Orb Legend

Orb Legend – an epic saga

This post contains the information to possibly the largest update that we, the PHB, could ever muster. This update extends farther than the Poptropica community—beyond online virtual worlds. I am pleased to announce the beginning of a new adventure…


Orb Legend is a role-playing game (RPG) created by a group of artists and creatives, centered around the adventures of Meridian Sinker, Quatia, Anguila, and the entire BHP team, throughout 6 books jam-packed with puzzles, stories, side quests, amazing soundtracks, and lovable characters. Yes, this is an actual game, created by me and my awesome team.

But how?

We’re using an amazing engine—“Game Maker Studio”—to put the game together, if that’s what you’re asking. You may recognize it as the engine that the RPG “Undertale” was built on—and gameplay wise, this game will be incredibly similar to Undertale.

What will happen to the PoptropiComic?

The PoptropiComic is no more. Orb Legend will be replacing it, continuing the same storyline. Sadly, after I created a couple pages, I realized that the story isn’t compatible with that medium. The story will be much more enjoyable here—trust us!

What can I expect from the game?

Think Poptropica, but the story is stretched out between over 20 different quests. The lore and backstory run deeper than Poptropica has ever delved. You will be playing as Meridian Sinker, so it will play like a spectating movie in which you get to choose what to do – but make no mistake, your choices won’t directly impact the main story.

There will be logical puzzles similar to Poptropica – and a battle mechanic similar to Undertale.

When can I play?

The game is in early development currently—but expect it sometime this year. Of course, it will be released in parts, which we call chapters. The chapters will be released one at a time—and there are about 4 chapters each book. There are 6 books, meaning this could be a project that lasts years.

What will it cost?

Because of Poptropica’s copyright, we can’t sell the game for profit. It will be absolutely free! However, we will have a Kickstarter campaign up and running soon, so you can donate to the game. In return, we’ll have fun rewards!

Who’s developing it?

You can read more about the entire development team on the official blog, but here’s an overview:

  • Andrew (HP) is the head of story development. I also do most of the spriting.
  • Paul (UiPE) helps out with graphics and story.
  • Blake helps out with making dialogue and story fluid.
  • Kat (Oddly) creates the (incredible) soundtrack for the game.
  • Ylimegirl programs the gameplay and helps with dialogue.
  • Joshua (GH) helps out with story and correlations between the game and his series.
  • Nicholas is the incredible background pixel artist.

I want more info!

We’re currently still working on the official blog, but you’ll be alerted here whenever it’s live!

Again, this is a huge endeavor and one that I’m super excited for. Happy New Years! Also, if you think you have any skills that may add to the project, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

—HPuterpop and the entire Orb Legend crew

50 thoughts on “Orb Legend – an epic saga”

  1. Do we get to turn blue? I hope so. (I hope there’s spaghetti in there somewhere)

      1. Naw, it’s okay. I’m busy enough. Plus, I’m working on several big projects myself with some PHB authors 😉 *winkity wink* It sounds very fun and interesting, but I shouldn’t overload myself.
        Thank you soooo so so much for the offer though!

  2. I have a suggestion for something you could add to this blog-
    Poptropica Villian Fan Clubs!
    I’ve seen these on a few other Poptropica blogs, but they are kind of outdated. So if you do this, there could be fanclubs for not only the classic villains, but the new villains as well, such as Omegon and the Booted Bandit. You don’t have to do this, since you’re busy with Orb Legend and Giant Hawk Adventures, but it would be cool if you did.

  3. Theory of the Day (Day 2)
    Is Binary Bard from the future?
    Probably. How the heck was technology from medieval times better than present day technology? Here’s what probably happened- Mordred/Binary Bard was from the future ( maybe even the happy future shown in Time Tangled Island) but something happened when he used a time machine (if they had time machines in present day during the events of Time Tangled Island, they definitely had them in the future) and he got stuck in medieval times. He started inventing high tech inventions and the people thought it was dark magic since they didn’t know he was from the future, and arrested him. You probably know the rest of the story- he escapes, has a secret lab, escapes to outer space, becomes a cyborg, and also becomes evil. There’s even more evidence of coming from the future in Super Villain Island. His dream is about his escape, but what’s strange is that you have to FREEZE TIME to help him. And you defeat him on a giant clock. I think that is more than enough proof to support this whole theory. Stayed tuned tomorrow for Day 3 of Theory off the Day!
    P.S.- the first theory is on the Time Tangled Island page, I made it yesterday.

      1. Well, I have enough theories for at least another week.
        But here’s the Theory of the Day (Day 3)
        Poptropica and the “Real World” Part 1
        The Real World is also known as Earth, and maybe even its universe. Poptropica is most likely in another universe and/or dimension than Earth. In both the comic series and graphic novel series, Oliver,Jorge, and Mya (graphic novel only for her) are from the Real World, and are transported to Poptropica by a science experiment in the comic, and a thunderstorm in the graphic novel. They were not the only ones, though, as Erik the Red ( graphic novel) who discovered North America was in Poptropica too, and Octavian. Also, on Astro Knights Island, it is shown that Planet Poptropica is in a totally different solar system with different planets and even aliens. And other dimensions are proven to exist as well. Binary Bard somehow created his own little dimension, and Omegon comes from another dimension. So could Earth be in a different dimension? If it is, though, how come real world locations and events still exist in Poptropica? Find out in Part 2, which is coming tomorrow!

  4. Woohoo! It has been announced! I am working hard on the game and I cannot wait to show my progress to the community! I am slowly becoming more known among the PHB community. B)

    (haha no pressure or anything to work on it)

    1. Also, I have a skype (cleverly also named “Ylimegirl”) if you wanna ask me questions or anything about le development progress, or any other questions about the gameplay. 😉

  5. This game is setting up a great future for everyone working on it. What’s the name of the production team?

  6. Do we get to see skeletons that will dunk you? (and gay couples if that’s possible?)

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