPower; but Cryptids. I think Betty Jetty was the villain with a pink hair pigment in SP. 😉

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