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Popspiracy: Legendary and Astronomical Similarities?

(This is a guest post by Spencer, an avid Poptropican in the community here to share some Poptropica thoughts. Keep in mind that the theory he presents is only a theory, not to be taken as fact. If you have a Popspiracy, let us know (details below)! Enjoy! –SlantedFish)

Hey Poptropicanos!

You’re probably wondering who this intriguing, yet handsome guest-poster is. Well, I’m Spencer! If that sounds familiar, I did a few guest-posts way back in 2013-14, did some island walkthroughs for the PHV, was the co-creator of Blake Pops a Theory (which is being replaced by what I’m about to announce) and I tend to chill on the PHC and EpicSerenity (two major Poptropica chats) a lot, too. Anyway, Slanted Fish and I are happy to announce our new series, Popspiracy: Poptropica Conspiracies!


Guess what? You get to be involved too! Leave your own fan theories in the comments down below or email [email protected] and you may get a chance to get your conspiracy featured on the PHB.

My conspiracy theory today is why Legendary Swords: Battle Arena was never released. I personally think it is because of the little but major similarities to Astro-Knights Island. Why continue a story that’s already too similar? More in depth, the villains themselves.

E.Vile is way too similar to the infamous Binary Bard. Why? First, let’s check out the character design.


Man, I sure do love that evil grin of his, the grey and red robotic headgear, his skin-tone, and his plans to take over Poptropica and the rest of the universe. Sounds like some evil, robotic, mentally-ill jester I know… Binary Bard!

Binary Bard is king! Er, jester.

Now, let’s look at the actual storyline and plot of Legendary Swords and Astro Knights Island. So, let me get this straight. Our Poptropican is traveling in space, goes on a planet that needs help for some reason, and along the way is bombarded by robots our villain created? (Legendary Swords: BattleBots and bosses, Astro Knights: The Robotic rat, Bards robot armor, possibly the Tigercopter on the ice planet, Robotic Dragon on the fire planet, and the mother phoenix on the jungle planet.)

Also, PoptropiCon is full of call backs and similarities to other things in Poptropica. A lot of parodies, might I add. Why would E.Vile be there if he is canon? The creators dun’ goofed! They realized their mistake. The mistake being the storyline, plot, and main villain are way too similar to those after Astro-Knights. That’s why they never added more parts to the series. More importantly, Battle Arena. Spencer, why didn’t they delete the first Legendary Swords, in that case? If you spent months developing something, would you just delete it like that? Well, this conspiracy has been popped! 😉

Hope you all enjoyed the read and will submit some Poptropica conspiracies of your own. Take it easy Poptropicans!


P.S. If you’d like to add me on Poptropica, my username is CaptainSpencer. If you’d like to see more of my blog-work, check out Spencerama.

Share your Pop conspiracies in the comments – we’d love to hear them. If you’d like to develop it into a full guest post like this one, contact the PHB (minimum 500 words). Stay popping!

36 thoughts on “Popspiracy: Legendary and Astronomical Similarities?”

  1. I’m actually doing a thing called “Theory of the Day,” which is when I post a little theory each day. The first one (made in New Years Eve) is on the Time Tangled Island page, and the other two from today and yesterday are in the Orb Legend announcement. I will post them on the latest post, in the comments. The last one is going to be on 1/13, so that would be 14 theories in total. However, I wouldn’t really call them “conspiracies,” but maybe I will send in a bigger one based on one of these theories.

    1. Submit it, man! I gave Fishy the idea for the series and next thing you know, I’m writing a post on the blog! Worth a shot! 🙂

      1. Contact them privately, you wouldn’t want to make the comment section too off-topica. 😉

  2. Note: This is NOT the Popspiracy I’m sending in.
    Theory of the Day (Day 4)
    Poptropica and the Real World Part 2
    Well, yesterday on part 1, I talked about how Poptropica was probably in another dimension or universe, proven by many things, mainly the comic and graphic novel. If this is true, than why are real world events and locations in Poptropica? And on islands like Time Tangled, Mystery Train, Cryptids, Game Show, etc.? Maybe Poptropica is another timeline of Earth, or an almost exact copy of it in another dimension. Hmmm. I’m not actually sure. Hopefully they will explain that in the graphic novels. However, there is still one more possibility. I will share that tomorrow on part 3!

    1. Cool! 🙂 But, I don’t want anyone to think that I believe that I think they’re the same character. I just think they had too many similarities, which is why they never made any more Legendary Swords, including Battle Arena.

  3. Here’s a theory! *Deep breath*Those vikings, you know, the ones in the mystery of the map? They have a tree, which has many bubbles around it (Realms). They also made a map, explaining what would happen in the future of the earth. That explains why most islands take place at random times of the earth, like Miami, Istanbul, willy wonka, Greek times, and so on. The vikings called this map poptropica, since the islands popped from the future, and also most islands were tropic.

    1. Interesting. Maybe they will explain all of this in the later volumes of the Poptropica graphic novel series!

      1. I hope so! But then how did we get a yellow blimp-shaped hot air balloon into the map? And how did some of the islands get colored? I will try to get this straitened up. Also, a new theory is coming to mind. I will get strait on this for this new generation of poptropicans!…

      2. Well, the some of the islands are colored because they were sound updated with a bigger screen and music. The blimp icon was also added to these islands, since a few of them don’t have the blimp on Main Street, mainly the episodic islands. These have nothing to do with theories or the Poptropican universe. Just an update to the game itself.

  4. Wait what if….no I must be crazy but i have a theroy what if E.vile is actually the Binary Bard’s father?! Or maybe even his long lost brother!

    1. Woah! It’s very possible since they look so much alike – and Mordred’s dad probably took a liking to robotics as well. I don’t think Poptropica would pull a long lost brother cliche, though. 😉

    2. I don’t think Poptropica would go for the cliché long lost brother business, but I think it’s highly possible E.Vile is Mordred’s father. It’s very possible he got his liking for robotics passed down. Good theory! 😮

      1. Thank you spencer I can totally like see that it makes so much sense! they have a lot in common!
        E.Vile: Mordred I am your father!
        Mordred aka Binary Bard: NOOOOO!
        E.Vile: Join me and together we shall the universe as father and son!

        LOL! sorry I watch too much star wars!

  5. This isn’t a Popspiracy post, but has ANYBODY realized, we never got the Xavier statue back, and it’s still in your backyard, where you can’t get it??

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