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Trees and cheers for Week 2’s Sweepstakes winners!

Hey Poptropicans! The second weekly winners of the Island Hopper Sweepstakes have been announced, with each lucky winner receiving a one-month Poptropica membership.

Congratulations to Strange Penguin, Silly Pear, Grumpy Skunk, Slippery Tiger, and Busy Pear. Enjoy your memberships! 😀 (Learn more about membership with the PHB’s Membership Tour page!)

week2 sweepstakes

Over on the Daily Pop, we’re seeing some sneak peeks of nature! Not sure what all these trees and huts are about just yet, but at least one of these pictures seems to be for the next Poptropica graphic novel. Plus, it looks like the Home Island revamp mentioned earlier is getting more polished, with a shop building on a ship! (For more, check out our Daily Pop Sneak Peeks Archive!)

Hungry for some Poptropica cake? (Sorry, we’re out of crawfish today.) Check out this sweet confection that popped right out of the oven known as Poptropica’s Twitter:

By the way, the Poptropica Help subreddit is always looking for fresh new posts, so pop on over! Promote your Poptropica fansite! Post your Poptropica artwork! Comment on what others are sharing! It’s a fantastic little platform for whatever you make it to be! 😀


Just keep swimming, Poptropicans. 🐠🐠

3 thoughts on “Trees and cheers for Week 2’s Sweepstakes winners!”

  1. Fishy today I was trying to enter big nate’s common room but I wasn’t able to because it says ”End of demo” (I know it’s for members only now. ) So how do I enter it now. Do I have to restart the island? Is there any other way to enter without restarting the island?

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