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The Poptropica Creators’ Photo Booth Contest!

Note: This is not to be confused with the PHB’s Costume and Photo Booth contest. For details on our version of this contest and how to enter, click here!

Hey guys, BT here to bring you contest news!  The Poptropica Creators are holding their own contest to see who can create an awesome Halloween-themed Photo Booth picture! (Hmm…sound familiar?) Well, the details are given in a nutshell in this image below.

Entries are accepted from now until October 28th, and there will be one main winner and 5 runner-ups per each of these 5 categories:

  • Best Halloween Party
  • Scariest Photo
  • Funniest Photo
  • Most Creative Photo
  • Best Costume

All the winners and runner-ups will be featured on Poptropica’s social media, but the 5 main winners for each category will have their Poptropican added as a Photo Booth character, and their winning picture a pre-made template for all to see for a week!

Sound awesome? When you have your picture all ready and set, click the button that says “Submit Your Photo to the Halloween Photo Booth Challenge” above your template to enter it in!

halloween photo booth

And by the way, after you submit to the Creators your Photo Booth picture, why not also submit it, along with your costume, to the PHB’s contest for a chance to win a membership and/or being featured in the Costumes page?

Remember, you only have until October 28th for the Creator’s contest, and Halloween (October 31st) for the PHB’s contest!

The Halloween spirit is definitely in the air tonight, for Halloween is the week after tomorrow! After all, time flies when you’re getting spooked silly.

All Hallow’s BT out!


13 thoughts on “The Poptropica Creators’ Photo Booth Contest!”

    1. You can’t pick the category you’re entering, so regardless of which category you’re going for, you enter by pressing the button to submit your photo entry. The “costume” category is still meant to be a Photo Booth creation, not just your costume. 😉

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