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MotM video, p. 14-16, questions answered, & more

Hey guys! Lots of popping news to be shared today. Mystery of the Map pages 14-16 have been released, but first, a video. It is a trailer for the entire volume of MotM.

Pretty simple, but still cool. Okay, now time for the latest pages (click to enlarge):

While still on the topic of Mystery of the Map, Brave Tomato helped us learn a really cool fact about the series: of the two siblings, Mya is older than Oliver!

Hmm, I never thought about who was older. Great question BT! 🙂

Here are some more Q&A’s between curious Poptropicans and Poptropica itself have given us some insight on a few things regarding the Poptropica origin story and app:

  • In addition to the comics and graphic novel we’ve seen so far, Poptropica’s origin story will also be told via animation. (see tweet)
  • Mya is not in the comics because they “provide little room in which to work”. (see tweet)
  • Poptropica is working on an app for the Amazon Kindle, and hoping to release it 3 months from now. (see tweet)
  • A Windows Store app for Poptropica is not on the development plan, but they’re watching closely for an opportunity. (see tweet)

Also, PopStorm #16 is now out. This one depicts a Poptropican style bug battle. Hehe, cute. 😛

popstorm 16

Moving on, Poptropica has featured a lot of amazing Realms creations this week on Twitter, from Frozen re-constructions to unique tree designs. Great work, Poptropicans! 😀

That’s all for now!


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