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Halloween, Peanuts Movie ad, & View-Master on app!

Hey Poptropicans! As Halloween draws near, so do the deadlines for the Halloween Photo Booth challenges going on over on Poptropica as well as here on the PHB – so enter while you can! 🎃🎃

The Creators are accepting entries (they’ve received thousands so far!) up until midnight Eastern time this Wednesday, October 28th (see this post for more info). For the PHB’s contests, we’ll be announcing our winners on Halloween (Saturday, October 31st) so you have until then to enter our costume and Photo Booth competition. Check out my Crawfish-nomming entry to the Creators’ contest!

Meanwhile on Main Streets (such as Home Island, where the Photo Booth is located), there’s an ad for the Peanuts Movie coming November 6th! Watch the trailer video to get a Woodstock Follower (this one’s 3D, unlike the one released as a prize for members back when Great Pumpkin Island launched).

peanuts ad

Also, for Poptropica’s mobile app players, there’s an ad for View-Master! To get the prizes, you’ll have to complete a minigame where you find all of the reels. The prizes are are a View-Master Power and an Explorer Costume. For the Viewmaster Power, click “Action” to see a few sights.

(Thanks to Mad Apper for the tip and pic! Check out his site, Poptropica App Blog, to hear about Poptropica from someone who plays exclusively on the mobile app.)


By the way, if you’ve created any Poptropica fan-fiction and/or fan art, submit your creative fan work to our Poptropica magazine, The POPCORN by emailing [email protected] – and your creation(s) could be featured in our next magazine! Check out our magazines here.

Stay popping, Poptropicans. 😉

7 thoughts on “Halloween, Peanuts Movie ad, & View-Master on app!”

  1. Cool! First comment! Anyway, I love your entry for the Creator’s contest (The “Nobody Noms Captain Crawfish” was my favourite post on the Creator’s Blog!) Anyway, how do you put other people in your photo booth other than yourself? ~ Shiny Panda

    1. Hehe, thanks! To put other characters in, click on the face icon where you find your character, and click the arrows above and below the character to scroll through other characters you can put in. You can also click the other buttons under the character to change expression, pose, and handheld item. 🙂

  2. Lol when i logged into poptropica this morning i got a card saying FIND A FINE, FEATHERED FRIEND FOLLOWER with a shadow of woodstock. :3

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