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Goldfish Fun ad with Monsters, balloon, blimp icon, & more

Hey Poptropicans! The Goldfish Fun ad has been reincarnated a third time – this time, finding three garden-themed items will get you a three-eyed Monster Costume! 1) The seeds are near the tomato garden, 2) the soil is by the tree, and 3) the shovel is at the tree branch near the fence.

Also, click on the monster by the fence near the Monster Mayhem sign to receive the Monster Follower. (Thanks to Slippery Raptor for the pics & insight!)

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Poptropica tweeted this picture of of an escape balloon. Whether this has to do with Balloon Boy remains to be seen, but they did respond to one concerned Poptropican regarding Balloon Boy that they’re “just not sure at this point”.

escape balloon

Another possibility is that this could be for the upcoming island based on the Poptropica comics – they did also recently post this experimental snapshot of Jorge (in his pink underwear) on Mythology Island:

jorge on myth island

Also, Ep. 1 of Arabian Nights (How Bazaar) is now free to download on Android devices. If you need a walkthrough, check out the PHB’s Arabian Nights Island Guide!

By the way, the Creators’ Blog recently updated their favicon (website icon) with the Poptropica blimp, the icon of the Poptropica app – about time they changed from the default Blogger icon. 😛


Interestingly, especially with the episodic islands, Poptropica has recently been doing away with the iconic yellow blimp – they’ve even confirmed that it won’t appear on GHD Island, which is coming at the end of January. Check out our Galactic Hot Dogs Island page for more info on the upcoming adventure!

Lastly, just a reminder that the PHB’s having a Christmas party this Saturday (Dec 20th), and we’d love to have you join – it’ll be fun! See the invitation post for more details. :mrgreen: Stay popping, Poptropicans.

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