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Reign of #Dressgate: black + blue, or white + gold??

The dress is everywhere – and now it’s on Poptropica too. o_O

If you log in now, you’ll automatically get a limited edition Dressgate item – which isn’t actually a dress, but it does reference the striped garment that has recently taken over the internet in a costume that comes in two variants: white + gold, or blue + black. (By the way, it’s the latter!)

Anyway, what color did you see the dress as? Feel free to vehemently defend your position (or question your vision) in the comments section. 😉

In other news, the Poptropica Creators have also released a bunch of freebies over on the PoptropiCon tour page for the upcoming third and final episode: Reign of Omegon.

There’s a henchbot paper craft, screensaver (a Poptropica first!), and also a desktop wallpaper featuring the fearful Omegon himself. You can also find links to these on the PHB’s PoptropiCon trivia page.

Stay awesome, Poptropicans. 😀

27 thoughts on “Reign of #Dressgate: black + blue, or white + gold??”

  1. Awesome freebies! It makes me more hyped up for the final episode. That dress made my head hurt. At first, I saw it as gold and white and later, it turned black and blue. Mindblown. :O

  2. I see it as Blue and Black. Okay,some see it as gold and white while some see it has Blue and Black. But what is it’s actually color? Some sites I have seen,says it’s original color is Gold and White while some say it’s original is Blue and Black. Which is even the original? O.O

    I wonder if the camera would be able to tell the real color.

    1. Its original is blue and black. I saw blue and gold firs, then lack and white, then blue and black. Mostly blue and black 😉

  3. I totally saw that dress as black and blue, but everyone in my family thought it was white and gold, so for awhile, I thought I was crazy. XD

  4. The dress is definitely blue and black. The black tends to appear gold-ish due to the extremely bright yellow light hitting it. The blue also appears white-ish for a similar reason. The original dress is in fact blue and black.

  5. It’s Blue and black. The reason some of u see it as w & g is because your eyes don’t work well in dim light. The rest of us see it as blue black because our eyes work well in dim light. But the actual dress is blue and black.

    1. EVERYTHING has a logical explanation. We just need to THINK. As Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) says: “Everyone’s so STUPID. Why can’t they just take a moment to THINK?”

  6. Why do I feel like Omegon is created by E.vile from Legendary swords! There MUST be a link between the two. Omegon is turning Poptropicans into robots, and planning to turn everyone into Henchbots. Maybe Omegon is actually E.vile’s helper? You mentioned about fighting E.vile in Legendary Swords guide. Who knows?

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