Through Twitter and the Viewing Glass…

Hey, guys! Slip here. Get the pun? It’s time for a new post!


There’s a new ViewMaster advertisement in Poptropica Main Streets! It previously appeared on the mobile app then, online—don’t worry, both of the ads aren’t the same. They have different prizes for players, so let’s take a look!

The ViewMaster ad features an advertisement room where you can enter and get your prizes. Simply go in and you’ll find yourself inside a place similar to a planetarium.

Now, follow the blue arrows pointing up. It’ll lead you to the first prize: the 360 Teleporter Power. When you’re using this power, your player wears the ViewMaster and travels through several different Poptropica islands, without leaving the room! (Challenge: If you can name all of the islands, you’re awesome!)

To get to the next prize, you can go to the far right of the room until you come across some asteroids and a UFO. There you’ll receive your next prize: the Island Warper Power! With this power, you will warp to an island—like Night Watch or Wild West—you’ll stay for a while and warp back to the place you’re at. Seems fun, right?

Wait, there’s more! You can even try answering the quiz about animals or even try watching their advertisement on the giant ViewMaster in the middle.

If you have nothing left to do, you can exit the advertisement through the rocket at the end. 🙂

On the other hand, there are some new Twitter tidbits from Poptropica!

Poptropica shared this vine featuring the animation of the Monster Duck Hunt Carnie. Really scary monster. (Need any help with Monster Carnival? Click here!)

Poptropica also shared a photo of their bookshelf at the Poptropica HQ! See any familiar books? Do you have some of them? Comment it down below!

Last but never the least, Poptropica also posted this photo with the hashtags: #truth and #Poptropica. Do you agree with this?

And that’s all of the news and things you need to know! Did you miss me? I hope you did! Did you enjoy this post? Don’t forget to leave a comment!

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12 thoughts on “Through Twitter and the Viewing Glass…”

  1. The Islands you went on with the 360 Teleporter Power were Mystery of the Map, Zomberry, Night Watch, Arabian Nights Episode 1, and finally MOTM again.

  2. I get way too much entertainment out of the View Master ad, and for the entirely wrong reasons.
    ^ Jump up on that thing and you’ll notice your feet contort into weird positions, and it makes you move in the opposite direction you try to (assuming you’re going either left or right. :P). Has anyone else had fun with this, or am I just way too easily entertained? xD

    I also recognize most of those books, but I don’t actually own any of them. :3

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